I believe London is the right place where you can be youself, without any limitation and mental amputations.
The right place to be, believe. I think the experiences lived in London strongly contributed  to the definition of my behaviour and my way of thinking.
I've been there several times, with student groups, with friends, with my girlfriend, and on my own...and it's always been  a weird time.

  Nightclubbing   (the places we know and suggest)

West London Clubs   (a list...) 

Bar Madrid   (the map to reach a place that made the history of the towm during the 90's, mostly devoted to latin, brasilian and commercial music)

 Places and Names  (we've been there, we've seen them)

Goin' round with the Underground!   (discovering London with an underground community...)

The St. Martin's Lane Hotel   (one of the coolest places I've ever been...thanks to someone else...)