On 15.09.2014 I am Turning 40.

It's been forty years full of Life!


And it's been celebrated with overwhelming beautiful emotions...


... thanks to ALL the beautiful friends who joined me on the 19.09 evening, bringing souls and smiles and made it a fantastic night!

... thanks to all the amazing messages and videos I received (thanks to who had this idea, and made it become a reality and made this moment a "magic moment" and a memory which will last forever, "forever till the end of time")

... thanks to Dario, Marco, Salvio, Alessandro for the beautiful weekend they've spent with me in Berlin

... thanks to Regine, my guardian angel flying around me with her love and beautiful presents

... thanks to my friends (M. and Ch.) who dedicated their time and attentions to me

... thanks to my friend Masataka, singing Doraemon with me. A privilege, unforgettable

... thanks to Anna and Ugo, my Mother and Father

... thanks to the Love I have been feeling around me