Sparse Thoughts

– On Asimov’ Solaria they use nose filters to protect themselves from viruses and bacteria. Same does Diabolik against noxious gases.Since the beginning of this mess, I have been wondering why the “real” World does not seem to investigate this path for solution.

Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky is an interesting Youtube channel, with animated audio/videos about various branch of Physics. I recently discovered it while searching for visual aid to help me through the hallucinating quantum mechanics theory.

– I believe Edoardo Bennato is better than Pino Daniele.


Ten years ago I moved here. I’ve been in love with many aspects of the essence of Berlin. The atmosphere you could feel here at that time, here in your chest … while walking in Prenzlauer Berg or in Kreuzberg, while sitting in a Café, while living a simple day, a simple weekend, a simple life in Berlin. Then it got less… less… less warm, less personal, less mine, colder and sometimes hard. And now the city looks empty, or almost invisible from our balconies and windows in these crazy times we are living. But Ten years one can’t forget. Mind been dreaming, life been blown into my chest.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Watching “Frozen”, playing “Uno of fireman Sam”, “Dobble” and “Regenbogen Schlange”, packing & opening presents, cooking, baking cakes, the goose!, singing, wordpressing, spending lot of good time with Guni and the kids, speaking Italian with them, making breakfast and reading stories for them at breakfast. Watching Tatort and movies, reading, Orankesee and going out sometimes! And more.
Christmas and New Year’s Eve Time this year. With Guni, Wanda e Diego.