You butterfly
Words: Gianni Lapelazzuli

Spaces were wide for what I've see
Orizons immense when you were with me
And I had a feeling I missed my breath
For you never stop talking so clear

When I saw you flying the way you did
When I saw you brighting the way I mean
I thought that happiness freedom and thrills
Were all together in such a beautiful thing

Oh you butterfly, the deepest clear beauty
Oh you butterfly, my sense of immense
Oh you butterfly, you made me run
Oh you butterfly, I thought you were gone
You you butterfly, your intense parfume
You you butterfly, my heart was amused
You you butterfly, so you need your space
You you butterfly, I die for your grace

And spaces were blue, and future intense
My sight was not going over your fence
And I was a mad horse who's running in circle
And you flew observing me looking so little