Diary 2018


21-31.December.2018 Napoli!


"Warum nein?" (Why not?) Diego asked today for the first time. I guess we are entering a new phase with the kids.

I have completed my reading marathon of the Rama's books serie. The first book Rendezvous with Rama is a wonderful story, categorized as Hard Science Fiction, and made me dream. The rest "It's all downhill after the first kiss" (cit. Lou Reed).

A super Adsventkalender by Peter

November.2018 ...

... Reading Voraciously Rendezvous with Rama, Rama II, The Garden of Rama, Rama Revealed

... Nonno Ugo, Opa Christoph, Oma Marie Luise... thank you for visiting us in Berlin!

... Lanterne night @ Weinsbergpark

... A broken washmachine , and I went back in time, like in the '80s while in London


05.11.2003 - 05.11.2018

15 years ago
"Something changed" for Gianni & Regine

This is Our Song

Leipziger weekend visiting my compare Matthias and his family.
I have to admit that 4 kids altogether is a big challenge..., but we had a very good time - men's babysitting on Friday evening (oh my God I felt lost at one moment, but then it was a pleasant evening drinking wine and random talking) - Saturday driving bikes through the parks and night out with M. was nice even if our Karaoke performance had to be cancelled (will be proposed to another date and place tbd).

18.October.18 A black monolith is my new entertainment, kindle paperwhite. Looking forward to reading more and falling asleep with comics and space stories.
And in fact the first downloads are Dabolik and Arthur C. Clarke's "Rendezvous with Rama".
Thanks to Regine for the idea.

Wanda and Diego speak more and more every day, and both in German and Italian. That is an amazing experience for them I guess and for sure for Regine and me. Let's store here some of the funny kids expressions, which we could tend to forget, before they start speaking fluently.
Yoiut (jogurt) - Meme (Madchen) - Awaia (?) - Toti (Diego) - Nanna (Wanda) - akkawive (reparieren) - (will add more) ...

19.September.18 Am Spielplatz

15.September.18 Turning 44 and celebrating in Berlin with Nonno Ugo, Nonna Anna, Regine, Diego and Wanda.

24.August.18 Diego & Wanda sing along!

Sulla Rotta di Cristoforo Colombo (Lucio Dalla) cover by Diego & Wanda

23.August.18 Zio Dario was in Berlin for about 1 week from 13 to 18. I took some time off work and we enjoyed some quality time together and with the kids.

(Pop Stars live) I am trying to remember the concerts I have seen. It is sad to realize that PULP and Rod Stewart are still missing from this list; but I've met Jarvis Cocker personally on 31 March 2017!
Lucio Dalla, Morgan, Lou Reed, Elton John, Pet Shop Boys, The Beach Boys, Eric Clapton, Bjork, Blur, Simon and Garfunkel, Sting, Paul Simon, The White Stripes, Robbie Williams, U2, The Velvet Underground, Robert Plant, Paolo Conte, The Cure, Pino Daniele, Element of Crime, Max Raabe, Franco Califano, Air, Philip Glass, Brett Anderson...

10.August.18 "Happy to you". Flying to Napoli for 1 night, celebating my mother's 70's birthday. Happy to be there and to meet my family and relatives.

07.August.18 I cry for Music. This one is about Diego & Wanda. This one is for Wanda & Diego.

Meravigliosa Creatura

Molti mari e fiumi Attraverserò Dentro la tua terra Mi ritroverai Turbini e tempeste Io cavalchero Volero tra il fulmini Per averti Meravigliosa creatura sei sola al mondo Meravigliosa paura di averti accanto Occhi di sole mi bruciano in mezzo al cuore Amore e vita meravigliosa Luce dei miei occhi Brilla su di me Voglio mille lune Per accarezzarti Pendo dai tuoi sogni Veglio su di te Non svegliarti Non svegliarti Non svegliarti ancora Meravigliosa creatura Sei sola al mondo Meravigliosa paura d'averti accanto Occhi di sole mi tremano le parole Amore e vita meravigliosa Meravigliosa creatura un bacio lento Meravigliosa paura d'averti accanto All'improvviso tu scendi nel paradiso Muoio d'amore meraviglioso Meravigliosa creatura Meravigliosa Occhi di sole mi bruciano in mezzo al cuore Amore e vita meravigliosa Meravigliosa creatura un bacio lento, Meravigliosa paura d'averti accanto All'improvviso tu scendi nel paradiso Muoio d'amore meraviglioso Meravigliosa creatura Meravigliosa Occhi di sole mi bruciano in mezzo al cuore Amore e vita meravigliosa

07.August.18 Extremely hot weather is hitting Germany, since the end of July. I have been really suffering it, and this city is not prepared for such conditions, there are very few places equipped with air conditioning. I have been looking for shelter in the few air conditioned places I found, having lunch and wandering in supermarkets, working from (which I found out to be a vegan place as I tried to order something to eat…). In the evenings, having to keep windows open, had some insects visiting my kitchen with a special mention for a grasshopper scaring me to death. And in all this I was alone! as Regine and the kids had moved for a week in Herrenberg to Oma und Opa, where they had a wonderful time. On the first of August I also flew here to stay for few days, regenerating myself (nice company and better weather), and we came back together to Berlin on the 4th.

... Johnny Carpenter keeps on amazing the World! (venetian blinds for the kitchen/living room)

July 2018 - Gianni meets London, 30 years Anniversary
30 years ago, July 1988, my life, my thoughts, changed and took a new direction. I was in London for the first time.
A revelation.
Staying @ the Queen Mary College South Woodford, Lynden Hall.

20.July.18 We build creative towers (torre) every evening before preparing for bed.

15.July.18 Sunday Morning. Diego & Wanda came into my room and, for the fist time, woke me up with 2 kisses

14.July.18 Diego & Wanda are almost 2 years and 3 months old now. I thought... these are the first years of their lives, the years in our lives that we normally do not remember when we get older. I am 43 years old and my memories of my childhood start from the age of 5, 6, maybe 10, I am not sure; the more I go back to the past with memories, the less and shorter are the things I remember until they get just flashes of impressions, pictures, pure emotions.
Many memories of this first 2 years of D&W are documented on videos and pictures which I am not comfortable in publishing here. Videos and pictures (you can get here some), togheter with memories, stories that we will tell them, this website and much more will help Diego and Wanda to live again This Years. I am putting all my energy and love to help making this years as much as possible beautiful and happy for them (and for us).

Currently watching / re-watching

17.June-03.July.2018 URLAUB!!!

26.June-03.July 2018Family Hotel on Mecklenburgische Seenplatte!


17-26.June.2018 Usedom! On this Baltic Sea Island with Regine, Diego, Wanda, Oma, Opa, A., S., P., A., P.. In a beautiful big house, going to the beach, watching and tipping on the World Cup, BBQ, celebrating Opa's birthday, fishbrötchen, crossing the border for my first time visiting Poland, (Usedom is a Baltic Sea island divided since 1945 between Germany and Poland - Wikipedia), etc...

Tiergarten and a secret Berlin' spot : Obersee & Orankesee

End of May - beginning of June 2018
Peter & Anne
's wedding was a really good time we spent together with Regine's family and Anne's family on a long weekend in Großen-Buseck. Then a working day in Hannover to meet my colleagues/friends, and a saturday @ Tegel See with the kids walking hand in hand.
And a lot of attention dedicated in this period to the politic situation in Italy, where a new wave of new people was elected and gave birth to the new government, after a 90 days exciting negotiation.
Diego and Wanda grow, they speak words and their first sentences with their main language being German but understanding and talking Italian too. And obviously they are the center of our lives. Every moment spent without them is a moment wasted.

I paused this website for a while at the end of May. Now a remapped keyboard to find the missing A key will hopefully help me to be more productive again.

- May 2018

Old vinyls LP recently hanged on my apartment's walls

- April & May 2018 Zoo, Weißensee, Köpenik, Leipzig ... and 2 years of Diego & Wanda

On April 20th we celebated the second birthday of Diego & Wanda - 2 magic kids!
And us living Berlin
and its beautiful surroundings with the good weather and the extended family, Oma und Opa in April and Nonno e Nonna in May. On May first we visited our friends and my compare Matthias in Leipzig!

- 28.March.2018 (Thanks God I met PULP)

- 11-15.March.2018 Our EMEA meeting this year took place in Athens. This annual event is beautiful thing, face to face with your team, brings joy, motivation, energy.
Last time I was here it w
as 1983, I was 9.

- 25.February.2018 Fresh contributions to my Numeri Aurei discipline: I have consolidated the the An meaning description and demonstrated the An calculation method. Here.
PS. I need to find a new name for these discipline as "Aurei" exist alreadyin Maths.

Timeline was recently renewed into a vertical view, easier to navigate and to visualize also from mobile.

- 21.February.2018 VW Touran is my new car

- 11.February.2018 Isaac Asimov... I am fan, an addicted to. He is the creator of one of my best dreams, his story of the Universe and its future. Here is a good Asimov Universe Timeline and here is a good suggested reading order for his novels. So that you can dream with me.

- 10.February.2018 Went out with Niko last night, a night in Prenzlauerberg like during the old times, pizza, drinks and talk with friend.
My mother
came to Berlin for a week to help us with the kids still sick at the end of January and myself too busy with my work on the quarter end.
By the way,
I was recently promoted to Senior M

- 25.January.2018 What happened in January 2018...
...lot to do with the Kids and with work that there is no time for this diary...
to a business meeting, nice to meet collegues and friends again...
I have finished my comic books and now I am reading The Naked Sun again to fall asleep and just found out they re called whodunit stories...
Marie Luise
came to Berlin to help already twice, God bless her...