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Foundation’s calling

I am reading a Jack Reacher’s book by Lee Child and I like the feeling of liking it and enjoying looking forward to reading more of the story. Once or twice a year it happens to me, a lousy reader, to come across a book i feel good about. Like the recent ones on chemistry and quantum mechanics by Tim James.

And I got the feeling I need to return soon, again, to dream in the Foundation’s Universe.

Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy is my favorite novel. My dream. Feeling like returning back home.

Also Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 Space Odissey and Randevouz with Rama are immensely great. But Foundation is touching base with myself.

Planet Venus

Starting November visiting the Stuttgart Planetarium with our kids, and celebrating the Anniversary of our encounter in Milan 18 years ago with 🌹 red roses and Paolo Conte’s concert tickets!

Venus if you will, Please send a little girl for me to thrill. A girl who wants my kisses and my arms, A girl with all the charms of you. Venus, make her fair, A lovely girl with sunlight in her hair. And take the brightest stars up in the skies, And place them in her eyes for me.


I have lived a Summer Staycation with my family and friends here in Herrenberg which is a place new for us, while was always a place for vacation for us. And now is our home town and our place.
With Nonno and Nonna visiting us, Blaubeuren @ Guni’s Klassentreffen, Calw, Opa and Oma, Pauline and Almi, MaisLabyrinth, Salvio, Herrenberg Naturfreibad, Tübingen, Spielplatz, Spielplatz, playing football with Diego and Wanda, Spielplatz, Spielplatz, Diego, Wanda, Guni.

A Summer full of love and happyness. I have been enjoying the kids 24 hours a day during the Kita closing period.
And today, that the Kita and my work start again, with a feeling of nostalgia I have been walking alone along the same path around home – from home to the bakery and playground – which Wanda Diego and myself walked together many mornings this summer.

With Salvio!

È stato dolce ed emozionante vedere i miei figli interagire con il mio migliore amico Salvio, durante i tre giorni incui è stato qui.

Mi rendo conto che ricevo da loro, da Diego e Wanda, così tanto che sono io a crescere e cambiare insieme a loro. Imparo ogni giorno di più da loro, ogni giorno una lezione nuova, una dimostrazione dell’amore e di ciò che è giusto e che conta. Come oggi il palloncino a forma di unicorno per la piccola, dolce, immensa Wanda. Domani, spero, farò un errore in meno. Domani, spero, sarò migliore di oggi. Grazie a voi, piccoli miei.

Country Comfort

Soon the pines will be falling everywhere
Village children fight each other for a share
And the 609 goes roaring past the creek
Deacon Lee prepares his sermon for next week

I saw Grandma yesterday down at the store
Well, she’s really going fine for eighty-four
Well she asked me if sometime I’d fix her barn
Poor old girl, she needs a hand to run the farm

And it’s good old country comfort in my bones
Just the sweetest sound my ears have ever known
Just an old-fashioned feeling fully grown
Country comfort’s any truck that’s goin’ home

Down at the well they’ve got a new machine
The foreman says it cuts manpower by fifteen
“But that ain’t natural”, well so old Clay would say
He’s a horse-drawn man until his dying day

Now the old fat goose is flying ‘cross the sticks
The hedgehog’s done in clay between the bricks
And the rocking chair’s a-creaking on the porch
Across the valley moves the herdsman with his torch

Songwriters: Elton John / Bernie Taupin