Mr Bloom

Between 1992 and 1997 I've been the singer and lyricist of the rock band "Mr Bloom". 5 unforgettable years. The Band and what it represented will remain forever a very important part of my life.
Mr Bloom's early squad was a 6 piece band: singer (me), bass (Ciro), lead guitar (Emiliano), rhythm guitar (Gianluca), drums (Antonino) and keyboards (Michele). In the mid 90's the band moved to a minimal sound with a 3 members team: me (vocals), Emiliano (giutar), and Ciro (bass). With this latest formation (different drumers followed us in various exhibitions) we continued composing and executing most of the pieces listed below. In some way, composing and executing our lives.

Lyrics: Hi-Fi Addict - Timeless Noise - Linda - Golden Age - Faded Hero - The Party is Over - Rock'n'Roll (VU) - You've got to- Leave the cover
Music : Faded Hero.MP3 / Hi_Fi_Addict.mp3 / The Party's Over.MP3 / Timeless Noise.mp3 / Timeless Noise Version 2.MP3 / Transistor (Dice Pasquale).MP3 / You've got to.MP3

Mr Bloom - Live @ Taverna Bacchus, 1994

Mr Bloom - Live @ Bocadillo, 1997

Mr Bloom - Reunion 2012