ROMA – Missione Magliana II

Missione Magliana happened 20 years ago, in 2002, and initiated the story of myself-and-my-place-in-Rome which has known many phases, participants and protagonists over the years.
With Missione Magliana II this chapter of my life comes to a end in 2022.
My thoughts and gratitude go forever to those times, to the place I lived, owned, managed during these 20 years; and to the people who have crossed my life in and around the apartment in Rome, who have helped me in settling there and making that place and my life of those years warm, important, intensive, and more.

While in Rome those 4 days I had the chance to meet some of the places, food, and people that I miss. I stayed at Corrado & Silvia’s place, and spent very good time with them, evenings at home or walking through Piazza Navona, Piazza Farnese and Campo de Fiori… eating Pizza Bianca with Mortadella. I saw Gianfranco and Marco one evening in Trastevere, sitting in front of a wonderful Amatriciana. And I met my roman relatives, Melina, Luca, Maria, Antonella & co..