Cinico Blues

...because when the blues is in my blood...and blood is in my veins...'till it is set up in my head...well I thank God that I'm not aware...well I thank God that I just don't care...These pages are dedicated to the Cinico Blues, Dario and Luca, the pulsing hearts of an idea, of a concept, that joined us in our growth and still is breathing with us, and will remain forever in my and their life.These two guys, that I'll modestly try to describe with this new way of expression that I recently discovered, the web, represent for me and for a great part of the persons who ever kept in touch with'em much more than two artists, much more than two giutarists, much more than two singers...because the blues in their veins flows in a much faster and much deeper way than every song and giutar solo could ever express...Cinico Blues is a blues band born around the 1993. At the beginning it was a 5 pieces band formed by a drumer (Paolo Sessa) a bass player (I can't remember his name no more), a singer (me, while I was already playing with the Mr Bloom), a keyboard player (Dario Lapelazzuli, my brother) and a guitarist (Luca Romagnoli). The first gigs saw the band performing round to some private parties and some little pubs (taverna Bacchus) filled up with friend and fans at that time. ..but almost three years ago Cinico Blues saw again the light, after a separation, with his two mostly representative simbols, Dario and Luca. Dario and Luca that transformed the Cinico concepts in a two acoustic sources reality spreading all around the Napolitans clubs and expressing the bluesy feeling they kept on impersonifing during these years...And I should meet them, you should talk to them, you should see them, you should stick with them...and finally listen to them to understand where the Blues stands...between life and music...between youth and music...between love and music...between thuoghts and music...between expression and music...between dressing up and music...between Dario and Luca! Recently Cinico Blues recorded a demo CD, that will soon be available on this site, in which they present their most representative covers: at the same time they're bringing to us their 'self made pieces' made up (and I'm very proud of that) mixing their bluesy souls with some words I wrote down for them. (find all this in downloa'em section) Cinico Blues!!!

(written around 2002)