Gianni On Trial

These songs were written between 1991 and 1994, the period before and across the first years of the Mr Bloom era.
I think they represent the expression of unconscious, childish and frightened years, when changes and new experiences were close to come and modify my and my friend's thoughts and lives.
Without any exeption among acts, words, persons, places, music, friends and behaviors, we recognized a change acoming, something evolving, but we couldn't see clearly the spaces spreading in front of us...and a sense of fear captured all us...and kept us together.
Most of the songs were written by myself, and sometimes I asked friends to write the lyrics. Keyboards and an untuned guitar made an unusual background noise, while a "trying to be Elton John like" voice completed all.
I kinda edited my Album, distributing few copies to few friends.

1 Gianni - Linda.mp3 / 2 Gianni - Our Simple Song.mp3 / 3 Gianni - Innocent Young Child.mp3 / 4 Gianni - It's not me.mp3 / 5 Gianni - Much More.mp3 /6 Gianni - Nothing.mp3 / 8 Mr Bloom - Linda.MP3

"On Trial" - The Album


On Trial

All lyrics and music by Gianni Lapelazzuli, except : 6 (lyrics by M.E.).
All songs performed by Gianni Lapelazzuli,except : 1 and 8 performed by Mr Bloom