Diary 2023

Austria – Croatia – Austria

August 20 – September 4

We spent 2 weeks between Austria and Croatia for our summer holidays. More precisely: we stayed 2 days in Drobollach Austria by the Faaker See, 9 days at Valkanela in Vrsar Croatia, 3 days in Obertraun Austria by the Hallstatter See.

We had time to relax and see beautiful places, enjoying the calm and views of the lakes in Austria and the beautiful Valkanela bay and its incredibly nice Camping Resort. And to see Wanda and Diego being happy, having fun, showing us their beauty.

Valkanela was a come back for Guni and me, after 2014 we came back this time with our two amazing kids. The first of the many places we might visit again with the kids : back to Sicily?, back to Michigan?, back to New York?…

I am already looking forward to that and to new places to discover and to enjoy with Guni, Diego and Wanda.


Il suo modo di fare, diretto, schietto, chiaro, coraggioso, anche divertente, mi piace. Ha portato il Napoli allo scudetto ed a tanti anni di presenza ad alti livelli. Fa e disfa’ come gli pare. È esagerato a volte forse, avrà i suoi difetti come tutti, ma lo preferisco al piattume ipocrita che lo circonda. Ha creato uno stile di società e di giocatori che mi rendono contento di esserne tifoso. Ho visto la conferenza stampa di presentazione dei due nuovi acquisti (Natan e Cajuste), parlano bene, sembrano tipi smart, puliti, a posto; ed ho sentito che nello scegliere i calciatori ADL valuta anche queste qualità.

Non conosco i possibili retroscena, ma le regole e i patti si rispettano. Se Spalletti si mettesse contro ADL sul tema clausola e nazionale etc., mi sentirei preso in giro (dal tecnico) come tifoso del Napoli, non solo starei dalla parte di ADL ma mi toccherebbe pure essere d’accordo con una velina di qualche anno fa che definì Spalletti un piccolo uomo.

The essence of Lou Reed

From minute 4:16 to 4:48 of this video, the statement that describes the essence of Lou Reed and his music to me.

“Since I first started making records, I wanted to make records that would appeal to an adult, so that when you listen to the record you don’t have to turn off the intelligent part of your mind. Because there’s lots of other music that you can enjoy yourself too in many ways, and I like that music too, but for my own particular records I wanted to do something that engages you not only physically but emotionally and intellectually.”

(with) Matthias in Napoli

We have wanted to do it for a long time, since short after we met in 2011, I guess we promised each other to visit Napoli together more than 10 years ago. And we finally made it. It’s been a highlight of life this weekend in Napoli with Matthias.

Day 1. 14.07.23
Arrival at NAP airport arround 1PM of that friday 14.07… this is what me and Matthias did, in a dry chronicles nutshell… My parents picked us up at the airport, we drove through Piazza Carlo Terzo and via Cavour to Naples’ historical center… and to our accomodation for our entire stay :
Camera con Vista Napoli / We had Pizza and antipasti fritti del cuoppo @ O’Munaciello in Piazza del Gesù with Ugo Anna and Matthias. / Met Giusy, and (I also met) Zio Salvatore and Zia Clara. Walked via Toledo, Quartieri Spagnoli, Largo Maradona, walked through Galleria Umberto and by Teatro San Carlo. / Had a Caffè and a mini Sfogliatella @ Gran Caffè Gambrinus / walked through Piazza Del Plebiscito and had the first view of the Vesuvio. / We continued our walk on the Naples’ Lungomare Caracciolo via Partenope, Castel dell’Ovo and the Borgo Marinaro. / Sitting in front of Hotel Continental, just talking me and Matthias. / Aperitivo @ Partenope Bar on the Lungomare. Walking back through quartiere Santa Lucia. Dinner in centro storico @ Pulcinella Bistro’ having Parmigiana di melanzane and Pasta alla Genovese Napoletana. / Drinks at Oax and the bars of Vico II Quercia.

Day 2. 15.07.23
Spaccanapoli! Visiting churches helped us cooling ourselves down from the (very) hot temperatures outside… Chiesa del Gesu’ Nuovo / Complesso Monumentale di Santa Chiara / Spaccanapoli / Piazza San Domenico Maggiore and (Matthias only) Chiesa di San Domenico Maggiore / Via San Gregorio Armeno. Eating Pizza a Portafoglio e Frittatina di pasta napoletana by Pizzeria Di Matteo. / We then (slow and easy) walked back home for a siesta, outside it was too hot! / In the afternoon we made some souvenir shopping and had a drink and a Tarallo ‘nzogna e pepe at Oax bar before meeting Dario and Marida in Piazza Bellini and joining Ciro, Silvia and Alessandro at the Vernissage restaurant. / We all walked back through Piazza Dante and had final drinks and staying together at the bars … Read more