Diary 2011

December 2011

2011 will forever mean the love You have been giving to me durign this unforgettable year, in this our new World. Thank you.
I love you Regine
"...It's meant a lot to me to start anew, Oh the winter's cold but I'm so warm with you. ..."

Christmas @ Zionskirchstraße, Berlin

Facebook is about to launch a new feature.
Do you think I should think about a claim of copyright infringement? The Timeline section is available on this web site since its 10th anniversary, May 2009.

Most wanted U and S Bahn stations

But I am using Trams and Buses as well

November 2011

...Inn Berlin @ Zionskirchstrasse

A recent little thing that I wrote on my Facebook page. It is about the new government in Italy, the celebrations that have welcomed it: why Vatican should not pay taxes like all the others? One of the many things that media slowly remove from our minds, and become Forgotten. And this time it was easy to do, while people were dancing and singing who knows for what.

Title: Into the Scordanza. - Subtitle: Perche' altrimenti di che stiamo parlando?
Scusate, ma qui arrivano notizie frammentate e titoloni del tipo 'chiederemo sacrifici a chi ha dato meno'. E allora penso che finalmente Padre Pizzarro, Padre Federico, Padre Sedimento, Padre Barbi ed il Vaticano tutto inizieanno a pagare l'ICI come gli altri, perche' altrimenti di che staimo parlando? Ma si, sara' di sicuro cosi', perche' altrimenti di che stiamo parlando? Foss' mica che mentre la gente canta, balla e stappa lo buttano un´altra volta Into the Scordanza?

The Socratic method is a negative method of hypothesis elimination, in that better hypotheses are found by steadily identifying and eliminating those that lead to contradictions. The Socratic method searches for general, commonly held truths that shape opinion, and scrutinizes them to determine their consistency with other beliefs. The basic form is a series of questions formulated as tests of logic and fact intended to help a person or group discover their beliefs about some topic, exploring the definitions or logoi (singular logos), seeking to characterize the general characteristics shared by various particular instances. The extent to which this method is employed to bring out definitions implicit in the interlocutors' beliefs, or to help them further their understanding, is called the method of maieutics. Aristotle attributed to Socrates the discovery of the method of definition and induction, which he regarded as the essence of the scientific method.

Herbst, Autumn, has been a great time here in Berlin. Sun shining every day, acceptable temperatures and a wonderful background made of the Berliner streets and squares full of yellow, dark green and brown falling leaves.
An amazing weather, an amazing place, an amazing time.

Now temperatures are decreasing and Winter has come. It feels like I am part of a community that is preparing itself to enter into this period, which won't be short but will probably give the same senstations of last years: the season for braves, the season with less tourists and without occational appreciators.
The season of the Berliners.

07.11.2011 - I am attending a German language course here in Berlin at GLS Sprachschule. A2 seems to be my current level.

An Elementary Speaker. Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). Can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need.

05.11.2011 - Eight years with Regine.
I am blessed because I have been by Her side for all this time.
I am blessed because She has been by my side for all this time.
I am blessed because I have felt Her love for all this time.
I am blessed because I have seen Her smiles for all this time.
I am blessed because I have held Her hands for all this time, while She was holding mines.
I am blessed because I love Regine, more than ever.

Alessandro and Claudia came to visit us @ Zionskirchstrasse at the beginning of November.

October 2011

"Call them the Firstborn. Though they were not remotely human, they were flesh and blood, and when they looked out across the deeps of space, they felt awe, and wonder— and loneliness. As soon as they possessed the power, they began to seek for fellowship among the stars. In their explorations, they encountered life in many forms, and watched the workings of evolution on a thousand worlds. They saw how often the first faint sparks of intelligence flickered and died in the cosmic night. And because, in all the Galaxy, they had found nothing more precious than Mind, they encouraged its dawning everywhere. They became farmers in the fields of stars; they sowed, and sometimes they reaped. And sometimes, dispassionately, they had to weed. ... "

...Inn Berlin @ Zionskirchstrasse

Went to see Cirque du Soleil “Alegría“ at the Berlin O2 Arena. Happy Birthday Regine!

Back from 2 weeks in Italy, between Rome and Naples. Back to Berlin, where autumn is really commenced...

September 2011

15.09.2010 - 15.09.2011 ... an entire Universe seems to be wrapped in these 12 months.
And I wouldn't want to look back now, as this story is already in and between the lines below. But " non l'ho detto e lui lo sa!".

And I am here now, naked and shaked by this incredible year, living my new life and embracing this new place.
Like an high mountain I've climbed or like a long road I have traveled; I am naked and shaked by these days, these days full of love.

On the path I was placed by the Destiny, I am 37 now. And my life is never trivial.

Kastanienalle in September

Numbers around Zionskirchstrasse and a Berliner September.
37, 38 at 10119, 12, 8, 103

August 2011

Mission Zionskirche!
The background scenario of all this 'Berlin living' is...
...the two of us so happy about our new Home here, and about its start up.
We now reside in the Mitte's Zionskirche/Kastanienalle, right on the border with Prenzlauerberg: it looks like a sign of the destiny, as in May I was describing the gradual shift of our spare time activities from the Kollwitz 'kietz' to the Kastanienalle one.
The 'Schlafzimmer' has already been chosen, and the 'Schlafsofa' as well: all the rest is a 'wunderschön Baustelle'. the meanwhile, we attended two live events here in the Hauptstadt...und Sie waren toll!: the Max Raabe und Palast Orchester concert in the Waldbühne (20.08.2011) and the Bundesliga match Herta Berlin vs VfB Stuttgart (26.08.2011).


Dario in Berlin!

16.08.2011... A sunny date for us, my adorable Regine you will agree I am sure. Our new Berliner nest is officially ours now, and the rest is all going fine. Thanks to your love.

Berliner Cafè(s).

June/July 2011

My parents came here in Berlin for the second time. And this time was an almost sunny time, all around Mitte and our future location.
But Summer ... seems to be here just a 'pretty word to say'.

Youtube, music and TV of these times: Two and a half Men and The Beach Boys!!!

All about Mitte, die Zionskirchestrasse and the Kastanienalle kiez mood...
All about our holidays in Binz, Rügen: once again, our fantastic way.
All about enjoing Berlin, in this Summer 'staycation'.
June and July 2011, have been and are all about this.

May 2011

This Day, for us together, for us forever. And this Day for you Regine. Regine, so sweet and so Immense, silent when your heart pulse had ruled and gently towering when you had to drive.


10th Anniversary of a registration.
This personal website and its contents are online and updated or renewed since 1999. But this month we celebrate an official, formal and important event: as a trademark and as an official name, appeared on the web on Thursday 10 May, 2001; before that date, from 1999 to 2001, it was registered as

From Prenzlauerberg to Mitte
May is only just started. In the last days we are gradually moving the barycenter of our interests and activities from the wonderful Kollwitz kietz in Prenzlauerberg to the more sparkling Kastanienalle in Mitte. Well, at least this happens those times when this 'Precious German Sun' decides to show its face instead of hiding somewhere I don't know. But when it happens, it's really weird.

I am just coming back from one week in my hometown Naples, where I met parents, relatives, friends, the real pizza and playstation rendezvous.

April 2011

Wochenend und Sonnenschein
Frühling. The Spring. It's here in Berlin as well the Spring as a 'Sipario', a stage curtain opening over Berlin to show this Stadt's best face. Wochenend und Sonnenschein...and by Wasserturm and Prenzlauerberger bars I spend my time.
And the music of Max Raabe is the soundtrack of now.

A Basic Speaker. German Lessons are continuing, and music helps me a lot. I recently passed another test, classified A 1.2 in the Common European Framework: I can ask others questions about themselves (about their background, their family, how they spend their free time, their daily routine and so on) and answer questions like these. I have had about 75 hours of German language tuition and have a vocabulary of about 500 words.
March 2011
My parents came in Berlin to visit us at the end of March

Recent listenings here in Berlin Prenzlauerberg: Chopin and Max Raabe

All the time, when I think at Regine, I know I was blessed. In 2003, before we met, I was probably singing Venus...and Venus was probably listening.

Venus, if you will Please send a little girl for me to thrill A girl who wants my kisses and my arms A girl with all the charms of you
Venus, make her fair A lovely girl with sunlight in her hair And take the brightest stars up in the skies And place them in her eyes for me
Venus, if you do I promise that I always will be true I'll give her all the love I have to give As long as we both shall live

Most wanted U-Bahn stations:

March has just begun here in Berlin.
I am everyday surprised and fascinated by the efficience of the German system and by how life can be easier; exiting is this city and exiting is becoming this experience as 'power' slowly arises. My German is gradually improving, and work/life balance (with its new office and colleagues) looks better from this first weeks perspective.
And the Sun, who's really being hiding in the previous months, begins to show his face again in the streets of Berlin; still too shy, a bit pale sometimes, but here he is back again. And Berlin appears ready to show its best side shortly.

Recent readings: A Space Odissey saga (2001, 2010, 2061, 3001) by Arthur C. Clarke. The original idea is fantastic. But it loses the 'verve' along the way and the sequels to 2001 are not worth the money and time. Asimov remains unreachable.
But all this happenings, readings, space-day-dreamings, Einstein's relativity understanding attempts of mine...are maybe lighting a new idea of God inside of me, closer than ever to an 'Old One' idea (to be continued...).

February 2011

Exploration starts from Prenzlauerberg
Post Gravity low pressure tricks do not permit a speed of light for us, while inside us the willingness of living at 100% our new city would push us both far ahead. But it is maybe enough fort the moment, and my senses are slowly rising .
And so exploration starts from Prenzlauerberg, where our place stands now, where our kokomo is.
On my facebook page I am updating links with the places we are bringing inside our best memories, most of them cafes, restaurants, squares, streets. Must say that Hilde is probably the place we´ll more then others remember of this period: a place where I can spend part of my evenings reading my Space Odissey books and waiting for Regine to reach me.
Regine... She is more wonderful then ever in this moments of needs.

And from February 1st, I feel I can finally shout... ICH BIN EIN BERLINER!!!
Berlin is and will be my new place for the present and upcoming future.
This milestone of my life. This wish I have worked hard for, going beyond so many hurdles. This goal, achieved and among the mains of my whole life.
A new scenario spreads itself in front of me. A new perspective generates from a new perception of the whole thing, and it is not necessarly clear. A new path awaits me, just in front of me, and it has not necessarly a dimension.
Beside me, holding my hand, the wonderful Regine. Mein sockel my family and friends.

A thought, a deep intense and thankful thought, goes to the city that has embraced me for 10 years: the beautiful, magnificent Rome. Roma Eterna! Rome in my heart, Rome that I will forever dream. Rome and those beautiful years.

January 2011

And as Gravity gradually disappeared, my feet could finally leave the ground.
And I finally flew back, on the 1st of January.
Back to Berlin.
Back to our apartment in Prenzlauer Berg.
Back to my Regine.
With a new perception of the 'whole thing'.
With a great will to embrace life.

And with an immense sense of gratitude and admiration for my parents, Anna and Ugo, the Heroes of my 2010.