The Toilets - Demos

Words & Music: Gianni Lapelazzuli (2002)

Listen to Ghost

A trip on a train
Exxxxxxxxxxxx E/Axxxxxxxxx E xxxxxxxxxxxxx E/A
passin' through fields in a yellow twilight
contemplating your hair
and forgettin' the place where we started last night

Sunglass for the light
and some simple tunes I'm whistling by
we're crossing the harbour
your perfume is spreading all over the wagon

G#mXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXX D#
The past becomes a faded vision
F#m xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx G#m
maybe because of an illusion
G#mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx D#
The present looks like a shelter
F#mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx B7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxE

a false release from the surrender

And you close my eyes
asleep with the rumors of railroad and train
embracing my brains
embrace me, surround me, embrace me again

The past becomes a faded vision
maybe because of an illusion
My memory's a misfit
the World resides upon a cheat

© Gianni Lapelazzuli