Hunted in Sicily
September '04

Unforgettable experiences are made by forgettable little steps. You can remember the mood, the ensemble, and forget those little things which made it great and magic.
So i want to tell you and sculpture here the days of the 'Hunted in Sicily' story. to come

We drove around Sicily for 20 days, talking a strange language, wearing sunglasses, running from the masses..

Day 1. Day 1 was the 14th of August 2004. We leave from Naples at 9 pm on a TTT lines Ferry to Catania. Took a place at the open air, the best place to choose in our opinions...a bit cold, just one sleeping bag, we slept a few...but beneath the stars.
Day 2. Arrive in Catania at 7.30 am. Walk around the city, tired. Visited the Dome, the main streets, tasted our first granita and cannolo. Strange encounter: imagine a desert space with very old buildings and 2 men in surfer shorts, one is cleaning the floor!, the other one washing his 30 years old car
while listenig to 'Perdono, perdono, perdonoooo'. They talked to us, trying to show us the things around....'foro romano!'. Then we moved to Siracusa searching 4 a beach, we arrive to the big Corrado's house...the Huge house, with the one kilometer corridor! Go to swim to Fontane bianche beach. At night a dinner out in Ortigia.
Day 3. Visit to Cava Grande without knowing what was expecting us... We climbed almost the Hymalaya up and down just to swim in a lake! But a wonderful one. The evening was spent in Noto, where we tasted our firsts arancini among the baroque buildings.
Day 3. Left Siracusa, not before a breakfast and a nice walk in Ortigia. We drove 2 - 3 hours to findthe better place to camp. We stopped in Punta Secca at Agricampeggio by the sea. We had an huge place to stay and transformed it in our disordered house. We spent the night on the beach and made love under the stars. And that was beautiful.
Day 4. Relax. Swim, getting burned, having barbeque, dinkin', smokin', sleepin'.
Day 5. Since it was good we repeatd yesterday. At night we had something they call pizza in Marina di Ragusa.
Day 6. Went to visit Modica and before we went to swin in in Kamarina Beach.
Day 7. We tore down our self made home and took off for Agrigento. After finally finding the Camping good enough to spend night at, we enjoied the high waves and found a good restaurant that confirmed the good reputation of Sicilian kitchen.
Day 8. T
he obbligatory visit at Valle dei Templi. We saw them all...and then returned to the beach. Gianni is gettin g stronger in Chess, having a series of victories, but it shall not last too long.Exellent dinner: spaghetti with swordfish, shrimps and melanzane