2oth Anniversary


22.7.2019 The Love I receive every day from Diego, Wanda and Guni is the most beautiful thing of my life and the most beautiful gift I could have receive. Today Diego came with me at the supermarket and helped me choosing the things to buy,  and we had a walk together the two of us, and he slept beside me in the afternoon and when he woke up he smiled at me and gave me a hug and a kiss. This evening Wanda spontaneously came to sit by my side on the sofa,  she looked at me and asked me "Papà, dov' é la bua?" (Papà show  me where you feel the pain"), and then she kissed my hurting leg. And Guni my beautiful wife (remember you and your kids are my happiness you made me aware of what happiness is and how lucky I am  "Happiness is not having what you want. It's wanting what you have." Oscar Wilde). This overwhelming feeling, this transcendent reality. They came into my life and they give me Love. And I love them immensely. And to Whomever or Whatever may exist who sent this to me or made this happen : THANK YOU!

19.7.2019 Yesterday it was the first time in almost ten years without W......n and the feeling was like being thrown in the middle of the ocean without the life jacket. This morning I.R value was 2,0 and I started with H.....n. Heading 25.07.

16.7.2019 É scomparso Andrea Camilleri. Le storie di Montalbano mi piacciono tanto,  specialmente per quella Sicilia (e Sicilianeta')  che, più che sfondo ed ambientazione, é la vera protagonista dei racconti.
Sicilia è la mia prima vacanza estiva  con Guni, nel 2004.
Intensa e romantica emozione la Sicilia di Camilleri e dei miei ricordi.

15.7.2019 Playing piano again (with the family's background vocals)

July 2019 Random thoughts while suffering for a disc herniation since three months now, working hard with gymnastic at a tagesklinik and at home, my mind is on what I must do to get well again, fighting the pain and the bad mood, supported by my family... I can't think straight no more... Come sarebbe stata la mia adolescenza senza Lucio Dalla?... I am an order control freak!

June 2019 It's not an easy period, but I feel the Love around me. Thank you!

11.05.19 Gianni & Guni Married

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