Much More (1992)
Words & Music: Gianni Lapelazzuli

Much more is the first song I really completely wrote.
Before I had some trials with the 'Tit Bits', the very first sort of band I formed with Silvano and Daniele. We were
covering Italian and British pop songs and just had one exibition with some few fans and relatives and friends. I played clarinet and keyboards at that time, and I was alternating the lead singer position with Silvano, who played acoustic guitars and keyboards, Daniele electric guitar. I wrote something down with Silvano, but that we never really recorded or kept and so it all went lost.
Much more was my first trial. I was at the first University year and most Of the time I played keyboards on my own. The music was mostly influenced by Elton John and Annie Lennox.

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My darling she will never understand what I'm looking for
for I've tried so many times to let her know much more
Much more is what it needs, baby, to fill the rooms I feel inside
or better what has made me crazy, and I'm no longer trying to hide

I'm in love with someone else
and I can't believe it's true
for the first time in my life
I think I've met the blues
And I feel so high sometimes
and I feel so down inside
but I'm sure I'm not the one
who for that is gonna die