Diary 2002

December 16, 2002 The House is Mine

The House is mine guys!
Yeah! I gotta new house, home, residence, dwelling, abode....and it's mine, all mine....
Got no time now to describe the sensations screwing me deep in the inside....but's unbelievable!
My home is in Rome, this wonderful place....richer now of a new citizen.
And what a citizen guys!
A better Christmas could not have been happened, a better End of the year could never been imagined....

Wish the best holidays you can dream, my dearest.

December 9, 2002 Faces

Had a wonderful week end in Milan, this one just passed...
Passed among the Suede concert, Gianfranco's house, the wine locanda we staied on friday nite (Osteria Tubetto) and the great people we met, the Obei Obei market, Salvio's encounter, and the incredible Maiso's party...with all the boys and girls i've met there.
I wrote some lyrics about it....'cause I'll hardly forget all those....faces.

December 7, 2002
I'll be in Milan on December. Maiso is prepairing a party...

December 01, 2002 

Lost Cause... I'm listening to this song all day....

Your sorry eyes cut through the bone/ They make it hard to leave you alone/ Leave you here wearing your wounds/ Waving your guns at somebody new/ Baby you're lost/ Baby you're lost/ Baby you're a lost causeThere's too many people you used to know/ They see you coming they see you go/ They know your secrets and you know theirs/ This town is crazy; nobody cares/ Baby you're lost/ Baby you're lost/ Baby you're a lost causeI'm tired of fighting/ I'm tired of fighting/ Fighting for a lost causeThere’s a place where you are going/ You ain't never been before/ No one left to watch your back now/ No one standing at your door/ That's what you thought love was for/ Baby you're lost/ Baby you're lost/ Baby you're a lost causeI'm tired of fighting/ I'm tired of fighting/ Fighting for a lost cause (Beck Hansen)
November 24, 2002
Next Sunday the "Vicious Underground", a newly formed cover band here in Rome, inspired to the Velvet Underground, will be performing at Lettere Caffe' for an acoustic tribute to Lou Reed and the Velvets. Don't miss.

November 20, 2002
Lewis Firbank Reed finds an used book in a trash can...

1965 How a simple thing like this can change our lives...

November 15, 2002
Reginald Dwight meets Bernard Taupin...
I had not much time to spend in that period...i updated my homepage with things of a dreaming memory....this is just a first page i've been keeping those period

June 17, 1967 How a simple thing like this can change our lives...

November 7, 2002
"Bad Cover Version" (jarvis cocker)

The word's on the street: you've found someone new. If he looks nothing like me I'm so happy for you. I heard an old girlfriend has turned to the church - she's trying to replace me, but it'll never work. 'Cos every touch reminds you of just how sweet it could have been & every time he kisses you it leaves behind the bitter taste of saccharine. A bad cover version of love is not the real thing. Bikini-clad girl on the front who invited you in. Such great disappointment when you got him home - the original was so good; the one you no longer own. & every touch reminds you of just how sweet it could have been & every time he kisses you, you get the taste of saccharine. It's not easy to forget me, it's so hard to disconnect, when it's electronically reprocessed to give a more life-like effect.
Aah, sing your song about all the sad imitations that got it so wrong: It's like a later "Tom & Jerry" when the two of them could talk, like the Stones since the Eighties, like the last days of Southfork. Like "Planet of the Apes" on TV., the second side of "'Til the Band Comes in", like an own-brand box of cornflakes: he's going to let you down my friend.

October 17, 2002 Human rights

Music spreads in every crack of this surrounding me. Always had, music.
Sort of pills, sort of an healing hand for me the CDs, the albums, the records..."and other two pieces in my music collection, they can do some better but it's far from heal the affection..." from HI-FI Addict lyrics.
The modern rubbish in this field has grown up just like its price, bringin' it closer to impossible to buy music with regularity, as i did once. As i did once when i really could count on a CD collection, growin' up every month and every week, or everytime i had saved enough "dimes".
The word is that we now have a new weapon to defend our rights. Napster has gone, Audiogalaxy too, and too many others seem to be too difficult to use or to configure in our natural habitats. But Fabio discovered the new weapon: i obviously can't tell but, you know, i'm happy for my collection growin'up again as one year, almost, by now.
Some new titles?
Suede, Dave Mathews Band, MTV unplugged best, Garbage, Everything but the Girl, Placebo, Lou Reed, The Corrs, Pink Floyd....
...growing, growing, growing...
I'm discovering some pearls this way...PULP, SUEDE, DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, EVERITHING BUT THE GIRL.....

By the way, just to keep you informed....
The HP mini-soccer tournament has started on Monday, with our team (Men in Black) winning against the consulting team 2-1.
Lorenzo's keeping the tournament' site updated.

October 15, 2002 ... please, please, let me grow old with you

In love with the simple pop...
Politics, ideals, idols and rationality.....AH AHA AHA AHAHA AHA....
This is music, music, music!!!!
Music, music, music!!!
Music...let me grow old with you!

"We've been crippled in love, short changed, hung out to dry
We've chalked on the walls a slogan or two about life
Stood dazed in the doorway, the king and queen of clowns
We've been flipped like a coin, both of us landing face-down

So please, please, let me grow old with you
After everything we've been through, what's left to prove
so please, please, please, oh please let me grow old with you

We've been living with sorrow, been up, down and all around
We've buried our feelings a little too deep in the ground
Stood dazed in the doorway, the king and queen of clowns
We've been flipped like a coin, both of us landing face-down

But tied to the same track, the two of us look back
At oncoming trains ahead
How many more times can we lay on the line
Watching our love hang by a thread"

October 04, 2002 Sing Me A Song Mr Bloom

Creeping through the web I recently felt into this song...
...who knows me knows and understands where my mind has possibly gone while falling in this... I've been moved...touched... and i know that I'm always on the same things, and memories, and idols. But who cares?
Years are spent to leave a sign.
That remains.
In you, in me, in more than us two...but remains.

I'll investigate this guy (Ian Walker) and this thing...
...they explain this lyrics tsaying " Mr. Bloom is a character in the film 'Twilight Zone - The Movie'. He visits homes for old people and, magically, turns them into children again! (Notes Ian Walker, 'Flying High')"

Sing Me A Song Mr Bloom
(Ian Walker)

Sing me a song Mr Bloom
You sing and I'll dance around the room
You roll back the years
Dry up my tears
When you sing me a song Mr Bloom

Every day you'll find me as the world goes rolling by
Sitting in my corner, a sadness in my eye
'Cos I'm minding the time when my world was in its prime
Oh where did it go Mr Bloom
I played life to the limit, I know it's hard to understand
Dancing through the nighttimes, singing with the band
Now the voice is gone and my dancing days were done
Until you came along Mr Bloom
The family and friends I knew, I never see them now
But I'd welcome them with open arms if they could come somehow
'Cos I'm always at home, always alone
Except when you call round Mr Bloom
The sun came smiling from your face when you walked through my door
You lifted up this tired old head from staring at the floor
And you gave back to me a reason to be
Hello again and thank you Mr Bloom

September 30, 2002 Paintings in blue

...In a couple of weeks the new HP (Hewlett Packard) mini-soccer tournament will be started, and everyone seems to be gone mad about it.
Lorenzo, whose site has recently been inserted in my artifacts section, has built up a web page dedicated to the event...
We'll wear black uniforms and an obvious name : "Men in Black"!...
...once we were serious people...once.

The weekend in review?....
Gianfranco and Alessandro came to meet and we stayed in armony, i suppose. Some Gianfranco's friends stayed with us...Giulia and Davide....with Giulia showing her paintings in blue...paintings in blue deep in a beautiful historical Rome...
I love people doing things, doing things of this kind: it recalls me such a kinda life breaktrough. Think that people of this type hide more things to give than others; but that's a pure digression.

After the weekend had fully passed, when Gianfranco and Ale went away from Termini, i relaxed my mind walking in streets i don't know and, not that casually, stopped at "il posto delle fragole", an italo scandinavian cultural club (culture club???) : i read on their website about some free swedish language lessons, so i got into to have a look...maybe i'll do that, we'll see in the middle of October.

And i feel strange this morning, bit sad, but mostly nervous...and i don't know why...and that's worse.

September 16, 2002 Happy Birthday

I was moving for a write about my birthday's days spent in Rome with some greatest friend...then I turned to lyrics.

Happy birthday

We stayed in ten, eleven and more
trapped in my "hotel suite" in Rome
people came from southern lands,
bringing smiles in sleeping bags

White so white this Monday morning
when they left without a warning
when they soaked this walls to wet
leaving scent I never smelt

The house that lives
the house that breathes
enchanted by this atmosphere

September 11, 2002
And I say Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh what a feeling - Review of the album 'Berlin' - Lou Reed

It happened in 1973...
It happened when none expected...
It happened suddenly...

...from "Writings"

September 10, 2002 Writings

I created a new section for the site (see the bar above), a new section regarding things I write down when I'm in the right mood.
This collects some music reviews I'm currently publishing on, and other sites like those, some 'everyday stories' also contained in the Diary section, and some comments about my latest trips...

August 29, 2002
I started to publish some music reviews on
I won't spend no time to explain what is all that about because you can easly understand it by the Q&A section of the site.
Anyway...I'm quite exited abuot it: strange, weird thing that an Australian or a bloke from India can read (and they do!) my thougths about Pulp, Paolo Conte, The Cure, Elton John, Lou Reed and more...
Find here! all the things i wrote 'till now.

August (ten days around the 15th)
I spend the summer Holidays with my friend Ciro Ascione in Gallipoli. Watch a selection of the pictures.

July 25, 2002
Where's the dark in all this?

2 nites ago I went to The Cure's live show here in Rome, at the Sadio Olimpico with Alessandro and a friend of him.
More exactly....Alessandro carried me there. He was absolutely stirred about it, since a month before the date: The Cure have been some kinda adolescence idols for him, or a sort of, and i can easly comprehend that kinda behaviour...
I've never been a fan, but i enjoied it anyway.
Live events have their own soul, their own personality: and a nite out with friends, on a summer nite, among thousands people standin' in a field....makes that hollow feeling grow and grow inside of you, and makes you feel different, more close to the real essence of you, closer to your body.
Moreover I basically love pop, and The Cure are definitely pop artists.
Their music and songs structures reflect the simple and predictable melody backbone that sustained the entire 80's british musical scene. Even their look and the overabused use of keyboards recall that mood.
They mostly differentiate from the barren land of that time thanks to a couple of reasons:
- their unreleasing tunes that never seemed to come to a why, while the ripetitive body of the song acquires more credibility and respectability in your hears, sustaining the whole piece with its personality;
- Robert Smith, primary song writer and guitar player (and real icon of the band), is one of those artists who completely characterizes a music act with his voice and the deadpan way of using it.

And where's the dark in all this?
I can hardly find a definition for dark music, if not an obvious soundtrack of dark behaving and feeling: i'm not an explorer of all the music stuff distributed all around, but in a true and deep respect of dark culture i must assert that the philosophy assuming The Cure as an icon of dark culture was and is still a masquerade!
This is Pop.
Hidden behind a low baritone voice.
Hidden behind a serious pose.
But is Pop.

July 19, 2002
I spy

'I spy', by Jarvis Cocker (Pulp)!
I would have liked to have written those lyrics! And many other, obviously....but this one is at the moment my favourite one, by far.
And what is mostly absurd is that i've not yet totally understood what is all that about! Some kinda Big Brother's eye...on an obhenery.
But again, here's a perfect melt between music and words!
...."Can't you see a giant walks among you seeing through your petty lives? Do you think I do these things for real? I do these things just so I survive. And you know I will survive. It may look to the untrained eye, I'm sitting on my arse all day, I'm biding time until I take you all on. My Lords and Ladies, I will prevail, I cannot fail. 'Cause I spy"....

July 11, 2002
Live Music

A week among different live concerts....or so it should have been. On tuesday we finally went to see the Velvet Wild Side at Geronimo's Pub in Rome. So many time i tryed to see them, but or different reasons i never did! I read about their new concert on , a site i often frequent made up by some great fans of the American Poet. The music was good, in my opinion: I'm a great lover of Lou's music and way of interpreting live things, and the singer of the Lou's cover band had the same way of singing. What i did not appreciate was their try to imitate sometimes Lou: i wouldn't do the same (better say i didn't do the same....), but maybe it is in the essence of a tribute band. But good enough too keep, i state again. Francesca and Alessandro drove me away, anyway, 'cause they didn't like the show: i understand that people who are not in the Lou' mood could never appreciate the art of singing out of metrics and tune...
Yesterday We were greatly exited by the concert of the Gomez at Testacco village in Rome, and we lived the entire day thinking about it (me and Ale): the concert was cancelled!!! And we knew it just on the place, at 10 pm, at the best of our exitation!!! Sad surprise!
Tonite Battiato acoming on Fiesta! but I won't be there: very few people here in rome sharing my same music passions.....

July 9, 2002 I'm very prolific lately...
And I'm finding so many inspirational sources lately, that i'm going down writing lyrics as an obsessed! And the music is comin' up again as she once used to.
Slim, Ghost, Behind the Smoke, 11.13.11, are the latest and i'm almost proud of the results. I wrote the music, some very simple tunes (maybe too obvious) for Slim and Ghost, and so i decided to archive them in the Gianni on Trial section.
And I'm still waiting for Dario to write something about 11.13.11. I'll work on Behind the smoke...
I'm also thinking to restart to fll up this site with the tunes also, and not only: i just have to find the time and i'll describe the meanings of the new songs....hold on my dear....hold on...

June 26, 2002 Injured!
Yes, I've been injured.
Since the beginning of June I've been injured. I reported a sprained ankle while playing soccer, accompained to a micro fracture of the left malleolus. For 3 weeks I've been forced to remain at home with an immobilized left leg, and only today (26th of June 2002) she has come to light again....
I've neither been able to update the site, 'cause the old home PC has been substituted by a brand new, the one from which I'm now writing down this rubbish...
Sorry, sorry, sorry....will you ever forgive me for leaving you alone for so long?...

But believe me it's really hard to stay at home the whole day, with the hottest temperature of the year, almost immobilized and with boredom possessing you always.
How did i spend those days? I could hardly forget: lazy mornings, lazy afternoons....playing playstation, writing some lyrics (SLIM), playing clarinet, reading dozens of Dyan Dog...
The nights went  little better: i went out mostly all nites, even with a broken leg, spending time talking and smoking with my neapolitan friends: Idid not spend so much consecutive time with them since the years of the University: a good reason to hurt youself....

The boredom has been also accompained by the sad elimination of the Italian soccer team from the orld Cup Tournament in Japan and South Korea. I'll spend just few word to state again that Vieri is great, the greatest, but our way of interpreting football is absolutely out of time...

Next Monday I'll return to Rome, where i'll start again my job, and my unexiting life.

June 1, 2002 New Lyrics for Cinico Blues
Wrote some new lyrics, waiting for Dario to perform it: "11.13.11"

Went, on Sunday, to "Mercati di Traiano" to visit one of the exibitions of the 'festival della fotografia' in Rome: not worth it.

May 27, 2002 On Marco's terrace.
This last couple of days, spent in Naples, have seen us trying to free ourselves from the neverending attracting force of the Neapolitan Historical center...but we did not succeed!
On friday, following the suggestion of Domenico, we tried to get into a new club called Sputnik, where he said they play good music and have drinks and entrance for very cheap: a private party was waitin'us there, and so we turned to the Kinky's bar (a place in the historical center...) where we danced to some reggae rhytms. By 'us' i mean me, Dario, Manu, Ciro and some other Dario's friends from the swimming club.
Saturday was carried on without any notice, with another nite spent in trying to get through the Sputnik....while some recognizable and unbeatable call pushed us (me, Dario, Manu, Marco and some others) in a wine the historical center!
On this occasion Marco invited us to his home for the nite after, to enjoi an indian dinner cooked by some indians he's recently hosting...And so it was that on Sunday we went there to enjoy the nite on his beautiful terrace, and the company of Marco, Eva, the indians (2), an Irish guy and 2 other girls(the names i never learned). The food was good, like all the rest. And I know Manu, Dario and Ciro liked the nite as well.
What was really disappointing is what happened and how i felt, before we drove to Marco's house: we had to say goodby to someothers (among them Alessandro Esposito and Luca Mennella) because we where too much, and we were not supposed to be when we were we had to divide...The fact was that i had to take the decision, or better none was interested or intended to make a step forward or behind.
The day i gave my vote to Rosario, who was quite nervous on Sunday, bacause i think of the stress of the last few days.
I've been really happy, anyway, to give my vote to him, feeling as to contribute to make an his dream come true.

May 23, 2002 I believe in believers!
The week passed quickly, and i should be not that happy for this. Anyway, after a couple of nights spent out on the last week end (Zoobar on friday, cafe' latino on saturday) and a whole sunday passed outside with Mauro and Silvia (beween Carmen's house for lunch and a World Press Photo show at the Trastevere Museum), the rest was really quiet.
On Sunday night we watched Shallow Grave, a Danny Boyle movie, on VHS: good enough to keep.
Two mini-soccer matches during this week: one on tuesday, one on thursday...and tough my phisyc does not respond as well as a couple mounths ago...i scored 2 memorable goals. You would have liked to see them, i guess.

Tomorrow I'm returning to Naples to give my vote to Rosario throwing himself in an obsure and sad battle (i think). I fear this experience would be a bit harmful for a person like him: and i mean this in every case, however it will end.
Anyway, I believe in believers! And Rosario is one of those

May 18, 2002 Keep the stereo off for a while!
So we finally went out on Thursday. Well, hell, i should say I, me, myself, went out on friday. Me and Domenico P., more precisely: all the others? can't understand what's really happening to all of them (me involved, if not for these last few days) but everyone seems bored, lazy, and without any will of have fun. Anyway, we really enjoied the night out. Went as usual, or better as usual it was, to the Classico Village: the thing was that me and Domenico arrived a bit earlier than before, almost 11PM, and the place was not that filled as it is in normal periods. It's starting getting hot here in Rome and places like those where you can have a beer or whatever outside while the music reaches your ears from the inside are exactly what my phisyc and brains wander. Had good time i state again: and we danced till late to the rythm of rock and revivals music. And I met the most beautiful girl in the World, with blonde, long hair!
Right now the vision in my brain moves to Alessandro E.....Beck slips through my mind passing by my right ear, from the stereo of my room....with his "We live again"....and i don't know why my mind moves to Alessandro, and it's not because he sent to me the lirycs of the song to make them appear on this website....and it's not because of that.....mmmmmm....mmmm...think the sound racalls some emotions, some looks of him....mmmm...Dario and him often play Beck songs, they're pretty good not because of their ability with vocals and guitar, but because they mean it: you know, the beauty and the greatness of some songs stands in the perfect melt between word, music and expression. And they have this melt, while playing Beck. And that's why i move to them whistl listening to that close to them, so close.
The song's ended right now...and...hei!!! vision turns again on the blonde, long hair...
...I Think I'll keep the stereo off for while!

May 16, 2002 Personal websites.
.These days i'm working hard on the restructuration of this site. My inspirational sources are some personal websites taken sailing the web (web culture): it's amazing for me to discover how the internet has created such a subterranean culture, living apart and around all of us. People are meeting and discussing and showing things and thoughts on the web, narrating their own life, daily...and the others seem iterested in it. I admit i'm interested too indeed. Maybe is the the most interesting thing i'm practicing on the internet by now.
Sometimes i rediscover how this "new technology" (is it gettin older now?) can really fit the idea of free expression and art, at far as i mean it...
The last few days have washed away without any new to remember: i don't know why, i'm getting more and more lazy....Till last mounth i used to be more active and energic, going round every night, serching for places to meet people and have fun. So now it's quite far from the list time i remember i enjoied myself that much, and i'm no more swimming as i've dove for the last 6 mouths...For tonite i'm hardly triing to organize a gig out to one of the places we used to go when we were 'better': The classico village here in Rome...i'll try to swim this evening, before i go there...we'll see

May 13, 2002
Another week end spent in Naples....and again not so much to tell. I'll remember these days as the days we helped (or we tried so) Mimmo to stay up end recover after Paola had left him.

May 10, 2002 I'm again with a clarinet!
So far from the last time I updated this page....Couple of mounth spent between Paris, Amsterdam and Rome (my life isn't so boring as it seems sometimes). The trip in Paris was weird and terrific and so I really relaxed my poor brains....i deserved this! "This is meaningless" is not yet completed....sometimes I'm too lazy. And Hey!!!, I started to read again "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac...a book that changed my life! In some way i'm trying to reshape it again (my life) and so i'm trying to find ispiration somewhere...Mom and Dad came here in Rome last week, and we found a good hose to buy....we'll see...

I'm again with a clarinet!
Yes I found an used clarinet on sale searching on portaportese, and so i decided to buy it back. It's an old passion that comes alive again: i used to play it when i was 17. I have a clarinet again now, even if i'm not takin' it seriously: i think (and that's really dangerous!) it's a part of me, havin' it i mean, and i thought it was a good idea to have one again in my room.
Sometimes i play it, or try to. Have printed some tabs dowloaded from the web and it's getting really harder to restart.
There're some symbols in my life that represent the beginning of something, something like a powerful seal from what everything starts. And so it comes Lou Reed for Rock music, Elton John for Pop, Clarinet for instruments, London for my discovering passion, maths for science...
I found very important in these days to find again alone with myself and the thigs I like to do: play music (in every way), listen to it, draw, thinking alone, write songs.....

May 3, 2002
A week end spent in Naples....but no so much to tell. Went on a free concert of some ethnic african groups on Friday, then on Saturday we spent the nite in a nice place in the Historical center, listening to live music (country) and drinking beer and wine. Sunday passed as usual: Sunday boring Sunday.

March 8, 2002
Gianfranco came to meet us in Rome for just one night....Rome was upside down for the Women's day, and there was no way to enter in a Pub or a night club. So we returned at home, had some cakes...

March 7, 2002
Not so much to tell. An anonimous working day. Updated my site with some new lyrics from Placebo: Slave to the Wage and Special K. Went to Luca and Marzia's house for dinner: pleasant as usual.

March 6, 2002
Ilaria's Birthday. We all went to her house in the evening to party:ma, Fabio, Lorenzo, Assunta, Laura, Barbara and, of course, Ilaria.

March 4, 2002
First time alone to a Customer (Aereoposrti di Roma) as an HP sr: not that bad. Started working on some new lyrics : "This is meaningless"

March 3, 2002
Sunday boring the end of the day I met a girl, but I left too soon....sometimes I hate the destiny!

March 2, 2002 Yue' le'
Spent a week end in Naples after about one mounth in Rome. This is a day to remember: I had my tattoo (yue' le': music, happy, glad, enjoyable) ....a bit harmful, but worth.The night we went in a club located in the historical center (as usual) with music and people dancing; too small but enjoyable.