Diary 2005

17 December, 2005 The Golden Numbers - Real numbers and their decimal representation

I decided to start publishing my thougths about Real numbers and their decimal representation.
This first articles are in Italian, since it would have taken too long to translate it by now.

This will lead me to the Nobel Prize...

You can dowload the book from here: "I Numeri Aurei"

2 December, 2005 The Toilets

I recently 'restilized' the toilets website.
Don't miss.

13 November, 2005 Magicians

Some time ago i wrote a song for Regine. It's called 'Magicians'

13 November, 2005

Regine left to Germany 2 days ago leaving me alone. She went to visit her Papa, who's not feeling very well.
And i write down this lines, so that everytime you Regine connect to the internet these days you can see that i'm all the time thinking about you, because i love you very much.
Hug the big Christoph for me, and kiss Marie Luise. And think about our masterplan...

5 November, 2005 Zwei jahre mit Regine

This is our second anniversary. We met 2 years ago in Milan. Regine came in Rome to live with me and changes her and my life. She converted her University exams and continued here in Italy with great results; Regine will become Doctor in Languages in December, certified by Universita' degli Studi di Roma 'La Sapienza'. And you all can imagine how proud of her I can be.
Our life is full of plans for the future, and full of happiness and joy for the present.

5 November, 2005 New Music
Lately I'm listening to music more often then the recent past. I discovered Paul Simon and we are both in love with his songs from the 'Negotiations and love songs' album.
Moreover I'm always more convinced about how good pop music can do to me, and how in this field new realities that I've always blamed for stupid prejudices are instead of good quality and significant.
I'm talking about Robbie Williams, who I think is the best performer and music talent of this years; for he is able to always bring new and good songs (which i bet none can do so well).
I'm talking about Tiziano Ferro, who is (with Morgan) in my opinion the best new italian talent (even if i think he must still do better with lyrics), for the way he sings and the modalities he structures his pieces. New music is not always made of great diversity or breakthrough words: not everybody can be like the Velvet Underground, and not every decade we can expect new Nivana arising... Being different and very good can also be, like Tiziano and Robbie, being extraordinary in normal pop and make this pop art relive and mantain its power with new energy and talent.
Without trying in all the ways to change the World.

31 October, 2005 Regine is now 25

I'm very sorry, but lately i id not updated this site and i cannot find any valid excuse. The thing is that October is a very stressful period for my professional activity...
What i missed the most is to tell to the whole World about Regine's birthday, on the 8th. Regine is now 25, and more beautiful then ever. My gift was an Mp3 player and a big big big heart shaped "Crostata ai frutti di bosco". We love very much our life and we are so proud about how good we feel together. Yesterday we went to the castelli romani (Castelgandolfo) and we ate very much. Actually we are eating a lot lately, also due to happenings we are attending all aroud: the last one was the Alessandro and Stefania wedding, in Vico Equense.
Dario bought an apartment in Naples some months ago, and all the family is now focused on this event....made of restructring and contemplating aout how it will appear in few weeks...

24 September, 2005 The Golden Numbers Theory

I'm beginning the translation of the first achivements of my studies about one property of the Real Numbers, which i call 'The Golden Numbers Theory'.
You can download it from here: download 'The Golden Numbers Theory'

24 September, 2005 Hunted in Central Europe 2

I recorded on my iPaq the days spent in Germany and Holland and Swiss. But i did it in Italian. What i report here is a sort oh short diary of those days, translated with an translation software which is not the best way to translate...but i think you'll understand the words anyway, and feel the mood of those days.

13 August - Roma departure times 12. We reach sanremo at 20.gianni guide and guni to eat. Then, from pisa to genova, guide guni and gianni sleeps. we dine with gianna, manuela and maiso and the evening to house of enrico with sara, matteo, maiso and giulia.
14 August - Morning walked to sanremo with maiso. Evening, supper to base of mussels to weapon of taggia with friends.
15 August - have lunch to berzi with family of mauro. Evening with friends in the theater of the cough of apricale.
16 August - departure and arrival to Swiss luzern in the first afternoon. sleep in the hotel steghof and we visit the center city. Too much expensive.
17 August - Departure for germany. small break to the reinfalls. I reach calw in the afternoon. Evening in house.
18 August - Sudoku, farmers of catan, swimming pool. Evening to the beer garden on the river with peter, ulle and sebi.
19 August - I turn in city and shopping for the evening... evening in house with barbeque cin family stein, caty and andreas.
20 August - Breakfast in city and turn in center. he/she dines with sandra and dirk to the beer house near calw.
21 August - I have lunch to house and departure x heidelberg. Evening in city and supper with sina.
22 August - I turn in the city, coffee with friends. Departure x Koln. I reach in evening and megadinner in center in rudolfplatz and beer the jazz pub pope joe.
23 August - Shopping in center. And supper to the burger king. It rains... we return home.
24 August - I turn in the city. Breakfast out we visit the tower of the cathedral, lunch in the city on the shores Del river. Then kolsh and kebab
25 August - We visit the grandmother of guni to wetter. dine in a pub near house.
26 August - Departure x amsterdam and arrival at 14 o'clock in the hotel mercure 4 stars. I turn in the city.
27 August - Breakfast to the reed, peoplewatching and visit to the van gogh museum. I turn in center.
28 August - I turn in center and departure x colony and arrival in the afternoon. He/she dines in center.
29 August - Lazy day of sun in house with Sudoku, The Mule and Badminton. Then arrival of Peter and barbeque on the balcony.
The last days - We spent them visiting Utz family in Freiburg and Salvio in Milan. We had great time with them all nd we wish they come soon to visit us here in Rome.
Elton John - He was waiting for us in the "Beautiful city of Rome" for a live concert autside the Coliseum. And this was the best way to close this unforgettable summer.

15 September, 2005 I'm...

... 31

06 September, 2005 Hunted in Central Europe 1

This is the story of the two of us, passing through 4500 km in...
Sanremo, Arma di Taggia, Berzi, Apricale, Luzern, Rheinfall, Calw, Heidelberg, Köln, Wetter, Amsterdam, Freiburg, Somma Lombardo (Milan), Rome...

and featuring...
Regine, me, Maiso, Gianna, Giacomo, Manuela, Sara, Matteo, Giulia, Angelico, Gianantonio, Fabiola, Ricky, Isa, Cecilia, Luca, Christoph, Marie Luise, Peter, Almuth, Ulle, Sebastian, Andreas, Kathi, Sandra, Dirk, Sina, Susanne, Catarina, Kai, Miriam, Ruth, the nigro whistling in kalverstrasse, Utz, Nelly, Edda, Samuel, Jogi, Salvio, Daniela, Virgilio, Paolo, Daniele, Dario, Elton John...

and living of...
cozze, weizen beer, flammkuchen, export beer, BBQ, sudoku, schnitzel, pils beer, wurst, kasespetzle, kolsh beer, döner, banana juice, Kentuky Fried Chiken, pancake, burger, ganter beer...

11 August, 2005 Travels update - So I met America

I recently updated the travel section with the 'So I met America' story and pictures.
Have fun.

09 August, 2005 Download The Toilets

Now you can download "The Toilets" also from this web site.
'Faces' intro by Maiso and 'Ghost' demo are available in the music 'n' lyrics section.

23 July, 2005 Trash in Palinuro 2

I spent one week in Palinuro with Regine and Maiso. I took just few pictures, since we were too much focused on relaxing...

And it has been a great time...with Babbuf, Zoolander and all the other imaginary companions...

06 July, 2005 The Golden Number

I'm writing a book about mathematics, on a theory I'm developing with the inspiration of Regine regarding Real Numbers and one of their properties. I call this property "The Golden Number".
And this will lead us to the Nobel Prize, sooner or later.

While this is gently happening, Regine is blooming in her most amazing, beautiful and sweet essence and I'm more then ever in love with her.
She's working hard with University and the job which is greatly rewarding her greatness. And I'm so proud.

And this week end we'll start a week of vacations in Palinuro, in a camping at the seaside. With Maiso!!!

Waiting for the Nobel Prize.

13 June, 2005 So I met America

Sunday, June 5th. 10.20 am local time, 4.20 pm Italian time. The plane landes.
Ten minutes later I take the first step on the United States ground, in Atlanta.
4 hours later i'm in Denver, Colorado, attending the Worldwide HP Software Forum.

So I met my dream, which i dreamt for so long, which i imitated for 30 years.
So i met my music, which i listened open hearted, which i played, which i sang, which i red.
So I met America.

Denver is nothing special, Colorado's got good views.
And i drove a red Mazda 6. And i eat great buffalo meat. And stood in a football stadium, Invesco Fields at Mile High. And climbed at the Rocky Mountains National Park.

I crossed the planet, and filled an hole in my soul.

So I met America.

4 May, 2005 Me, Regine, Madrid. And Christopher.

We visited Madrid this weekend, me and my adorable Regine.
Every happening is a milestone in our amazing love story, and every time Regine is more beautiful and gives me all the happiness i want and can imagine.
A so we walked around Madrid but mostly hangin' round Sol and the Tapas Bars. And my belly grew this days so much that now i almost hate my body and i must recover my beauty with a kind of diet, i'll hardly face. We did not visit Madrid, because this is what we wanted; we slept, walked, drank, ate, met Anke, and slept again.
And we stayed at Hostal Alaska,, which we suggest to you all because of the central position, the gentle owner Carlos and his "7 daughters" (which are the 7 rooms...).
We relaxed very much, and yesterday it was so bad to go back to work...

And I red "The Curious incident of the dog in the Night time", the book about Christopher: an autistic child who loves the truth, who like maths and wets his pants. And i liked it because he is so sweet and i feel very much like him sometimes (but i dont wet my pants no more)...and i think i'm starting to write and think like him...
The following is one of the few jokes that Christopher likes, concerning the preciseness of mathematicians. And the joke runs as follows. "There are three men on a train. One of them is an economist and one of them is a logician and one of them is a mathematician. And they have just crossed the border into Scotland (I don't know why they are going to Scotland) and they see a brown cow standing in a field from the window of the train (and the cow is standing parallel to the train). And the economist says, `Look, the cows in Scotland are brown.' And the logician says, 'No. There are cows in Scotland of which at least one is brown.' And the mathematician says, 'No. There is at least one cow in Scotland, of which one side appears to be brown.' And this is funny because economists are not real scientists, and because logicians think more clearly, but mathematicians are best."
This joke, and Christopher, make me laugh and happy...about love, life, and the immense pureness of maths.
And i must say thank you to the Stein sisters...

24 April, 2005 Holy updates

Many things happened lately, since the last update:

  • we bought a new kitchen
  • i was at one of the most exiting live concerts of the recent past: Morgan "Canzoni dell'appartamento", at Circolo degli Artisti in Rome
  • the Pope was feeling bad...sad pilgrims invaded Rome!
  • the Pope was dying...more sad pilgrims invaded Rome!
  • the Pope has died...some sad pilgrims were sleeping outside my front door!
  • the (new) Pope from Germany has been elected...the sad pilgrims turned to happy!
  • Rome has been invaded by millions of pilgrims, turning from sadness to happiness every 5 minutes
  • Lazio region has changed its political asset, moving from right to left
  • I was in Cannes for an HP event
  • Franzi has left the apartment (we hope to see you soon Franzi!)

Imagine if i should now tell about all that i summarize the most peculiar.
Morgan concert revealed his talent and a reborning positive consideration inside me of Italian music. Morgan, from Bluevertigo, is a fresh air wind in the desert land of italian music artists: he got the right pop tunes, the right modern sounds, the right moves. What i'm worried about is his passion for Fabrizio De Andre' with his melancholic and sad and negative vision of life; De Andre' was an artist, maybe a poet, but not a great musician and pop singer..which is what Morgan should aspire to be.
Pilgrims, biased and bigots invaded Rome in the last weeks to meet the Pope event. Believe in God or not, despice this or not, I feel in the center of the World. Where the things happen. And i always wanted this. And now i have this. Thanks to Rome.

Aaahhh! And we finally printed our big pictures by Gianfranco. They're now exposed in our living room, which now seems more ours then ever.

27 February, 2005 Papared Style

Ciro deployed the idea that was standing in our hearts since a long time, maybe since the beginning of all.
The idea that in our hearts Ugo, Papa', is sculptured as an idol; the feeling that Papa' has shaped our lives, our thoughts, our way of loving.
Ciro deployed the fact that Papa' is a part of us, the best part of me and my life, the one we will always trust, love and belong to.

Ciro act is printed in his "Papared Style" label, and represents a good way indeed to feel proud, to feel thankful, to feel stronger...because of Papa'.

Thank you Ciro. Thank you Papa'.

15 February, 2005 The peak I don't deserve

Regine gives the sweetest smiles i've ever seen
Regine spreads the warmest atmosphere i've ever felt
Regine's got the most beautiful skin i've ever touched
Regine gives the greatest love i could ever have expected to exist

Regine lied in my supreme wishes, she hid in the concepts of pure and absolute happines.
Regine is the peak. The peak I don't deserve.

31 January, 2005 Linear Algebra

The following lines describe a property of a Linear Transformation, which i found and demonstrated during the University years (1993).

First we start with defining what we're talking about...
Let A be a linear transformation of the vector space U into the vector space V .
The collection of all those vectors x in U such that Ax = 0 is called the kernel of A and is denoted by ker(A).
The collection A(U) of all those vectors y in V for which there exists some vector x in U so that A(x)=y is called the range of A and is denoted by range(A). The following property is important and can be demonstrated: (Dimension of kernel of A ) + (dimension of range of A )=(dimension of U).
Then we come to what we want to demonstrate...

"Why it is possible to determine the Kernel and the Range of a Linear Transormation studiing the behaviour of a base of the space of definition."
I'll now go more in depth using Italian language, which i'm more used to for technical stuff. Next days i'll translate all in English.

Sia f una trasformazione lineare definita nello spazio V.
Dal teorema “Nullita’ + Rango” si ha dim V = dim N(f) + dim Im(f)
Ponendo dim V = n, una qualiasi base di V sara’ costituita da n elementi.
Possiamo dimostrare il seguente teorema:
Sia f una trasformazione lineare definita nello spazio V. Se k elementi della base di uno spazio V hanno immagine nulla, k sara’ la dimensione del Nucleo di f.

Il Nucleo di una trasformazione lineare f e’ un sottoinsieme dell’insieme di partenza V formato da elementi la cui immagine, secondo f, e’ nulla. Si dimostra che esso e’ un sottospazio.
Considerando k elementi della base di V che hanno immagine nulla, lo spazio lineare da essi generato avra’ dimensione k, essendo questi elementi indipendenti. Si osservi che ogni elemento appartenente a questo spazio L(k) puo’ essere espresso nella forma x=x1e1+...+xkek, dove e1...ek sono i k elementi finora considerati.
Si avra’, di conseguenza, f(x) = x1f(e1)+...+xnf(ek) = 0, essendo f(e1) = ... = f(ek) = 0.
Da cio’ segue che ogni elemento appartenente ad L(k) ha immagine nulla: L(k) e’ quindi incluso nel Nucleo di f. L(k)=N(f)
Gli altri n-k elementi della base di V hanno immagine non nulla, percui lo spazio da essi generato L(n-k) e’ formato da elementi con immagine non nulla (escludendo, ovviamente, il vettore nullo).
Si dimostra facilmente che se S = (e1,...,en, w1,...,wn) e’ un insieme indipendente,
L(e1,...,en)nL(w1...wn) = 0 insieme nullo, ed inoltre L(e1,...,en)+L(w1...wn) = L(S).
Si ha, quindi, che L(k)nL(n-k) = 0 insieme nullo, ed inoltre
L(k)+L(n-k) = L(base di V) = V
Da cio’ si deduce che L(k) e’ proprio il nucleo della trasformazione lineare f considerata.
Infatti, se fosse stato L(k)=V rimaneva da verificare se gli elementi rimasti fuori da L(k) e comunque appartenenti a V avessero ancora immagine nulla. Essendo L(k) e L(n-k) due componenti o lacune di V, questi elementi ‘rimasti fuori da L(k)’ sono proprio quelli di L(n-k). Siccome abbiamo gia’ visto che questi elementi non hanno mai immagine nulla, possiamo concludere che gli elementi del nucleo di f sono tutti e soli gli elementi di L(k), percui L(k)=N(f) e, di conseguenza, dimN(f) = k.
La proprieta’ appena dimostrata puo’ ricavarsi dal noto torema dell “Nullita’ + Rango”
In questa dimostrazione si parte da una base del Nucleo e si completa questa ad una base dello spazio di partenza. Il fatto che lo spazio generato da questi vettori indipendenti ‘aggiunti’ sia formato soltanto da vettori la cui immagine e’ non nulla e’ lasciato, pero’, all’intuizione del lettore.
La dimostrazione appena descritta raggiunge il suo scopo senza far riferiemnto alla “Nullita’ + Rango” ed, anzi, puo’ considerarsi una ulteriore dimostrazione di questo teorema.

11 January, 2005 European Son

I spent the last Christmas holidays between Napoli and Calw.

Returnig from Rome, it was nice and warm to be in Napoli with relatives and friends. I cant explain where this feeling comes from, and why, but Christmas time really creates around my World a kind of quiet and warm light, lightening the persons of my life. And so, the best memory i have about my parents, Dario, Marco, Alessandro, Paoletto, Ciro, Gianfranco and many others is now related to that time when we melted again as we were one time. It also happens that you meet your relatives this days, twisted in a precisely coordinated organization of banquets starting on the 24th and calming down on the night. But just to restart on the 31st untill the 6th of January... Well, my family goes futher in meeting and mostly eating because of my father's birthday, which comes on the 7th!

But this time i abandoned Italy on the 27th, to dive into Regine's Christmas kingdom, based in Calw, and made of warmth, food, cold, family. Well actually, if i deeply think about that, it mostly differentiates from my habits because of the snow! ;o) A good time in Germany, i spent on the snow, in a beer factory, in a thermal building relaxing and watching Regine's splendor, but above all i was welcomed by Regine's family and its Christmas style made of....
... Peter coming back from Koln, fighting against the brand new laptop, torturing his mind with a love affair, cooking a great "flammkuchen"...
... Almi coming back from Ulm, then returning to Sebastian, then returning in Calw, then moving with us to Baden Baden...
... Regine's Parents taking care and telling all the time :"it's coffee time!" ;o)
Actually i ate a lot in Napoli and a lot of times in Calw! That's why now i'm calming down with food and beer.

On Silvester we moved to Heidelberg, and joined Sina and her flat mates (the great Michael!) to her Silvester party, which was nice and hard to forget. Sina, my congratulations for your food: are you sure you dont have Italian ancestors? ;o) On the way to and back from Heidelberg we drove with Sandra and her husband Dirk, eating Haribo most all the way long!
And a friend of them invited us for a brunch, exellent, surrounded by his fabulous dogs.

Now i'm back in Rome, ready to start a new year. Or almost ready.

4 January, 2005 The way Regine smiles

This is the way Regine smiles...

Actually this is me...but i think i imitate it well...

..And soon you'll be told about the amazing Christmas time between Napoli and Calw...
...happy new year to all of you!