About one year ago I moved this website under the WordPress.org platform. Gradually moving what can be moved of the legacy pages is also an opportunity to revisit and refresh some of them.
The Back in Time page contains the archive of this Diary’s posts since Lapelazzuli.com foundation in 2002, plus the chronicles and thing I remember of the previous years until back to 1974 when I was born. And I am recently reviewing those pages adding a summary of the decades 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.
If you’re wondering who is ever interested in this: I am. It helps me in remembering the beautiful journey of these years. It feels good to remind what I do not want to forget. We normally live our present and with our minds focused on today, maybe on tomorrow and the future, and on few days back. I try to preserve here my personal memories of a life I love.

I write this website in English. Rarely, especially when I am particularly lazy, I also use my mother tongue, Italian, as it comes more fluid to me, I have a richer vocabulary. And with today’s tools none who is really interested in the content would find it hard to have it quickly translated.