The English Garden
Words: Gianni Lapelazzuli

This is a story that starts on a lake,
Who's lost in a place populated by trees
And lost in an army of a thousand beers,
With porches, and parfumes and where none screams.
This is a novel created in seconds,
Regarding a King and his hopeless trust
Which brough him to change a land made of dust,
Into a beautiful place that will forever last.
The King from a Country where love is a cheat,
Discovered a place where they don't seem to care
If you're such a nice one they don't even dare,
To ask who you really are as long as you're fair.
A land full of girls without a misfit,
The King open-eyed uncovered his dream
Among them the one who would give him the thrills,
The ones he so wanted and for so long will.
And then for her birthday imagine what's new,
An so, like a fable, a good dream came true
The eyes of the girls were painted in blue,
The present, a garden with flowers in bloom.
But no happy endings you should now await,
Despite such a story that could seem so great
The Garden was built upon such a fake,
Then something went wrong, and the girl escaped.

Love is a cheat wherever you stand
Away from your Country, inside your bed
Love is a Garden inside your brain:
Flowers will die, the green grass remain.