Gli anni 80 hanno il sapore dell’inizio di tutto e del motore di tutto. Dopo l’abbrivio degli anni 70, gli anni 80 sono all’inizio la curva che porta poi, un po’ piu’ avanti nel decennio, al rettilineo della vita. Cosi me li ricordo io.
Il campeggio a Palinuro e l’odore dei pini che ancora oggi mi riporta dietro nel tempo quando lo sento. Il mio sogno Americano nelle serie TV dell’epoca. Il Napoli di Maradona. Le scuole Elementari, poi Medie e poi l’inizio delle Superiori come tre salti enormi da un Mondo ad un altro e ad un altro ancora, Mondi diversi (mammamia e quanto!) tra loro.
L’aver incontrato Salvio, il mio miglior amico.
E poi Londra, l’illuminazione. I miei occhi che vedono un Universo nuovo. Il futuro! E tutto cambia, da una prospettiva nuova.
E Lucio Dalla che tra tutti questi Mondi ed Universi diversi li’ fuori mi aiuta a guardarmi dentro, mi da forza, mi da gioia e modella in maniera rilevante il mio io bambino ed adolescente.

To be continued…


Our Summer holidays were spent very often in Palinuro at the Camping Pineta


Italy wins the football World Cup, beating Germany 3 to 1 in the World Championship final in Madrid. This event, with all the fantastic matches Italy played against Brazil and Argentina, marked the beginning of my passion for football.


We visited Greece with a big group arranged by my uncle Lello. We stayed in Epidavros, and visited all the ancient archaeological sites.


Beginning of Secondary School Scuola Media “Guido Dorso”.

80’s are at their best in my life: TV series and Commodore videogames…

…and Music! Listeining to music into my father’s car, with our brand new HIFI CD player, television contests like Sanremo’s festival. Italian songwriters were the most interesting and understandable at that time, together with the style of the Righeira.
Lucio Dalla sounded different, deeper, more enjoyable, eclectic, interesting, made me think and enjoy, he was closer to me. He became my idol.


In June/July End of the secondary school, ‘scoula media’, preparing the last exam so intensively that I get sick soon after it. I can remember a part of it, related to the French Revolution.

In September I move from the suburbian San Giorgio a Cremano to the metropolitan Naples, to attend the High School. VII ITIS.

Salvatore L., Salvio, a school mate, becomes my best friend. He will remain my best friend and still now he is. I can still remember the first days at high school when I came back very late from the city center, exhausted and scared, with a lot of homework to do while all my friends were already free to play in out the street.

I love Lucio Dalla music very much

SSC Napoli wins its first ‘scudetto’, with Maradona leading the team. So far but i can remember the joy explosion in the city, and all the parties my parents and friends organized in the street, the fireman ‘il pompiere’ Mr E. organizing the huge fireworks situation in the street down my neighborhood that had to be evacuated! One phrase I remember of Franco, a cousin of my mother and a Napoli big fan: ‘Gianni you are so young and so lucky: to watch this happening I had to wait for 30 years’


My life, my thoughts, changed and took a new direction. I was in London for the first time, South Woodford Queen Mary College….where i meet Giovanni G. who’ll become one of my best friends, kissed a girl, had my first Mc Donalds Cheesburger!

Always in London, I take part to a Talent Contest singing ‘Il gatto e la volpe’ by E. Bennato, achieving great success. This was the moment, the precise moment, when I started singing as an hobby. Since that moment i never stopped singing.

I am one of the best students t high school. It is during this period that I discover to be good in Maths and Phisycs. I can still remember Prof. Giovanni S., and the Maths Prof. Romano G. who with his teaching methods would make grow in me of of the greatest passions of my life: Mathematics.

I have a season ticket to watch SSC Napoli and Maradona at San Paolo Stadium: we were me, my father Ugo, Dario sometimes, Franco, Totonno and his son. Mates…the things we have seen you cannot imagine: Diego Armando Maradona, you know, you gave me so much joy!


For the second consecutive year I go to London at the South Woodford Queen Mary College, for a sort of study vacation. Me and Kiki M., a greek girl, become friends; she’ll come to visit me in Neaples some years later.

The school period proceeds very well. I got friends, I’m very good at school…and now also my English speaking level has become very good.

We spent the summer holidays in Sardegna with friends.

Again with a season ticket to watch SSC Napoli and Maradona. We won the UEFA Cup, and I watched the semifinals and the final against Bayern Munchen and Stuttgart!