2oth Anniversary


29.07.2019 On 24.7 I checked in at the Charite' Berlin  Mitte and on 25.7 I underwent a surgery to remove the disc prolapse  that was torturing me since months. It's been a hard time physically and mentally at the hospital staying in the special care unit for two days to keep my conditions under control. After the hard and crazy days at the hospital, I think it had been worth to have tried a conservative therapy before to avoid the surgery, even if at the end surgery it was: it would have been even worse and hard if I didn't know I had done my best to avoid it. I was released on the 28.7 and I am happy to be back to my beautiful family. Here an extract of some messages I wrote to my friends and family caring about me those days. " 26.7 They say op went well. I don't feel pain but I haven't walked yet : I am since yesterday in bed in a kind of special care unit  because they want to monitor the levels more attentively before they release me to the normal Station.  27.7 Surgery went OK and I don't feel pain now. That's good indeed. They put me in a special care unit for two days and today I was sent to the standard care section. Still monitoring here, I hope it stabilizes soon and I can go back home. 28.7 To my happy surprise they released me from the hospital today. I can manage the next steps from home in the next days. 29.7 È stata dura...Finalmente sono a casa, non avverto ora i dolori di prima e ne sono felice. Ci vorrà un po' di tempo e pazienza per recuperare a pieno ma ce la metto tutta. Grazie dei tuoi pensieri. Thank you for your thoughts" 
Guni and Papà you are fantastic, I love you.

22.7.2019 The Love I receive every day from Diego, Wanda and Guni is the most beautiful thing of my life and the most beautiful gift I could have received. Today Diego came with me at the supermarket and helped me choosing the things to buy,  and we had a walk together the two of us, and he slept beside me in the afternoon and when he woke up he smiled at me and gave me a hug and a kiss. This evening Wanda spontaneously came to sit by my side on the sofa,  she looked at me and asked me "Papà, dov' é la bua?" (Papà show  me where you feel the pain"), and then she kissed my hurting leg. And Guni my beautiful wife remember you and your kids are my happiness, you made me aware of what happiness is and how lucky I am ("Happiness is not having what you want. It's wanting what you have." Oscar Wilde). This overwhelming feeling, this transcendent reality. They came into my life and they give me Love. And I love them immensely. And to Whomever or Whatever may exist who sent this to me or made this happen : THANK YOU!

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