Diary 2009

December 2009

On the 26th Scarlatti Garage publish their first complete LP, 'Strane Idee'.
And my brother Dario gains immortality.

Current internet climate about privacy and related stuff will probably lead me to some changes to this site. I'll have to think about that, this is not a social network but just a private site and I'm not sure I should care or be afraid of certain rubbish.

I stayed in Hamburg for a couple of days to attend an event with HP.
And I met Peter and Ulle.
I guess that, in 1974, my body was not forged to face those temperatures....

November 2009

A great quote by Michael J. Fox from the Inside the Actor's Studio Interview.
"...finally, if Heaven exists, what would you like God saying when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?"
"Your dad's in the bar and he's got a beer and in TV an hockey game's on"


Feed my Mollies

One of my favourite movie scenes


Clint Eastywood, Unforgiven (1992): "That's right. I've killed woman and children. I've killed just about everything that ever walked or crawled at one time or another. And I'm here to kill you Little Bill....for what you did to Ned."

Celebrating Righeira.
From the very past. From the very first steps of my music experience.

I'm crazy about him...
"...All the things that you used to believe in turned out to be true, you're guilty of reason."
Ennui - Lou Reed

October 2009

Famous quotes in my life:
"Da grande voglio fare Lou Reed (When I'll grow up I wanna be Lou Reed)" Leonardo L.

My new Aquarium

September 2009

September the 15th. Today I'm 35 !

Elton John. Live in Naples. 11.09.09. I was there.

August 2009

Riding the Great Lakes (USA)

This has been one of the greatest trip of my life. On the road with Regine.
Michigan! We drove through Michigan, two unexpected turists from Europe...
Lakes, dunes, burgers, beers, driving, swimming, fast foods, Tarantino, sun, rain, blueberries!, motels, beaches, hotels, seagulls, people, 'you come from Europe???', wolverines, mighty Mac, windy city, white fish, Christmas time, dollars, Shepler's!, downtowns, big sized stuff...
How we have chosen that place I can't remember anymore, it happened accidentally I'd say. But I guess this was another demonstration of the existence of the destiny which, at the same time, has placed us in Michigan and has placed Michigan in our hearts.
The same destiny that made us meet years ago.

Tiny Picture Book - The Chronicles - The Video - The Route

Tiny Picture Book

The Chronicles

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

  • Breakfast on the beach @ Sanpiper Motel
  • Shoppingh at Big K Mart in Oscoda
  • Drive north along Huron Lake coast
  • Stop along the road for a quick swimm nearby Roger City
  • Mackinaw City - Lunch at KFC and walk downtown
  • Trip to Mackinac Island (with Shepler's!)
  • Americana Motel @ Mackinaw City
  • Mackinac Bridge by night (the mighty Mac)
  • Evening downtown Mackinaw City and dinner at Dixie Saloon

Day 4

  • Drive north to the Upper Peninsula
  • Crossing the Mackinac Bridge
  • Breackfast in St. Ignace
  • The Blueberry Festival @ Paradise
  • Tahquamenon Falls (lower and upper)
  • Munising (dinner)
  • Boat trip to the Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore on Lake Superior
  • Evening Star Motel at Newberry

Day 5

  • Breakfast at the Motel and strange conversation with a man from the northern upper peninsula
  • Drive south, through the Mackinac Bridge and quick stop at Mackinaw City
  • Petoskey downtown and lunch at Park City Grill
  • Stop in Charleroi and relax on the beach
  • Gold Coast Inn Motel @ Traverse City
  • Dinner @ Taco Bell
  • Tarantino's Inglorious Bestards at the Horizon Cinema

Day 6

  • Traverse City downtown and breakfast at The Dish Cafè
  • Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes (Grand Haven, Dune Climb, Scenic Drive)
  • Swimm and relax on the beack on Lake Michigan
  • Manistee. Lake Shore Motel
  • Dinner at the River Street Station downtown Manistee

Day 7

  • Breakfast at the motel, by the sea
  • Drive south. Stop in Loudington for a coffee at 'By the way'
  • Muskegon. Visitors bureau and lunch on the beach
  • Holland downtown
  • Comfort Inn Hotel. Swimm at the hptel's pool
  • Dinner at Hooland Brewery pub

Day 8

  • Drive south
  • Stop at the Indiana visitors bureau
  • Chicago, Illinois. Driving downtown
  • Midway Inn Motel
  • CTA Chicago Transportation Authority train to downtown
  • Beer and dinner at the Elephant and Castle pub
  • Tea at Argos tea
  • Walk in the loop, Millennium park and Magnificent Mile
  • Beer and postcards writing at the Rock Bottom Brewery

Day 9

  • Breackfast at MacDonald close to the motel
  • Drive east, back to Michigan!
  • St Joseph, Michigan
  • Baymont Inn & Suites Hotel
  • Downtown St Jopseph
  • Dinner at Shu's grill & bar

Day 10

  • Breakfast at Baymont hotel
  • Drive west to Ann Arbor
  • Microtel Inn and Suites, Ann Arbor
  • Quick lunch at KFC
  • Downtown shopping
  • Coffee time at Starbucks
  • Dinner at Arbor Brewing Company

Day 11

  • Drive through Ypsilanti
  • Breakfast at Starbucks
  • Detroit Airport. Shopping and eating at National Coney Island
  • @ 19.45 our plane departs to Rome

The Video. Running on the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan

The Route

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa 

We're just back from Berlin and Calw in Germany, where we stayed for about one week.

And we'll soon be moving to a new destination. More details will be given soon .

By the time enjoy what I've recently found on the internet: The Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy audio BBC from the Open Source Audio.

July 2009

Recently happened (June and July).
Rome 2009 Swimming World Championships, the Scarlatti Garage's roman concert, one day at the Planetarium...

A new job in EMEA...(details acoming)

It is the Scarlatti Garage's time.

Enchanted memories
...directly from an old school mate found on facebook...
A picture from 1991, really form the past! When I was at high school and played soccer.
It looks like another Age. It probably is.
Enchanted memories from a sick suburb (poggioreale). A big and intense piece of my story.

"When no-one else can understand me, When everything I do is wrong
You give me hope and consolation, You give me strength to carry on
And youre always there to lend a hand In everything I do
That's the wonder, The wonder of you
And when you smile the World is brighter, You touch my hand and I'm a king
Your kiss to me is worth a fortune, Your love for me is everything
I'll guess I'll never know the reason why You love me like you do
That's the wonder, The wonder of you" Elvis

June 2009

Roots roots roots

May 2009


Timeline is on line

This is maybe the fifth time I'm reading 'The Foundation Series' by Isaac Asimov.
And I know from the inside this is the best book, the best novel I've ever red.
I thought it was 'On the road' by Jack Kerouac, it sounded cool to me. And, in a way, it changed my life.

But the Foundation pleased my life.
And the World was not more the World of before.
And the Space was the infinite carpet my mind could lay on.
And Time was my Lord. lean from a Galaxy to watch another Galaxy...

I believe in the neverending Space and Time.
I think we are not alone.

April 2009

This year I spent the Easter time in Rome.
I've met Domenico after a long time...It is not easy to find one like him; D. always smiling, D. with 1000 friends and 2000 appointments, D. now djing, D. in Vienna, D. @ PeaceT(b)lo(g).
'Domenico is the one you seem to know since 10 years, even if you've just met him for the first time', my brother Dario sayd to me about him once.
Domenico and Fabio... and the power of brotherhood. If I think about one thing we have in common, it is maybe this: the power of brotherhood, the same power I think to share with Dario.

12th April 2009: one day in April, one sunday with friends, one football match on the sand, one morning out with Regine and her splendor, one moment with beautiful feelings.
One Easter-by-the-sea.

These beautiful pictures in black and white were taken by Fabio Pistillo

(the original size has been dininuisced and just 2 of them were digitally converted by me in b&w, for web site dimension reasons and to adapt them to the site style)

The power of brotherhood! (4 days in Naples)
I took some days off and spent them in Naples, from the first to the 4th of April. After one day with my parents, celebrating my father Onomastico (S. Ugo), I moved to Dario's house where i relaxed for a couple o f days. Watching Scrubs, walking through the streets of Naples, playing Playstation with friends, attending the Scarlatti Garage concert on friday night, staying with my brother Dario. And I recovered from the stress of this period, the huge stress.
The power of brotherhood!

10 years online!
This site appeared on the web as on the 10th of May 2001.
Before that date, from 1999 to 2001, it was registered as
From 1999 to 2009: 10 years online!

Music and television @ Chronicles
This section is under an enrichment process; I'm selecting music and tv shows which mostly remind me of those years

March 2009

Ein schönes Wochenende in Paris (13-16 March 2009)

Paris and other news soon acoming with new pictures.

February 2009

I've insisted so much to see the movie 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' because I wantd to see her:
Cate Blanchett the most beautiful actress for me...splendid, breathtaking in this movie.
And I don't think it is a case if she is my Regine's doppelganger.

The movie, on Friday the 20th, was good very good. And I would suggest you to go and see it.

Keine zeit diese monat, no time in February to update with news, this site features 2 documents back in the my '90es...when my brains worked fast and good before initiating self combustion

"Why it is possible to determine the Kernel and the Range of a Linear Transormation studiing the behaviour of a base of the space of definition"

'Corrosion and Protection of Aluminum Alloys'

Numero 1!


January 2009

The internet activity in this period is mostly focused on facebook, this kinda tsunami impacting Italy in the last 5-6 months.
I've found and I've been found by many of my school mates of the high school period.

My German is improving again, I guess: I bought a cheap language course made up of 4 CD filled up with small but effective conversations. I use to listen to them while driving: a good way to se a time which would go probably wasted.

I'm sorry for the dormant state affecting this website since a couple of months. It is going to revert to the usual active state as soon as possible.

How I spent the Christmas holidays, this must be said. For the sake of a minimal chronicle...
We, me an my Regine, divided ourselves for Christmas, me in Naples with my family, she in Calw.
Then we met for new year's day in Germany.

The beginning of January is greatly influenced by my father 60th birthday and my brother performance as a living soundtrack in the show 'Il Telegramma'. I'll be often in Naples this months.

The rest is pale as the next lines.

this is supposed to represent something pale