This section tells about my story so far, from the days that I can't remember.

My Seventies 1974 - 1975 - 1976 - 1977 - 1978 - 1979
My Eighties 1980 -1981 - 1982 - 1983 - 1984 - 1985 - 1986 - 1987 - 1988 - 1989
My Ninenties 1990 - 1991 - 1992 - 1993 - 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999
My Twothousands 2000 - 2001 -
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  • I was born on the 15th of September 1974, in Naples (Italy), from Ugo Lapelazzuli and Anna Langella.
    I was given the name of Giovanni.




  • My brother Dario was born on the 7th of March 1978.


  • I take part and I conquer the first place at one sunday edition of the 'Il Canta Pinocchio', a TV Talent contest show at Canale 21 (a Neapolitan TV broadcaster), singing the song 'La Torre di Pisa'. I was sick on that day.
  • Music & Television




  • Music & Television


  • Italy wins the football World Cup, beating Germany 3 to 1 in the World Championship final in Madrid. This event, with all the fantastic matches Italy played against Brazil and Argentina too represented the beginning of my passion for football.





  • We visited Greece with a big group arranged by my uncle Lello. We stayed in Epidavros, and visited all the ancient archeological sites.

1984 - 1985 - 1986

  • 80's are at their best in my life.
  • Music and Television:


  • In June/July I finish the secondary school, 'scoula media', preparing the last exam so intensively that I get ill soon after it. I can remember a part of it, related to the French Revolution.
  • In September I move from the suburbian San Giorgio a Cremano to the metropolitan Naples, to attend the High School. VII ITIS.
  • Salvatore L., Salvio, a school mate, becomes my best friend. He will remain my best friend and still now he is.
    I can still remenber the first days at high school when I came back very late from the city center, exausted and scared, with a lot of homeworks to do while all my friends were already free to play in out the street.
  • I love Lucio Dalla music very much
  • SSC Napoli wins its first 'scudetto', with Maradona leading the team. So far but i can remember the joy explosion in the city, and all the parties my parents and friends organized in the street, ith the fireman 'il pompiere' Mr E. organizing the huge fireworks situation in the street down my neighborhood that had to be evaquated! One phrase I remember of Franco, a cousin of my mother and a Napoli big fan: 'Gianni you are so young and so lucky: to watch this happening I had to wait for 30 years'
  • Music and Television:


  • My life, my thoughts, changed and took a new direction. I was in London for the first time, South Woodford Queen Mary College....where i meet Giovanni G. who'll become one of my best friends, kissed a girl, had my first Mc Donalds Cheesburger!
  • Always in London, I take part to a Talent Contest singing 'Il gatto e la volpe' by E. Bennato, achieving great success. This was the moment, the precise moment, when I started singing as an hobby. Since that moment i never stopped singing.
  • I am one of the best students t high school. It is during this period that I discover to be good in Maths and Phisycs. I can still remember Prof. Giovanni S., and the Maths Prof. Romano G. who with his teaching methods would make grow in me of of the greatest passions of my life: Mathematics.
  • I have a season ticket to watch SSC Napoli and Maradona at San Paolo Stadium: we were me, my father Ugo, Dario sometimes, Franco, Totonno and his son. Mates...the things we have seen you cannot imagine: Diego Armando Maradona, you know, you gave me so much joy!
  • Music and Television:



  • For the second consecutive year I go to London at the South Woodford Queen Mary College, for a sort of study vacation. Me and Kiki M., a greek girl, become friends; she'll come to visit me in Neaples some years later.
  • The school period proceeds very well. I got friends, I'm very good at school...and now also my English speaking level has become very good.
  • We spent the summer holidays in Sardegna with friends.
  • Again with a season ticket to watch SSC Napoli and Maradona. We won the UEFA Cup, and I watched the semifinals and the final against Bayern Munchen and Stuttgart!


  • I attend the Holiday Youth Camp in Barra, where I make a lot of friends from all around Europe (the greeks Antonis, Dimitris, Nico), the Norwegians (Martha, Anne, Ingerl etc.), the swedish (Christofer S., Friederic, etc.), the Maltese guys. The camp was organized by the organization Arcobaleno, held by my Uncle Lello; not only the strangers were so close to me but also my cousins Fabio and Giacomo, Pieraldo, Zio Lello and all the other Italians of the team
  • I go to Malta with my parents and other youngs (Dario, Paolo, others...) where i meet Paula and Henry
  • In Malta I found a lost musicassette of Rod Stewart, which will soon become one of my fovourite singers.
  • SSC Napoli wins its second scudetto. I remember I was playing in the street (precisely in the scuola media open air gymn, when someone from the balcony advised us about the Napoli winning in Bologna and Milan losing in Verona....which would have meant scudetto for us one week later...
  • I buy an Elton John vinile record 'Sleeping with the Past' at Giancar, a rugged electronics shop in Piazza Garibaldi, Neaples because i liked the theme of a Martini TV commercial. That was the beginning of one of the biggest love of my life.....
  • I founded The Tit Bits with Silvano and Daniele


  • I attend the Holiday Youth Camp in San Giorgio a Cremano
  • I meet Mauro E. and Mimmo P., who were involved in the camp organization, and become my friends
  • I used to walk around with a bandana (a trendy foulard) on my head...
  • I have a short relashionship with Anna.
  • Norway, Sweden & Denmark with a camper with my family and Maria, Marco and Paolo. In Sweden we meet the N. Family; Frida, Emma and their parents. In Oslo we are hosted at lunch by Torill L..
  • I'm second classified with my class team at the school soccer tournament


  • My classroom conquers the first place at the soccer school championship: i score 2 of the 3 goals of my team in the final match!(one of them was kicked from midfield)
  • In Paris with school mates
  • I smoke my first cigarette
  • High School Diploma with 54/60 at Electronic technical high school. The end of an Age.
  • I attend the Holiday Youth Camp in San Giorgio
  • Daniela D. N. becomes my girlfiend and remains my girlfriend for about 3 months.
  • I go to London on my own in August to search for a job. I reside in an apartment in Vauxhall Bridge and I make a lot of friends (Chierchia...and his friends) and have great fun in London's nightlife. I'm completely in love with London
  • I'm 18
  • In September Marianna R. becomes my girlfriend; the relationship lasted few months
  • I enroll to University of Naples Federico II, Faculty of Engineering
  • For the next 4-5 years the exams at University were really taking greatest part of my energy and attention and thier preparation and execution influenced the pace of my months and seasons. That is why I decided to recall their date in the following paragraphs, as they represented milestones of those days and remind clearly to me of the periods and things which were happeing in their proximity.
  • In this period I used to go out with my cousin Giacomo and the group born in the Youth camp: Lina, Marcello, Mauro, Mimmo...
  • For some months I often frequented Manlio R..


  • I start singing in a Rock band with Emiliano, Ciro, Michele, Gianluca and later on Antonino: we are the Mr Bloom.
  • I write 'Hi-Fi Addict', my masterpiece.
  • We play our first gigs at 'Taverna Baccus' in San Giorgio a Cremano, where we gain great success and popularity.
  • 19.05.93 My first exam at University, Exam in Geometria ed Algebra
  • 21.06.93 Exam in Analisi Matematica I
  • 18.10.93 Exam in Fondamenti di Informatica
  • I'll miss Uncle Marco very much.
  • Czechoslovakia with family and Maria and Paolo
  • Summer holydays spent in London with Salvio, Leonardo, Pasquale
  • U2 & Velvet Underground Concert when I discover Lou Reed, with Dario and Antonio T.
  • 1st classified for a position as Researcher for the 'National Research Program on Innovative Materials’ issued by Finmeccanica Group - but I refuse the position
  • I write 'It's not me' about the University twisting up my mind...
  • I get to know Francesco M. O' Papa


  • Summer holydays spent in Holland & Belgium with Mauro, Gianfranco and Antonio Torsi
  • I go out often with Mr Bloom, and the places I am most are the Neapolitan historical center and Officina 99
  • I start attending Associazione culturale Libera Azione, where I meet Francesca, Valentina, Marco, Alessandro A., Ale E. & Ale P. and many others
  • This was my very bohemiene period: I went out every night, met a lot of people all the time, acquiring a sort of popularity because of the band... some used to call me Gianni Complimenti
  • With Gianfranco and Mauro, I conduct a radio show ‘Restiamone Fuori’ from the Radio Spaccanapoli Sound studios, every Monday afternoon
  • The book "On the road" by Jack Kerouac deeply impresses me
  • 26.01.94 Exam in Analisi Matematica II
  • 24.05.94 Exam in Fisica I
  • 24.06.94 Exam in Economia ed Organizzazione Aziendale
  • I start working with Giovanni at his gas station; this happened in November or October...and went through the new year, 1995, until approximately March....
  • 19.12.94 Exam in Chimica
  • I change from Electronic to Materials Engineering
  • I hear 'walk on the Wild side' by Lou Reed on a collection tape edited by La Repubblica...that voice got me interested...and this was the start af a passion which really changed my soul and being and deeply influenced the upcoming years....


  • Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground become my idols
  • In March i stop working at fuel station and decide to go straigth in studiing
  • 20.02.95 Exam in Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali
  • I remember i prepared the exam in Materials technologies with Alfonso Rasulo
  • Mr Montieri used to drive me at University very early in the morning
  • 14.06.95 Exam in Proprieta' Termodinamiche e di Trasporto
  • 28.06.95 Exam in Principi di Ingegneria Chimica
  • 17.07.95 Exam in Chimica applicata
  • Some of my friends go to London on vacation but I decided for a different holiday
  • Vacation in Palinuro with Leonardo and my family, I prepared my next exam while in th camping...
  • 15.09.95 Exam in Struttura della Materia
  • I spend a week end in Pescasseroli with Alessandro Esposito, Alessandro Patella and Marco Capolupo
  • 15.12.95 Exam in Fisica II
  • Valentina R. becomes my girlfriend


  • 01.03.96 Exam in Scienza delle Costruzioni
  • 15.03.96 Exam in Elettrotecnica
  • 06.06.96 Exam in Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali Ceramici
  • 12.06.96 Exam in Meccanica dei Fluidi Non Newtoniani
  • 27.06.96 Exam in Tecnologia dei Polimeri
  • 18.07.96 Exam in Elettronica Applicata
  • Summer Holidays in Paris, Rue de Buci thanks to Hugette
  • 25.10.96 Exam in Fisica Matematica


  • 07.02.97 Exam in Comportamento Meccanico dei Materiali
  • 10.02.97 Exam in Elettrochimica Applicata
  • 25.02.97 Exam in Progettazione dei Reattori Chimici
  • 24.03.97 Exam in Tecnologia Meccanica
  • 20.06.97 Exam in Misure Elettriche
  • 26.06.97 Exam in Biomateriali
  • I start working at my Thesys in Electrochemistry and Corrosion. An experimental work in collaboration with Laminazione Sottile Company
  • Holidays in Portugal with Valentina, Bruno, Lia, Gianluca N. & Daniela, Enzo DN & Pasquale F.
  • It was not in my original plan to finish my studies and graduate within the year 1997, as I calculated to be ready within 1998. But sometimes in life motivations and extra energy can come together at the same time... and they were fundamental for the final rush.
  • 25.09.97 Exam in Metallurgia
  • 15.10.97 Exam in Macchine e Sistemi Energetici
  • 20.10.97 Exam in Corrosione e Protezione dei Materiali
  • 26.10.97 Exam in Elementi di Meccanica Teorica ed Applicata
  • I graduate on the 27.11.97 : Master Degree in Materials Engineering, achieved with full marks 110/110
  • I begin as Research Fellow at Univiersity on an Internship with National Institute for Nuclear Phisycs for the project "Study on the surface properties of Porous Silicon for the detection of toxic gases”
  • I get to know I've been selected by Barilla Alimentare as a food technology researcher


  • I move to Foggia and begin to work for Barilla
  • Winner of the Award “Mario M. Jacopetti” by Rotary Club, for the best Degree Thesis in Electrochemistry of the year 1997
  • I buy my first car: an used VW Passat
  • People from Barilla: Mauro S., Tiziana S., Michele G., Giuseppe Sergio T., Giovanni T., Silvia C., Gianangelo Z., Nicola G.
  • Nottingham at University Campus for a Course on Food technology
  • It is in Nottingham, in a record shop, that saw this magazine's cover with Jarvis Cocker. I thought that buying the Pulp 'This is hardcore' album would be a ggod idea. That was the beginnig of my idolatry for Pulp.
  • Amsterdam for Training on Extrusion
  • Ireland with Valentina, Bruno & Lia


  • Previously tested on and then registered as, the first version of my personal website makes its first steps on the net. It will evolve to in 2002.
  • Publications: C. Sinagra, A. Atienza, R. Zocchi , G. Lapelazzuli, L. De Rosa, et Al. “Corrosione e Protezione dell’Alluminio” Alluminio Magazine, 1, 34, (1999).


  • Leave Barilla and begin to work for Hewlett-Packard
  • I move to Rome
  • Palinuro with Mauro, Valentina, Mimmo and many others boicotting the paiment of the camping...


  • Sumemr holidays in Croatia with Alessandro A., Stefania A., Mauro E., Ginafranco M., Valentina R.
  • Me and Valentina split