November 2012

Brothers' dreams (italian here: Fratelli in sogno)

Sometimes I find my dreams interesting, sometimes not. I need to start writing them down, lately I remember them when I wake up, before It did not happen often. In a recent one I was in a crowded tram sitting next to my brother (I had the seat side window). I had to pee, but I did not want to get up and lose my place there at the window. And so I remained sitead there, in pain. When Dario finally gets up and stands in front of the two of us, and tells me to go to pee with no worries, as he would have kept the sit busy for me. In that exact moment I woke up, and I wasn't that far from wetting my pants, and I had to run to the bathroom.
And tonight in a dream I have returned him the favor. We were in a school, it had to be his high school but didnt look like that. Building was collapsing, sudden emergency, the alarm was screaing. The evacuation plan. I am in the group who was planned to go out second, Dario in the third behind me. I'm scared, I run across the people, break the rules (it must have really been a dream!), I take Dario away from his group and together we run to the exit, while the building begins to crumble. Dario is wearing his new white helmet, the one with the word 'Berry' on it. Between us and the open air no thre is only a narrow wooden spiral staircase built by Bernini (?). I send Dario out first. I'm behind him almost blocked in the narrow Bernini' staircase, but then I am out to. We are both safe. I cry, behind us the building collapses with people inside. There's also a sad music accopmainning this scene, I was dreaming the soundtrack as well! I wake up screaming DARIO! Regine wakes up for a second, caressing me and goes back to sleep. I get up to pee, all the way to the toilet still the soundtrack plays in my mind. But now I've forgotten it.

Sometimes brothers help you in dreams as well. Sometimes you help them.