Words: Gianni Lapelazzuli

Very low pressure, early in the morning
My eyes are asleep and my face is relaxed
I count the days since I listen the warning
Since a travel should start when you fasten the belt
It is since 3 days that I'm quietly preparing
Six weeks or more that I'm planning the trip
A matter of watching the people there waiting
When I step the airport I'd not move from here

Adventures leave their thrills for a second
They all start with the same old smell of the airport
The people, the cooling, the warnings, the flat
The mood of the morning, the feel of a start

Alone or with friends, curiosity explodes
I would freeze my heart and wait for the call
Before every chamber of a thousand doors
It's where I belong inspite af that all

Awaiting unconcious, relaxed, exited
Awaken and sleepy, happy and frightened
Behind every line lies reality unknown
When I cross a border the Worls says I'm small
When I think that countries are just words to say
Cannot think that there people breath every day
When I think that everything here stops when I leave
When I think that everything there starts as I'm near