December 27, 2020 Qigong and Tai Chi
Earlier this year I started practicing Qigong and Tai Chi. They say it’s good for the spine and for the soul.

December 25, 2020 Season’s greetings

December 25, 2020 @ WordPress
Have decided to try WordPress to update my homepage; I was looking for a way to easily publish new posts.
Let’s see how this works.

Use the Menu to navigate the legacy.

Ho visto Maradona

Ed ho vissuto la felicita' di una citta', di una e piu' generazioni.
Ed ho visto con i miei occhi un'espressione massima della fantasia e del genio.
Ed ho visto, ed ho sentito una persona sola e le sue gesta portare me ed intere comunita' di esseri umani a meravigliosi livelli di gioia, ammirazione, consapevolezza, unita', ricchezza.
E a volte quando ci penso quasi non ci credo alla fortuna che ho avuto.

Ho visto Maradona, e mi sono sentito e sono stato per davvero al centro del Mondo.


November 2020

To all my Friends

5 November 2003 - 5 November 2020

To celebate our love anniverary, I am re-pulishing one highlight photos session from our private collection
© - Art by G. Marino

October 2020

Little sweet feet. Great amazing sweet steps.

In Leipzig 17-19 October 2020. With my German Compare Matthias and his beautiful family - at their new beautiful house.

I recently watched Mulholland Drive by David Lynch. I cannot sa that I liked the movie, but it impressed me. Been thinking about it for many days later. It is a movie which does not leave you indifferent to it. The soundtrack song Sixteen Reasons is beautiful, and Naomi Watts too.

Recently recorded live from home is the song Itaca , which I often sing to Diego and Wanda when I put them in bed.

Happy Birthday Guni mia!


And I did NOT make a mess, it seems. I am now writing from a freshly reinstalled PC, which apparently now behaves faster.
I think I will format my personal PC, it is getting too slow. Just for your info, as I might not update this site for a while, should I make a mess.

I don't see my parents, my brother, my family and friends in Italy since February. And I still don't know when I will meet them again.

September 2020

Family meeting and holidays in Granzow. Great time with Guni and the Kids and with the German side of my Family

Turning 46 ... I took some days of vacation around the 15th of September. It was my birthday. I spent part of the first 2 or 3 days walking, excercising and relaxing in the nature, on my onw, on the lakes Weissensee and Obersee in Berlin. I think Oberseepark is beautiful.
The more I get older the more I appreciate the nature and the I enjoy the positive effect it does on me.

I am reading a book on the quantum mechanics. And I realized how "the measurement problem" is something my intuition had suggested me since I was younger. I wrote a song about it in 2003 called Airport.
I would add this to my other personal official and not official scientific things like the Socratic method, Numeri Aurei (funzione modulo Modulus Operation properties), the alternative demostration of the "Rank-Nullity" theorem, the  Aluminium corrosion and protection publication on Alluminio Magazine 

August 2020

Tutte le sere prima di addormentarmi penso a loro, ai fantastici Diego e Wanda che dormono nella stanza accanto. E penso a come anche oggi, ogni giorno, mi hanno insegnato la verita', mi hanno dato gioia, mi hanno guidato con la loro forza attraverso cio che e' importante, mi hanno mostrato con la loro bellezza e purezza la via maestra.

July 2020

20 Years ago I moved to Rome to join HP. It's been, it is still, a journey - roles, people, relocation, Countries, friends, transformations, spin offs.

June 2020

"When two objects come together in the real world ... they don’t actually strike each other. ‘Rather, the negatively charged fields of the atoms repel each other … Were it not for their electrical charges they could, like galaxies, pass right through each other unscathed.’ When you sit in a chair, you are not actually sitting there, but levitating above it at a height of one angstrom (a hundred millionth of a centimetre), your electrons and its electrons implacably opposed to any closer intimacy." ( extracted and adapted from "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson)

Granzow, June 2020.
At Ferienpark Granzow with Diego, Wanda, Guni, Oma, Opa, Puppy and Teddy.
Watching SSC Napoli winning the Coppa Italia.
Reading A Short History of Nearly Everything.

La felicita' negli occhi di Wanda e Diego e' la cosa piu' bella dell'Universo. Hanno 4 anni... Diego e'' cosi socievole, simpatico, furbo, curioso, un pigrone, dolce e bello. Wanda e' cosi' buona, affettuosa, premurosa, allegra, bella, brava con il tedesco e l'italiano, ed anche maldestra. entranbi piace cantare ed ascoltare la musica. Giocano insieme e si divertono. Si raccontano favole e storie a vicenda. Sono bambini belli e meravigliosi.

05 June 2020. I obtained the German Citizenship



May 2020

Diego and Wanda you have been the HEROES of this crazy lockdown time. Laughing, smiling, painting with me, painting for me, playing loud, running around. I love you, and these sounds are of you, are with you, are for you and are for me.

08.05.2020 Today Wanda and Diego learned to drive a bike, a real bike. Wanda the bravest learned first.

07.05.2020 Diego told me for the first time, "Papa' do you know what is my faviourite song? This one - "Elvis Presley, Shake Rattle & Roll". My cool little boy Diego!

April 2020

HomeLive&TakeOne In these Crazy Times this is happening at home, the four of us...

Watching many Vittorio De Sica's beautiful movies.

HomeLive&TakeOne YS 14.04.2020 19:57 and SIT 25.04.2020 11:24 April 2020

20.04.2020 Buon Compleanno bellissimi Diego e Wanda

12.04.2020 Wonderful Easter Days with my Family!!!

Easter Live 2020 HomeLive&TakeOne H&G 14.04.2020 19:57

Made with Papuccio

HomeLive&TakeOneI05.04.2020 17:40

TV Movie (Pulp) Without you my life has become a hangover without end A movie made for TV Bad dialogue, bad acting, no interest Too long with no story and no sex Is it a kind of weakness to miss someone so much? To wish the day would go away? Like you did yesterday Just like you did yesterday And I can't think of a way to get through this pain To be happy again, to make it all alright And I know it must be bad, 'cause sitting here right now All I know is I can't even think I can't even think of anything clever to say So I say Why pretend any longer? 'Cause I need you here with me It's obvious that I miss you so much So please say you're gonna stay So please say you're gonna stay So please say you're gonna stay The night is getting darker, now And there's nothing on TV But I'll sit tight Till morning light Yeah, I'll wait until the day Until the day that you say you're gonna stay

HomeLive&TakeOne TVM 04.04.2020 15:53

March 2020

HomeLive&TakeOne LGwBE 28.03.2020 18:17

Help The Aged

End of March this year will be the 3rd Anniversary of my encounter with Jarvis Cocker in 2017. My mind went to this song (Help the Aged) in these difficult times for all of us..

HomeLive&TakeOne HtA 28.03.2020 11:39

HomeLive&TakeOne M 24.03.2020 21:00

Xmas in February - choosing to play Xmas in February was not accidental...these evenings, everyone at home with their own families, looks like Xmas)

HomeLive&TakeOne XiF 21.03.2020 10:17

HomeLive&TakeOne LOS 16.03.2020 12:29

HomeLive&TakeOne BatJ 08.03.2020 15.55

February 2020

HomeLive&TakeOne SPL 27.02.2020 20.54

HomeLive&TakeOne BA 27.02.2020 20:36

21-25 February 2020 Io & Diego a Napoli

17.02.2020 EinbürgerungsTest - Passed - Grade 33/33


- Last night I dreamt I could not memorize, I would forget what had recently happened to me. I was concerned, and so was my family. The other night I dreamt I could fly. Was so good,  feeling lighter.

January 2020

Made for Papuccio

- Christoph was here in January. It's always nice time when he's with us and the kids. Super Opa!

- Since months there is a huge gray platform above Berlin, its sky. And it often rains as well.

26.12.19 Christmas with my family, Guni, Diego and Wanda, in Berlin. Beautiful Christmas eve at home with them. Guni made a tree, Babbo Natale came to bring the gifts. And today a walk with Diego my beautiful amazing sweet boy, and so many kisses and hugs received from Wanda my sweet amazing beautiful girl. 

22.12.19 Ho giocato con i cuccioli allo Zecchino d'oro oggi. Cantano e partecipano...Sono una magia.

20.12.2019 Live @ Kita in Berlin

Accompaining with my guitar the children singing at the Kindergarten Xmas party,
in one of the most beautiful and important concerts of my life.


17.12.19 They sing Sampei and Bia. They are so beautiful. 

14.12.19 Thinking  about coming back to this website. Trying to find the line. Listening 80s & 90s. Downtown Train.

November 2019. Rino (with his family) was here!

22.11.2019 TELC B1 Deutsch - Passed! - Grade 280/300 Sehr Gut





...I get knocked down, but I get up again...

11.05.19 Gianni & Guni Married

The Flyer
- 2 - 3

The Karaoke Night!

The Pictures (coming soon)



3 anni di Diego & Wanda

Wanda, beautiful Wanda, your name was inspired by Paolo Conte's song. A happy, love song that I sing for you.


Stag Night!

on 09.March.2019 with Salvio, Dario and Matthias

03.March.2019 Ejected from the 90's, Leonardo reappeared and we met in Berlin - almost like nothing had changed or no time had passed since the last time we met, about 20 years ago.

And Anna & Ugo were here and spent lot and good time with the kids.

2oth Anniversary

... "This website has been visited from 5 different continents and is one of the oldest surviving personal homepages/blogs on the Internet. It appeared on the web in 1999 as; on Thursday 10 May 2001 it became It is one of my favorite hobbies, a place where I store some of my memories, express some of my thoughts and train some of my style.
I guess I created it because I love life, and I'm afraid to forget." ...

Many things happening recently ...
with Oma und Opa in Berlin and Diego and Wanda super happy,
with Guni and me went to the Kino for the first time after about 3 years (The Mule),
with my compare Matthias in Berlin,
with the new piano my favorite website is

And our focus is now on planning, happily, some nice days in May...

I just can't find the time to write more about all this; let me put down here the main titles/events, who knows maybe later I will be able to add details.

21.January.2019 My new Electric Piano - Thomann DP-33B