Yuè lè, Music

The thing tattooed behind my neck is the Yuè lè, a Chinese ideogram representing music and things related to it. When I decided about a tattoo, that was the only thing I was sure would have never disappeared: Music. I've had severals idols and influencers, but Lou Reed, Elton John and Lucio Dalla have really changed and shaped my life, my being, my thoughts and sensibility. And they've strongly contributed to make my life worthwile. I pretend to play keyboards, guitar and clarinet. But I get a real kick out of singing. Between 1992 and 1997 I've been the singer and lyricist of the rock bnd Mr Bloom, which has been probably the more significative and productive experience together with the 'Gianni on Trial' sessions.

The Tit Bits
1990 -1992

Gianni on Trial
1991 -1994
Mr Bloom
1992 - 1997
Cinico Blues
1993 -2002
The Toilets
TakeOne Recordings
2016 - 2020

29.06.2015 'Live in Berlin' with Masataka @ "the Brit Pub", Hermsdorf (S1) train station
20.12.2019 Live @ Kita in Berlin