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The Id(ol)es of March

Lucio, Elton, Lou. They were all born in March. There must be something special about the way stars and planets align in this period of the year. So many gifted people born in March, themselves are gifts to the World. Happy birthday to you.

Weather is back to be cold, those couple of sunny and warm days in February were misleading, but enough to bring additional energy and joy and forward looking to summer days. Lately… few days on my own, spending some time outside with friends N. and D., walking around, watching spy movies, practicing Tai Chi in complete silence. And what’s also beautiful now is that my family is back home to me after one week spent in Herrenberg.

Diego and Wanda listen to music and sing all the time, with such a joy and passion. Literally consuming some CDs. Rod Stewart, Edoardo Bennato, the Beatles, Oldies, Elvis etc. They love music, songs, singing. My Kids!

It’s Spring weather. Finally. The World looks different, much nicer.

Part the Wild Horse’s Mane

Understanding where you are heading is good. It’s about Flow, it’s about Resetting, it’s about Peace. The Tai Chi 24 form.

The temperatures are below zero since a couple of weeks here. The city is full of snow, I can’t remember such scenes in Berlin since my first year here in 2011. Last Saturday we had a nice time out at Obersee Park, frozen lake and kids having lot of fun.

L’isola che non c’è

Peter Pan and Captain Hook is one of the fairy tales of the moment for my children. I like telling them the story, listening to and singing the songs with them. And thinking that “L’isola che non c’è” exists and can be reached.
“E ti prendono in giro se continui a cercarla Ma non darti per vinto, perché Chi ci ha già rinunciato e ti ride alle spalle Forse è ancora più pazzo di te”

We recently spent a nice morning out with friends at a snowy and icy Tegeler See!

Sparse Thoughts

– On Asimov’ Solaria they use nose filters to protect themselves from viruses and bacteria. Same does Diabolik against noxious gases.Since the beginning of this mess, I have been wondering why the “real” World does not seem to investigate this path for solution.

Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky is an interesting Youtube channel, with animated audio/videos about various branch of Physics. I recently discovered it while searching for visual aid to help me through the hallucinating quantum mechanics theory.

– I believe Edoardo Bennato is better than Pino Daniele.


Ten years ago I moved here. I’ve been in love with many aspects of the essence of Berlin. The atmosphere you could feel here at that time, here in your chest … while walking in Prenzlauer Berg or in Kreuzberg, while sitting in a Café, while living a simple day, a simple weekend, a simple life in Berlin. Then it got less… less… less warm, less personal, less mine, colder and sometimes hard. And now the city looks empty, or almost invisible from our balconies and windows in these crazy times we are living. But Ten years one can’t forget. Mind been dreaming, life been blown into my chest, warm air been surrounding me.

Caught between the Themes!

I am playing with WordPress, trying to develop for this site a more dynamic and mobile-friendly fashion. The vast online community of WP experts, developers, knowledge promoters, intrigues me.


I feel so grateful of being the father of you two, Diego and Wanda. I am so amazed to watch you being so purely extraordinary. I never imagined such a feeling of love and addiction. My heart and my soul, that burn and push and pull me, are yours.

You are the transcendent beauty and truth.

I’ll be back soon! Or a bit later… I am trying to understand how WordPress works.

Shopping Pulp. I wanted to have the originals of these 2 gems