Diary 2010

December 2010

11.12.2010. Gradual loss of Gravity

Back to life, to Universe, to everything. And to memories...

...when the Gravity appeared...and the days of the move...and the first Berlin days...and it must be done...and back to the original nest...and it will start on the 24th...and back to sweet Regine (I love you very much Regine)...and room 130...and They're tight around me..and the morning of the 26th...and the blu lights...and I'm awake...and I'm aware!...and I breath by myself...and 3 green guardian angels appear (Ugo, Anna, Salvio)...and room 106...a naked son...and my spine hurts...healing hands...and my first 140...and those who came...and the early morning tests...and and and...outside: the weakest time!

And my parents love against the weakest time.

...Gradual loss of Gravity...

I was born in 1974 on September 15th.
And I was born in 2010, between October and December.
I was given birth two times. And both times by them: Ugo and Anna

November 2010

November 28th. I'm here. But I still can't find the words...and the mental energy. By now. But I'm still here. And doing my very best to come back soon. Defying this 'little bit of Gravity'. Needs time. Needs patience. Needs strenght.
Needs love. And I do not need to search so far.

October 2010

A little bit of Gravity

Berlin. Berlin! This city inspires me. A lot. And our apartment in Prenzlauer Berg... I couldn't ask for more.
I've just reached the place where I guess I was supposed to be at this stage of my life.
"All of the things that You used to believe in, turned out to be true. You're guilty of reason" (1) my Regine.
And now, October 12th, I find myself writing these lines form the airplane that's bringing me back to Italy, from where a sudden and unexpected 'little bit of Gravity' attracts me since the end of September. But, as the Great German understood, gravity is a distortion of the space, a relative thing; ... and 'by and by we'll defy a little bit of Gravity'. (2)

"Everybody knows a little place like Kokomo.
Now if you wanna go and get away from it all...
go down to Kokomo"

Berlin! And our apartment in Prenzlauer Berg.
My Kokomo.

(1) Ennui, Lou Reed. (2) Kokomo, The Beach Boys.

In Berlin!

We landed just few days ago (27.09) in our new 'wohnung' in Berlin!
It already looks like our place, and this city like our future nest.
And today, October 1st, a new experience starts for my Regine, and I will do my very best to be by her side the more I can.
I have never been so much in love with Regine as I am now, and this diary will forever witness how lucky I am now and what a fortune it was seven years ago, when I met Her and her sweet World.

My Regine shines. More than ever, shines.

September 2010

15.09.2010 means 36!

Iche werde alt. Aber, dank meine adorable Regine, Ich werde nochmal mit diese mann kurze

I'm gettin old. But, thanks to my adorable Regine, I'm gonna meet this man again...soon.

August 2010

Gerade zurück von der Hauptstadt! ...Nachrichten werden in Kürze veröffentlicht.

Just back from the Capital City! ...News will soon be published.

I've recently 'digitally remastered' some of my old official and unofficial documents, from the vault of my parents house.

In 1999, experimental results from my Degree Thesis 'Corrosion and Protection of Aluminium Alloys' were published by Alluminio Magazine. The article is now available in a pdf format (click on the image)

July 2010

Brand new habits...

quit smoking
low fat food
almost daily jogging & exercises
German lessons, intensified...

Thursday July 4th, 1992.
My exam at Technical high school. I was 17.
It was 18 years ago!

June 2010

...remembering Roberto Baggio, 'Il divin codino'. USA '94.
...I was 20 years old.

25.06.2010. Hollywood Night in Rome!!!

This night will be unforgettable, thanks to my encounters with 2 of the protagonists of some of the best movie masterpieces I've ever seen...

First, I met Salvatore Cantalupo, 'Pasquale' the taylor of Gomorra.
Then I had dinner in a restaurant, right in front of Reservoir Dogs' Mr. Orange: Tim Roth.
...and at the end I couldn't resist:
Me: "...excuse me, I'm so sorry to disturb... are you Mr. Orange?"
Mr Orange: "Yes I am"
Me: "I am so pleased. Thank you"

24.06.2010. We are out of the World Cup.
But I am proud to support Italy, proud of our football style and tradition.

...Notti Magiche...

May 2010

I want to say thank you to Germany for EinStein and My Stein.
My guardian angel.
My Regine 'Shines' Stein.

I quit smoking some weeks ago. Actually I never smoked so much (3-4 fags per day)...but someone told me zero is better than four.
And some weeks ago I started a new diet, which is bringing me so far away from my usual eating habits (which were so nasty, but cool at the same time).

And, as if all this was not enough, I have decided to go running (jogging) every 2 days.

I cannot say that, since I started, I am feeling better from a global perspective, neither I am convinced that all this is really a good deal.
But I am optimistic about the future!

April 2010

The font of this site has recently been changed from Consolas to Arial


On my personal dreamly path to the Universe and Universes, caught between the twisted Stars, Time, us and the Immense Space...
... I'm trying to understand Space and Time and Special Relativity, the principles of this Story, and how great this German was.
This videos from Youtube are quite old but really good.

Viva Napoli!
Remembering my Grandfather, and dedicated to the greatness of my land where the original seeds of pop music could be found.

'Attenti alle donne' - by Armando Gill, sung by Peppe Barra
'E allora?' - by Armando Gill, sung by Lino Paturno
'Ciccio Formaggio' - sung by Nino Taranto

We're enjoing some days of vacation across Easter. So they started well these days in Rome. One day downtown we visited the Hopper exhibition : and met Salvio and Daniela in Trastevere.

March 2010

Our Mollies recently multiplied themselves.
Now the aquarium looks a bit congested, like this.

I've watched another Clint's masterpiece: Invictus.

February 2010

Tripping the Space Fantastic...with the Hubble Space Telescope.
This site is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe in the neverending Space and Time.
And I think we are not alone.


Yesterday I fell asleep thinking of the Universe and other Galaxies exploration, and the way Asimov opened a highway in my dreams with the ending of his Foundation and Earth
From Wikipedia I quote:
'The book states several times that the Seldon Plan does not take into account alien influences. Combined with the ending (see above), one could surmise that for the sequel, he planned to introduce aliens (almost certainly from another galaxy) who would upset and possibly destroy the Seldon Plan. It is also possible that Solarians, or possibly the merged Daneel-Fallom itself, would have turned out to be the enemy of humanity (as the last two paragraphs seem to suggest). However, all his fictional citations from the Encyclopedia Galactica are dated after the formation of the Second Galactic Empire. This meant that there could never be irreparable damage to the plan, since, eventually, it must return to its precalculated path. These citations also seem to give hints to a possible future timeline. Bliss tells Trevize that there are no written records kept by Gaia. So the very existence of the Encyclopedia Galactica seems to indicate that Galaxia hasn't yet come into existence by that point.'

When Mankind comes to a dead end street, the only thing to do is look up at the Stars.

Recently reread: The Naked Sun

January 2010

Any form of matter, alive or lifeless, solid, gas or fluid .... is made of atoms.
And electrons never rest.

Only vacuum is still.

Honestly it makes some strange effects to me to write with this new heading...'January 2010'!.
A new decade just started!
And what about the last one? What about years 2000?...gone faster than a cannonball in my mind.
This Age, years 2000...
...when the Globe hit the World Wide Web,
...when I moved to Rome,
...when I got tatooed,
...when I met America,
...when Regine appeared,
...when Missione Magliana was accomplished,
...when we become World Champions (again),
...when this site was born

A freshy Timeline HTML version is now available: to celebrate the new decade, to summarize the 'beautiful Game', to get ready with the upcoming years.