Hi-Fi Addict (1992/93)
Words: Gianni Lapelazzuli
Music : Mr Bloom

You know,
I'm just hiding behind this pretty young image
this suburbian child's gonna burn one of these days.
Young hopes seem to come and then quickly pass by,
an emotional circle made up with my lies

And it's never been easy go on with this ties
if just one of this things could remain alive
Then it should be fine to go on not in this way
and sing about the things that now I have to blame

You know, some guitar notes they can help sometimes
to get pale the dark hidden inside.
And other two pieces in my music collection
well, they can do some better
but it's not enough to heal the affection

I'm an Hi-Fi Addict
do you know what I mean?
High Fidelity and hopes in this dirt
I'm an Hi-Fi Addict
do you know how it tastes
when your feelings sound on your records and tapes?