1999 is the personal web site of Giovanni 'Gianni' Lapelazzuli.

I am a passionate science fictions reader, a daydreamer about the Universe, a curious but inconstant traveller, an M.Eng. graduated and licensed engineer, a multinational company employee, a former football talent, a part time singer and a full time boyfriend and father.
I was born, grew up, and studied in Naples, Italy. At the age of 23 I left my hometown. I have then lived and worked in Foggia, in Rome, and today I live and work in Berlin, Germany, with my extraordinary girlfriend Regine and our children Diego and Wanda.
This website
has been visited from 5 different continents and is one of the oldest surviving personal homepages/blogs on the Internet. It appeared on the web in 1999 as; on Thursday 10 May 2001 it became
It is one of my favorite hobbies, a place where I store some of my memories, express some of my thoughts and train some of my style.
I guess I created it because I love life, and I'm afraid to forget.