Eventful Xmas

It’s been a Xmas time full of things, friends and dear ones.
It started on the evening of the 22nd, a dinner out @ Restaurant Hasen with Guni, Salvio, Natan, Giona and Rosaria! Yes, indeed!!! They made a surprise and decided to spend their Christmas holidays in Herrenberg and Stuttgart, and we quickly planned a couple of days together. So we began with a, nice dinner, Schwäbische food and plannig the next couple of days and dinners…
On the 23rd at home together afternoon and evening, cooking pizza, singing, drinking, playing. On the 24th we met soon after lunch and stayed together for the rest of the day, preparing the nice dinner (Natan’s tartine, Guni’s parmigiana di melanzane, Salvio & Rosaria’s pasta with polpettine etc.) and being surprised by Santa Klaus visiting us and leaving so many gifts. It was great having Salvio and co. with us here in Herrenberg, and Natan and Giona interacted so nicely with Diego and Wanda and all of us.

On the 25th we spent great part of the day with Christoph and Marie-Luise, having lunch together a their place – different types of meat, antipasti, desset. It is very sweet and peaceful watching Diego and Wanda with Oma und Opa.
On the 26th we welcomed Daniel, Michiru and Alex, our friends from Berlin! They stayed with us until the 28th, we spent time at home and walking through Herrenberg, drinking, talking, eating, relaxing… and with the kids playing so joyfully.

Sweet Family, Nice Friends, Tasty Food, Lovely Places: A Beautiful Eventful Xmas!