Frozen Boston
February '07

Third time in the USA, 1 week ago. After Denver and Miami, I've been in Boston. This time the trip was expected to be less nervous and stressing of the others, since it was all about sales training with no customer to look after to. And so it was.
I enjoyed Boston and I was fashinated very much by its architectural style, made of a mix of modern skyscrapers and those typical red-brown bricks building from the beginning of the last century. Most of the time was spent underground or undercover: the freezing cold of outside (-5 °C, -10 °C) has not permitted long walks....but I spent about a day visiting the city and fighting the cold...and it was good enough to appreciate.
The time was enough to visit the University of Harvard and the MIT Massachusset Institute of Technology.
One experience that will remain impressed (and I must thank Andrea for having given the idea) is the night spent at Boston Garden to watch NBA match between Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.
Impressive America!

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