Foundation and Wanda

Re-reading Asimov’s Foundation, I realised how the name of my daughter is linked to my favourite book and dream…

Wanda is the name of a planet in the Foundation Trilogy. The temporary headquarters for the navy of Bel Riose, General of the Galactic Empire, during the war between the Empire and the Foundation. Ducem Barr and Lathan Devers were kept in a prison on Wanda during this war, and Devers’ ship was impounded there also.

Wanda Seldon is a character in Isaac Asimov’s science-fiction novel Forward the Foundation. Wanda Seldon (12040 GE-) is the granddaughter of Hari Seldon and the daughter of Raych and Manella Seldon. If it were not for her, Seldon may not have been able to set up his Second Foundation as envisioned by Yugo Amaryl before his death. Wanda was the first person Seldon had met with her unique brand of mentalic powers, but not the last. Along with Stettin Palver, she formed the seeds of the Second Foundation and ensured the survival of the Foundation until and beyond the formation of the Second Galactic Empire, assuming Galaxia didn’t take place.