2oth Anniversary







11.05.19 Gianni & Guni Married

The Flyer
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The Karaoke Night!

The Pictures (coming soon)


3 anni di Diego & Wanda

Wanda, beautiful Wanda, your name was inspired by Paolo Conte's song. A happy, love song that I sing for you.

Stag Night!

on 09.March.2019 with Salvio, Dario and Matthias

03.March.2019 Ejected from the 90's, Leonardo reappeared and we met in Berlin - almost like nothing had changed or no time had passed since the last time we met, about 20 years ago.

And Anna & Ugo were here and spent lot and good time with the kids.

2oth Anniversary

... "This website has been visited from 5 different continents and is one of the oldest surviving personal homepages/blogs on the Internet. It appeared on the web in 1999 as; on Thursday 10 May 2001 it became It is one of my favorite hobbies, a place where I store some of my memories, express some of my thoughts and train some of my style.
I guess I created it because I love life, and I'm afraid to forget." ...

Many things happening recently ...
with Oma und Opa in Berlin and Diego and Wanda super happy,
with Guni and me went to the Kino for the first time after about 3 years (The Mule),
with my compare Matthias in Berlin,
with the new piano my favorite website is

And our focus is now on planning, happily, some nice days in May...

I just can't find the time to write more about all this; let me put down here the main titles/events, who knows maybe later I will be able to add details.

21.January.2019 My new Electric Piano - Thomann DP-33B