Diary 2008

December 2008

Horst Tappert left me and us all at the age of 85.
This is my little tribute to an hero.
His way, his places, his eyes, his honesty and his loneliness spreading from the video into my room... I will never have enough of Derrick episodes.
He reminded me of my grandfather Giacomo, and will forever represent an icon of my life.

November has gone 'faster than a cannonball'.
In this period, it can happen that you find more news about me on facebook, which has become the tool of the moment here in Italy.
I need a vacation.

My family is my cradle. Regine is my Saviour.

....and I guess this song fits pretty well right now...

November 2008

Mein Regine und ihr duble. My Regine and her lookalike.

Here some of the pictures I took with my mobile phones in the last 3-4 years. Recently I've tried to organize them in a directory. I'm so moved by memories, all the time. Pictures from Denver, Freiburg, Rome, Palinuro, Naples, California.

I'm not authorized to publish this picture
I'm not authorized to publish this picture

The ones who love me know that last days of October and these ones of November are so hard for me. And they have to know that their love and silence and patience keep me warm and safe.

Ma n'atu sole cchiù bello, oje né', 'o sole mio sta 'nfronte a te...
'O sole, 'o sole mio, sta 'nfronte a te... sta 'nfronte a te!

October 2008

...I'm working hard and sleeping few hours per day. As soon as I'll breath again I'll update this pages again and tell you the news.

I've seen It. Gomorra

08.10 Heute ist meine geliebten Regines Geburtstag. Sie ist 28

I have an account on facebook :

September 2008

I have started a digitalizing process of the most significant pictures of the family. They'll be organized in the Chronicles section, waiting for a better place. Following some examples from 1975, 1976, 1982, 1983, 1989...

Walking in Piazza Navona, last night, I remembered about this funny picture of me my uncle made many years ago...

15 September, mein Geburtstag. Heute bin Ich 34.

Don't miss the balance video taken in Bodensee.

Deutsche Summertime (Berlin, Bodensee & Calw) August 2008.
These are some of the pictures taken during our last holidays in Deutschland.


I should tell you about our last summer holidays (from 9th to the 29th of August 2008) spent in Germany, between Berlin, Bodensee and Calw. I should relax and find the time to write down about those beautiful places and days. And organize the pictures we took. I'll soon do that, probaly next week end.
Returned from our vacation me and Regine seem to be very much involved in restiling our wohnung in Rome (our apartment in Rome).... By the way, that was a 3 week of German language full immersion... I seem to have had some tangible improvements; I should give continuity to this....
I got also some funny videos to show you: come back next week.

August 2008

The Californian Videos: The heroes gestures.
Finally some of the videos recorded during my last trip in California (see travels section).

The one in San Francisco at the 'Bottom of the Hill' with 'The Blacks'
The one in San Francisco with the Sea Lions
The one in San Francisco at the Carnival's Parade
The one on the Highway One (1)
The one on the Highway One (2)
The one on the Highway One (3)
The one on the Highway One (4)
The one in Monterey at 'Cuevo night'
The one in Santa Barbara
The one in Santa Monica at Muscle Beach
The one in Santa Monica with the Street Dancers
The one in Santa Monica with the Tiny Singer


On the 2nd we (Anna, Ugo, Dario, Regine and me) started the celebration of my mother's 60th birthday, enjoying together 'Madama Butterfly' by Giacomo Puccini at Terme di Caracalla in Rome...

My new car was delivered to me on the 1st of August

July 2008

On the 11th we went to see Pino Daniele celebrating, with his old bands, his 30th year on the musical scene. How great this artist has been, and how great has been discovering his songs again (thanks to Regine).


Me and Regine spent saturday the 5th at the Tivoli Terme.
In the evening we watched the show "Sutra" by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in the beautiful scenario of Villa Adriana.
One wonderful day.


Ma n'atu sole cchiù bello, oje né', 'o sole mio sta 'nfronte a te...
'O sole, 'o sole mio, sta 'nfronte a te... sta 'nfronte a te!

June 2008

This is another milestone of my life. Stuffed like the others in the travels section.

'The Californian Chronicles. Featuring the Lapelazzuli Bros' May '08

A first glance at our Californian chronicles (May 23rd - June 2nd)

I am not sleeping. The Californian chronicles will soon be available.

May 2008

San Francisco: where I'm gonna land shortly with Dario

Me and Regine warholized

Edoardo Bennato, finally I found it:

April 2008

On the 26th me and Regine made a trip to south Tuscany and Umbria, visiting Pitigliano (where we stayed for lunch) and Orvieto.

I came to know that the South Woodford's Queen Mary College, in London, was demolited in 2007. This is where I spent two summer holidays back in 1988 & 1989; this is where I lived very strong emotions that still now sometimes arise in my mind...where i met Giovanni G. who'll become one of my best friends, where I gave my first kiss, where I discovered London and the New World and where I started discovering and becoming what I am. Long life to this places! Long life to the 80's! Long life to my memories!

Music....Youtube has become my jukebox for real. I can find a lot of old EJ material....This guy Steffen2k7 has got a lot of EJ cool stuff!

Peter Stein and Dario Lapelazzuli, our shining brothers.
Verrät er seine Landsleute? -, by Peter Stein
Scarlatti Garage – Scarlatti Garage - Lost Highways, by Luciana Manco

Christoph came here to stay for 1 week. We tried to speak German most of the time, and it's been an hard time for him, I know, since I'm still not able to conversate... Aber, viele danke Christoph fur haben mit mir deutsche spreken, und bitte Kommst du zuruk wann du wilst.

March 2008

Dario's 30th birthday has been celebrated in Napoli in a pub called Volver. I moved south for a couple of days.

This time I'm seroiusly studying German. Let's hope to be able to conversate soon, so that we can move north... Meanwhile maybe I'll put down some words in German on this website, the way that I can monitor my improvements in time.
Ich habe Deutsche lehrnen gestern (March 11th): lektionen 10 und 11. Dativ und Personal Pronomen! Sie sind sehr schwierig fur mich, wiel Ich habe nie studiert Italienisch (sondern Ich habe gelernt es) und dann ich weiß keine Grammatik-Regeln.
Es is besser wenn Ich wiederhole die Personal und Possessiv Pronomen, sehr schwierig!

Nominativ Akkusativ Dativ Possessiv
Ich Mich Mir Mein-
Du Dich Dir Dein-
Er Ihn Ihm Sein-
Sie Sie Ihr Ihr-
Es Es Ihm Sein-
Wir Uns Uns Unser-
Ihr Euch Euch Euer-
Sie Sie Sie Ihr-

I found this amazing Elton John's tabs resource called Again my infinite thanks goes to this love and happyness instrument called Internet.

February 2008

From the past
This song 'Evviva La Torre di Pisa', sung here by Mario Latilla, represented my first debut on the music scene:

Do you remember this guys from 'Los ricos tambièn lloran'? It was such a strange effect to find this pictures and feel how time has fastly gone.

Me and Regine were enjoing Paolo Conte's music this weeke end, so I thought about this review about Paolo Conte 'Best of' written in 2002 for

5 February, 2008 Sick

...after about 4 years without getting ill....these days I'm feeling sick...
I'm ill, and this is probably becase of a mini soccer match I played last week after about 2 years of absence from the soccer pitches...
Once I was stronger....

January 2008

25 January, 2008 Goodbye Prodi

Little, little Italy

20 January, 2008 My Deutsche Lektion

Once again....I restart my German Lessons from the beginning!
I'm becoming more and more lazy...I can't recognize myself!

These are my homeworks (hausaufgabe)

17 January, 2008 Shame on you, Little Italy

Stench of battle hangs over Naples as rubbish protests turn violent
(The Times On Line)

Avoiding scientists' protests, pope cancels university speech (TIME on line), and now all the Italian media and politicians seem ashamed and a country where the Catholic Church rules, with its constant precence in TV and political issues!

Italian minister of justice resigns as wife is investigated (BBC News)

15 January, 2008 Myspace 2

in fact... just The Toilets remained on myspace.

09 January, 2008 Myspace

Recently Myspace is taking a good part of my free time. This community seems an extraordinary way to connect people and emerging artist from everywhere.
My passion for this great, immense invention called internet has found a new friend and 2 new virtual realities have emerged in the last days:, a windows exposed to this site, and subsequently to my life
and, which honestly makes more sense than the first one since it represents the space for my multimedia artistic project 'The Toilets' where songs and other stuff can be found.
This is where I have published The Toilets Album 'Demos' and this is what will become a new repository for my art outcomes and will, hopefully, give new fuel to my ispiration which dormant state lasts since too long.

07 January, 2008 Pop Art

Yesterday we visited with Marco and Mariangela the 'Pop Art' exhibition at Scuderie del Quirinale here in Rome.
I found it quite interesting and it once more consolidated my appreciation for Andy Wahrol.

My parents have been here for the week end and will leave tomorrow. Today is my father's birthday, and we'll celebrate dining out tonight.

04 January, 2008 Free Online Games

Regine discovered this website, where you can play for free!
And, as you can imagine, we are playing for hours..