Diary 2018

- 28.03.2018 (Thanks God I met PULP)

- 11-15.03.2018 Our EMEA meeting this year took place in Athens. This annual event is beautiful thing, face to face with your team, brings joy, motivation, energy.
Last time I was here it was 1983, I was 9.

- 25.02.2018 Fresh contributions to my Numeri Aurei discipline: I have consolidated the the An meaning description and demonstrated the An calculation method. Here.
PS. I need to find a new name for these discipline as "Aurei" exist alreadyin Maths.

Timeline was recently renewed into a vertical view, easier to navigate and to visualize also from mobile.

- 21.02.2018 VW Touran is my new car

- 11.02.2018 Isaac Asimov... I am fan, an addicted to. He is the creator of one of my best dreams, his story of the Universe and its future. Here is a good Asimov Universe Timeline and here is a good suggested reading order for his novels. So that you can dream with me.

- 10.02.2018 Went out with Niko last night, a night in Prenzlauerberg like during the old times, pizza, drinks and talk with friend.
My mother
came to Berlin for a week to help us with the kids still sick at the end of January and myself too busy with my work on the quarter end.
By the way,
I was recently promoted to Senior M

- 25.01.2018 What happened in January 2018...
...lot to do with the Kids and with work that there is no time for this diary...
to a business meeting, nice to meet collegues and friends again...
I have finished my comic books and now I am reading The Naked Sun again to fall asleep and just found out they re called whodunit stories...
arie Luise came to Berlin to help already twice, God bless her...