Hunted in Central Europe
August '05

This is the story of the two of us, passing through 4500 km in...
Sanremo, Arma di Taggia, Berzi, Apricale, Luzern, Rheinfall, Calw, Heidelberg, Köln, Wetter, Amsterdam, Freiburg, Somma Lombardo (Milan), Rome...
and featuring...
Regine, me, Maiso, Gianna, Giacomo, Manuela, Sara, Matteo, Giulia, Angelico, Gianantonio, Fabiola, Ricky, Isa, Cecilia, Luca, Christoph, Marie Luise, Peter, Almuth, Ulle, Sebastian, Andreas, Kathi, Sandra, Dirk, Sina, Susanne, Catarina, Kai, Miriam, Ruth, the nigro whistling in kalverstrasse, Utz, Nelly, Edda, Samuel, Jogi, Salvio, Daniela, Virgilio, Paolo, Daniele, Dario, Elton John...
and living of...
cozze, weizen beer, flammkuchen, export beer, BBQ, sudoku, schnitzel, pils beer, wurst, kasespetzle, kolsh beer, döner, banana juice, Kentuky Fried Chiken, pancake, burger, ganter beer...

I recorded on my iPaq the days spent in Germany and Holland and Swiss. But i did it in Italian. What i report here is a sort oh short diary of those days, translated with an translation software which is not the best way to translate...but i think you'll understand the words anyway, and feel the mood of those days.

13 August - Roma departure times 12. We reach sanremo at 20.gianni guide and guni to eat. Then, from pisa to genova, guide guni and gianni sleeps. we dine with gianna, manuela and maiso and the evening to house of enrico with sara, matteo, maiso and giulia.
14 August - Morning walked to sanremo with maiso. Evening, supper to base of mussels to weapon of taggia with friends.
15 August - have lunch to berzi with family of mauro. Evening with friends in the theater of the cough of apricale.
16 August - departure and arrival to Swiss luzern in the first afternoon. sleep in the hotel steghof and we visit the center city. Too much expensive.
17 August - Departure for germany. small break to the reinfalls. I reach calw in the afternoon. Evening in house.
18 August - Sudoku, farmers of catan, swimming pool. Evening to the beer garden on the river with peter, ulle and sebi.
19 August - I turn in city and shopping for the evening... evening in house with barbeque cin family stein, caty and andreas.
20 August - Breakfast in city and turn in center. he/she dines with sandra and dirk to the beer house near calw.
21 August - I have lunch to house and departure x heidelberg. Evening in city and supper with sina.
22 August - I turn in the city, coffee with friends. Departure x Koln. I reach in evening and megadinner in center in rudolfplatz and beer the jazz pub pope joe.
23 August - Shopping in center. And supper to the burger king. It rains... we return home.
24 August - I turn in the city. Breakfast out we visit the tower of the cathedral, lunch in the city on the shores Del river. Then kolsh and kebab
25 August - We visit the grandmother of guni to wetter. dine in a pub near house.
26 August - Departure x amsterdam and arrival at 14 o'clock in the hotel mercure 4 stars. I turn in the city.
27 August - Breakfast to the reed, peoplewatching and visit to the van gogh museum. I turn in center.
28 August - I turn in center and departure x colony and arrival in the afternoon. He/she dines in center.
29 August - Lazy day of sun in house with Sudoku, The Mule and Badminton. Then arrival of Peter and barbeque on the balcony.
The last days - We spent them visiting Utz family in Freiburg and Salvio in Milan. We had great time with them all nd we wish they come soon to visit us here in Rome.
Elton John - He was waiting for us in the "Beautiful city of Rome" for a live concert autside the Coliseum. And this was the best way to close this unforgettable summer