Our simple song
Words and Music: Gianni Lapelazzuli   

"Our simple song" is a two chords song following the style and the mood of the one inspiration source of that time : The Velvet Underground. The song, however, recalls an Elton John's story from "Blues for baby and me".

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Do you see what I see?
Do you feel what I feel?
When we move apart from all the World...
And don't you think that we should go?
I'll let you choose the place you want
But leave before the light is back again...
... with that train
It's clear from the way you look
You could never tell me lies
It was not the wind to draw the tears...
...in your eyes

And while the train is running
While things are disappearing
Our simple song is moving us out of here

Girl it's now and nevermore
And I think we can go far
Now the World seems so bright to me
Don't you see?
And I won't dream and I won't stop
And I know that I can't fall
I nerver thought that I could be so strong

And if the train won't wait us
If we won't climb upon that bus
Our simple song will show us the way home

And I just dream about our life
We'll stay together day and night
And then again we'll meet up in the sky
Tell me, don't you find?

And if this flame won't burn so long
Yes if our love won't be that strong
Inside with us will remain our simple song