...and then I met America again (Miami)
July '06

In one mounth time quite a lot of thing happened into this life.
At the beginning of June I was in Munich (Germany) attending another training so called "Break into CIO office". It was good, i enjoyed the time spent with Massimo P and Giovanni DS. It was good, very good indeed experience: i learned enough to keep, and at night i enjoied dinners in very nice places like the olimpic tower and a medieval castle around Munich.

...and then I met America again. This time I've been in Miami Beach! Imagine, Miami Beach!!!
The HP Software forum again. I was there with two customer from Poste Italiane, Mario and Paolo. Paolo also had a speech at the conference regarding an important project HP made with Poste. This has been a reason for me to be proud of miself, my group, and the job I'm doing with this customer. As usulal Mario is very interested and enjoing the whole thing, and at the same time prepared and clever enough to catch the main and most important stuff from the conference acts.
Andrea came as always with his customers. We had a very good time I think, at the Palms South Beach Hotel. We had, i guess, the right balance of visiting around, attending the conference, and relaxing at the swiming pool and on the beach.
America demonstrates different, very different faces...
Miami is less fascinating then Colorado, as expected. It is very turistic and built up for fun, looks artificial and far away from the America I dreamt of when I was a child. Siliconed people, hotel dressed streets, hot and umidity and unreasonable air conditioning are the things I'll keep in mind. But this experience was not to be missed and i did not miss it; and I'll remember Miami Beach as onther funny and important page of my life.