Diary 2015

December 2015


Christmas in Napoli, with my parents, my brother, my relatives, my friends, and with my original place. And much of the talking, much of the thoughs (and much of the presents) were for the 2 of them !!
Beautiful faces I've met, beautiful places. They are the basement from where everything started. The ground floor of the building of my existence: the beginning I see if I want to look into my life and where I must pass by every time I want to explore outside.

My safe harbor.

7-10.12 It's been a great meeting in Wiesbaden.
I had never been there before and I liked the place a lot, and who organised the event did really a great job - nice atmosphere. The meeting contents were interesting and the meeting hotel well set up for our team size. And we visited around guided through the city, had a wine tasting tour and dinner at Kloster Eberbach, I enjoied an evening with my team at Lumen Restaurant. My presentation was about achievements and visibility, ispired by Ennio Morricone, Bernie Taupin and Salvatore Bagni.

03.12 It seems to be like this !! Ain't that amazing?

November 2015

27.11 - 02.12 Mamma e Papa' in Berlin; we went to supermarkets, restaurants, stayed home, and infoabend in Friedrichsein (!!)

15-20 November In Atlanta, USA.
A business trip, meeting good colleagues and friends.
As my company separated in 2, I belong now to Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Walking around downtown Atalnta, you can hardly find something interesting to see, and you won't easily avoid trash food! -> -> -> -> ->

Many Greetings from Here (!!)

This days and weeks feel special, astonishing, exciting. And Regine is even more beautiful and shining.
It's getting serious Here!!

10.11 An evening on my own, eating pizza and drinking wine.

I love Berlin

Marie Luise and Christoph were here (in Berlin).

October 2015

31.10 Halloween night with Niko - - listening cuban music, eating tapas and drinking @ Rodolfo's and @ An einem Sonntag im August

Live in Berlin 2. on Stage at Monster Ronson Berlin, singing an hit from the good old times
It's been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time

23.10 Men's day with Matthias, celebrating (!!) singing and drinking @ PowwoW @ Monster Ronson Karaoke @ Michelberger Booze in a Berliner great night.

Cirque du Soleil! Great show in Berlin on October 9th. I was there, with Martin K.

in NAPOLI from 2 to 5 October

And among the highlights of these days ... watching Napoli defeating Milan with Roberto, Dario, Papa', Alessandro, Claudia, Giuliano, Maurizio, Angelo @ Bonne Soirée - live and food in San Sebastiano

September 2015

20-22.09 In Lisbon, business-wise.

For my birthday I received more than one gift and lot of romance (!!) from Regine and a beautiful letter... and we celebrated with a dinner at Osteria Fiorello in Prenzlauerberg.

... and this postcard from Almi and Sebastian

13.09 ... and tomorrow I will be back to work, after 3 weeks of holidays in Germany. Weeks, days, people, places... moments which I will hardly forget.

10.09 We spend five days (5-9.09) In Herrenberg! with Marie Luise, Christoph, Peter, walking through the woods, playing cards, drinking wine, enjoying family.
And then back again in Berlin to our place for a lot of romance!!

03.09 Coming back to Berlin for few days, eating pizza out at midday on a weekday, spending my free time with Regine and enjoying the city while being on vacation. And realizing that the Tram 12 is now rehabilitated to its original route, passing through Zionskirchplatz right outside our building; this may be all a bit more noisy but has brought my memory to the original setup of this square and corner of the city, as we had discovered and fell in love with it.
There is a lot of romance (!) when I am back to my place...

August 2015

Finally on holiday, we are spending the last days of August in Mecklenburger Seenplatte, 1,5h drive north from Berlin. It is very nice here, and we are relaxing, reading Sherlock Holmes novels, watching the Athletics World Championships in TV, enjoying nature and quiet. We're driving a rented FIAT 500 Cabrio!

This is me with my my neighbor Walter. I like talking and spending time with him around Zionskirchplatz, in front of a meal or a glass of red wine; we had more chances to meet during this warm berliner August.

Too bad that my friend and compare Matthias will soon be leaving Berlin, moving to Lipzig. Yes, we will still be friends etc. bla bla bla... but the reality is that I will lose a daily companion, a great one, something very rare to find. It won't be easy, and will be a great loss for me. It is really a shame. Really a shame.
(PS. me and Regine spent a nice weekend at his'n'his wife second marriage / wedding party on August 15th at Kloster Drübeck)

We just subscribed here!

09.08 It was nice to be again at Hoppegarten this summer for the 125 Grosser Preis von Berlin.
These guys here on the left were performing Comedian Harmonists songs: I love it!

Last week we went near Falkensee, a bit outside Berlin, to enjoy a sunny day and BBQ with Regine's colleages.

It is very hot these days in Berlin, too much...

Mein Gorilla hat 'ne Villa im Zoo

July 2015

I am honored to be listed among the musicians playing with the Japanese/Berliner bassist Masataka Koduka (@

Watching tennis legends in Hamburg
with Regine, Peter, Almi and Sebastian.

on our balcony with our friends Dominique, Ilki, Jeremy, Sascha, and our new Weber Q 1200Q grill

Recently, and finally!, back to Karaoke @ Monster Ronson Bar, with sweet Regine

Extremely hot temperatures (37-38°) hit Berlin in the first days of the month. One could really not stay outside, reminded me the old summer times in Rome.

And Anna and Ugo, who had chosen this hottest weekend in the German's history of the recent years for a visit, spent the weekend with us. At home.

June 2015

LIVE IN BERLIN @ Masataka & Friends!

29.06.2015 In "the Brit Pub", Hermsdorf (S1) train station, a "Geburtstagsparty für ein japanischen Bassist"

26.05 With Luca, my cousin from Rome.

He, Marzia and the kids Roberto & Marco had a short vacation here in Berlin.

And we had a very good time together!

19.06 with Sebastian @ Stadtbad Mitte !

A family's weekend with Almi & Sebastian in Berlin, and with their cousin Sebastian & his kids on Sunday around Bernauerstrasse and Zionskirchplatz.

This is me with Masataka, on 14.06.2015.

Contrabass, Headless Guitar and Voice(s) Jam Session.

(Pale Blue Eyes, Will you still Love me Tomorrow, Country Comfort...)

Women rule the World, and their greates accomplishment is having convinced men of the contrary.
Le donne comandano il Mondo, ed il loro piu' grande successo e' aver convinto gli uomini del contrario.

June starded beautifully.

With a great Beans Soup by Regine and a Sunny Weekend in Berlin: having a a saturday Barbeque with Chaitan and family, and Sunday @ Plötzensee with Johannes, Anna and friends.

And after a long long time I was back to sit outside cafe' Chagall in Senefelderplatz, one of my first places in Berlin.

May 2015

And this is us in Kreta on a holiday week 23-30.05.
For the entire time I've been so much in a relaxing/pools/beach/smimmings/sun/eating/sleeping/winedrinking mode that I've never been really aware of where exactly - in which part/city of island - we were

This is me in Herrenberg on 16.05.
As always it was a beautiful time in south west Germany. With Pizza da Gino and unterhaltsame Gespräche with Christoph, the new public open air swimming pool in Herrenberg, the visit to Tübingen with Marie Luise and Almi and Regine and Christoph, phase 10, a day in the HP Böblingen office ...

Alessandra A. visited Berlin with her friend Marianna, and we met for German Tapas @ Leibhaftig, coffee and sandwich @ Barcomi's, Flammkuchen and wine @ our place.
And at the same weekend, Saturday 09.05, I was at first event of May by Internations Berlin with Chaitan.

Brand new shoes: a shopping Saturday morning on the 2nd of May

April 2015

Königsberger Klopse, with Matthias and little Sam cooking and staying with me. Making of my quarter end lunchtime something nice and to remember.

Saturday morning, 18.04 "If I could make the world as pure and strange as what I see, I'd put you in the mirror, I put in front of me..."

A beautiful SSC Napoli outclassed Wolfsburg in the Europa League quarterfinals!

8-13.04 It was very nice, in Napoli!

Exploration continues direction North on Easter day 2015, when me and Regine spent the sunny day walking direction north through Mauer Park to Pankov (Bornholmer Strasse).

Used my bike first time this year on April 4. A new sign for the Spring approaching for me.

Regine's Parmigiana di Melanzane was a the best way to start this month!

March 2015
28.03 @ my friend Masataka's concert with Masha Potempa @ art.gerecht , plus concert of Two hearts in Two bands, plus burger and coca cola

In the 80's, my childhood, cartoons' songs were super melodies... This was Pat la ragazza del baseball

"donna che sai di vincere tu, offri di più" - Paolo Conte, Blu Notte

& 2 days later

4-8 March 2015 Vacanze Romane!

Pizza al taglio at Campo de Fiori + Trastevere + Antica Osteria Carlone + Rossopomodoro + Piazza Navona + Pantheon + Corrado & Silvia + my Family + my Apartment + Marco, Mariangela, Lara, Gianfranco + Osteria La Quercia + Almacri' + Sergio alle Grotte + Santa Maria in Trastevere + Big Hilda + Via Del Corso + Scholars Lounge + Pasta all'Amatriciana + Pasta col ragu' della coda alla Vaccinara + La Genovese Napoletana + my Friends Colleagues + EUR + Via Giulia + Regine's former office and colleagues. It was all about places, people, food of our beautiful years in Rome. We stayed at Hotel Rinascimento, close to Campo de Fiori, and it was a good choice.
Living Rome as a turist with Regine was like being in Paradise the way I imagine it.

February 2015

27.02 I was at HAU Hebbel am Ufer - 100° Berlin Festival 2015 : Männer und Fiktion I // Solo-Performance.
And on Wednesday 25.02 I finally met again my friend Ch. for an evening @ the Honululu Bar in Berlin Warschauer Str.

12-13.02. A short appearance in Rome, a quick dive into a beautiful past, into what was once my city, my office, my everyday life. I feel like in Rome my heart beats faster. In Rome I feel in a place I belong to. Those streets, those lights, have seen me passing by my eyes gazing in wonder so many times.
I met G., walked a lot, and sat in Big Hilda - one of my favourite places in Trastevere - where they were playing the song DreamLover -> -> -> ->

A the weekend I visited my family and friends in Napoli!

09.02.2015 A Night with...
a duo with no name (not yet). Masataka and me. So much fun!

Sunday Morning demo recording extract
Be My Baby
demo recording extract

6-8.02.2015 A Weekend for ...
Pizza, Exit Game, Elf Raus!, video games, going out in Kastanienalle and Kollwitzplatz, long breakfast, Ingwer Tea, Bolognese etc... with Almi and Peter from Hamburg visiting us in Berlin!

Headless Recordings are demo recordings performed with my headless Steinberger Spirit GT-pro Deluxe guitar and Vox Mini5 Rhythm. My Shure PG48 mic is sometimes used for voice recordings, and since 2015 I use Audacity software for sound recording and editing.
Here you find some extracts from the recordings. They are just demos. They are nothing more than trials, sound check and exercises. I have a lot of fun when I sing!

January 2015

Working few days from Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan), watching Birdman @ Hackesche Höfe Kino, having coffe @ Lieschen Müller : that's about the very last days of January 2015.
We recorded this for Francesca at her birthday: Headless There She Goes Again

Lately I've been... dancing @ Duncker / singing for a band, where Masataka plays bass / dining with my neighbors / at Alex's concert @ Schloss Britz / etc...

I've been diving into friends as the new year began...Last weekend we had coffee with Kathy, Alex, Matthias, Lisi, Felix, Samuel at home, enjoying Regine's Linzertore and the huge Panettone from Milan (a very tasty present by Filo!). So huge it was, I could share it with colleagues in Berlin Office as well.

And Tuesday... Pizza with Masataka!

And Wednesday, well Wednesday's men's day (?) Not sure it is really so or if it is gonna be so, but last one was a nice Wednesday evening with Matthias @ Belushi's Bar in Berlin Rosa Luxemburg Platz + Chaitan @ Cahitan's Lieschen Müller in Schonauser Alle with beautiful non sense and men's talks and live music!

Silvester in Berlin For the first time I have spent the last night of the year in Berlin. Beautiful day, with my Regine: we had dinner @ the Italian place I recently discovered, close to Eberswalderstrasse UBahn (Cotto e Crudo), then we walked in Prenzlauerberg and stopped in the bar Godot in Kastanienalle to have a drink and watch the fireworks. Nice and easy. So is Berlin.

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Timeline updated with 2014. Happy new Year!
2014 was a year to remember, a milestone since I turned 40, 365 days full of good, happy things that I do not want to forget, intense experiences that I want to treasure. I tried to take note about some of them, and I will try to keep the others well stored in my heart and memory.