- 28.03.2018 (Thanks God I met PULP)

- 11-15.03.2018 Our EMEA meeting this year took place in Athens. This annual event is beautiful thing, face to face with your team, brings joy, motivation, energy.
Last time I was here it was 1983, I was 9.

- 25.02.2018 Fresh contributions to my Numeri Aurei discipline: I have consolidated the the An meaning description and demonstrated the An calculation method. Here.
PS. I need to find a new name for these discipline as "Aurei" exist alreadyin Maths.

Timeline was recently renewed into a vertical view, easier to navigate and to visualize also from mobile.

- 21.02.2018 VW Touran is my new car

- 11.02.2018 Isaac Asimov... I am fan, an addicted to. He is the creator of one of my best dreams, his story of the Universe and its future. Here is a good Asimov Universe Timeline and here is a good suggested reading order for his novels. So that you can dream with me.

- 10.02.2018 Went out with Niko last night, a night in Prenzlauerberg like during the old times, pizza, drinks and talk with friend.
My mother
came to Berlin for a week to help us with the kids still sick at the end of January and myself too busy with my work on the quarter end.
By the way,
I was recently promoted to Senior M

- 25.01.2018 What happened in January 2018...
...lot to do with the Kids and with work that there is no time for this diary...
to a business meeting, nice to meet collegues and friends again...
I have finished my comic books and now I am reading The Naked Sun again to fall asleep and just found out they re called whodunit stories...
arie Luise came to Berlin to help already twice, God bless her...

- 20-30.12.2017 Xmas in Napoli. Second time for D&W in Italy. Tough it was to travel with 2 little kids, but worth it was to be surrounded by the love of the family and to meet many dear relatives and friends.

- 27.11.2017 It is the 20th Anniversary of my Master Engineering Degree.
It's been long long time.

18.11 In October I've been 2 weeks sick! Never felt so bad recently. Kids are bringing all sort of viruses form the kindergarden... Who knows if my bad shape had an influence on Italy not qualifying for the next World Cup. No Italy, No Party.
Looking forward to a very relaxed summer.

- 03.10 Tell It To Your Heart (Lou Reed cover) Headless Recordings - I found the time to record this. So you can listen to it and feel just like being with me in my apartment while I am singing and playing by your side.

- September 2017, some day. My headless guitar is alive again, and I am "live" again with recordings from my little room. It makes me feel very good when I find the time to play and sing, even if only for a short time.

- 01.09.2017 After 17 years with HP/HPE, I am now part of Micro Focus

- On August 7th Diego and Wanda started the Kita (kindertagesstätte, kindergarden, asilo infantile).

- 30.06 - 15.07.2017 And Wanda did the same as Diego few days later, so they both started walking this month during our 2 weeks of holidays.We spent the first week in Herrenberg, visiting the grandparents and enjoying the light and beauty of southern Germany; on the second week we were in the Thüringen Wald spending a lot of quality time together. And on the last day we visited my compare Matthias and his family in Leipzig.

- 09.07.2017 Diego took his first two steps today. We are in Thüringen on vacation.

- 24.06.2017 This is the lullaby I sing to my children on many evenings. "Sulla rotta di Cristoforo Colombo" is a song by Lucio Dalla which has always ispired and moved me since I was a child.

- May 1st 2017 was our last day in our apartment @ Zionskirchplatz, Berlin Mitte. We moved on May 2nd to Schönholzer Strasse, Berlin Mitte.

- 20.04.2017 It is first birthday! It's been an incredible beautiful year, and they are fantastic babies.

Happy Birthday bellissimi

- on 31st of March 2017 I met Jarvis Cocker, here in the streets in front of my apartment. I did talk to him, took a picture with him. It was an unforgettable moment.

- March 2017... It's decided, we'll leave Zionskirchplatz in April/May 2017...

- February 2017. Since 2002 I've been regularly updating an online personal Diary. Since last year the main personal events of my life are almost completely about or linked to my kids. We are making a lot of pictures and videos to remember this wonderful days. And since I do not wish to publish on public networks the pictures of them, and because I am so busy and tired ... the Diary updates have become more and more seldom and concise.