The Californian Chronicles. Featuring the Lapelazzuli Bros.
May '08

23.05.08 - day 1

Arrive in San Francisco at 1 pm local time. Room 303 at Hotel Grant in Bush Street. Dinner at Burgermaster. Concert of different emerging rock group at music club 'Bottom of the Hill': among them...The Blacks!
Videos: The one in San Francisco at the 'Bottom of the Hill' with 'The Blacks'

24.05.08 - day 2

Chinatown. Markt Street. Fisherman's Wharf (where we found the strange Italian's wedding Restaurant Tony'n'Lisa). Cable Car. Night at the DNA Lounge Bootie to watch Myamoto.
Videos: The one in San Francisco with the Sea Lions

25.05.08 - day 3

San Francisco Carnival: the Mission Street Parade. A walk through Castro. Buena Vista Park. Height: lunch at Magnolia, where Dario's signaling a great bath. Night at Boom Boom Room for a Blues concert (where Dario danced with a drunked trio).
Videos: The one in San Francisco at the Carnival's Parade

26.05.'8 - day 4

Height. Golden Gate Park. San Francisco Blues Festival. The Golden Gate. Market Street. Dinner at Irish Bank Pub.

27.05.08 - day 5

Rent a car at Budget: Chevrolet Cobalt. Highway 1. Lunch in Santa Cruz. Stop in the evening at Monterey at El Castell Motel...with a swimming pool. Monterey's Cannery Row. Dinner in a pub 'Sly' in Cannery row with live music.
Videos: The one on the Highway One (1) - The one on the Highway One (2) - The one on the Highway One (3) - The one on the Highway One (4)

28.05.08 - day 6

Carmel by the sea. Monterey downtown and fisherman's wharf. Lunch in an English pub 'Britnnia pub'. Night in a disco pub ' Cuevo night' downtown Monterey.
Videos: The one in Monterey at 'Cuevo night'

29.05.08 - day 7

Highway 1. Santa Barbara, lunch at Kahuna hawaian fast food and visit downtown and seaside. Drive south through highway 1 through Malibù. Santa Monica. Stop at Palm Motel. Dinner downtown Santa Monica at Hooters.
Videos: The one in Santa Barbara

30.05.08 - day 8

Los Angeles: Hollywood blvd and Chinese theatre. Hollywood hills ans hollywood signs watch. Afternoon in Santa Monica: I have a luch at a restaurant on the Pier, then reach Dario for a walk on along the beautiful Santa Monica seaside and downtown. Dinner in a pub downtown.
Videos: The one in Santa Monica at Muscle Beach -The one in Santa Monica with the Street Dancers - The one in Santa Monica with the Tiny Singer

31.05.08 - day 9
Drive to San Francisco through highway 5. Stop for lunch and shopping at Gilroy outlet. Stop in Palo Alto at Mermaid Motel. Evening walk downtown Palo Alto (university ave.) and dinner in San Josè in a British Pub.

01.05.08 - day 10
Our last day was spent in airports and airplanes (KLM and Alitalia). From San Francisco back to Rome.