Diary 2022

One Year Schwabe

Celebrating the first year Anniversary of our life in Herrenberg.
It’s been an intense year full of things, and I am happy of the choice we made to move here.
It was the right time to leave Berlin and to start the new life Baden-Württemberg’s chapter. This was the first Region of Germany that I met, the first impression I had of this Country, and I had always hoped to live here sooner or later. And here I am now, here we are now. And I believe we are enjoying it (with Spring and now Summer ahead! the best time of the year!)

Istria, Croatia

13 to 23 June 2022. Istria, Croatia. Rovigno exactly.

We hadn’t had a vacation for a long time, due to covid and our relocation to Herrenberg last summer. So we were really looking forward to spend days off with the entire family, which we did with thus holiday in Croatia. Finally the see and Mediterranean for the kids.

Stayed @ the Polari camping in Rovigno, a huge place on the coast. We had a Mobile home, and following kids desires we spent almost every day by the swimming pools and went to the beach just a couple of times. Weather was very good, very warm…hot actually. We visited the old city of Rovigno and found a good real neapolitan pizzeria there, “Zita”.

We reached Croatia by car, one of the advantages of living south Germany! On the way to Rovigno we stopped for one night in Hallein in Austria, while on the way back the overnight stop was in Sankt Michel in Lungau (Landhaus Lungau). Both beautiful places.

We have all enjoyed these couple of weeks of vacations.

We came back home this weekend, and spent a nice Saturday evening bbq with friends in Mönchberg… and in time to join the Zwiebelkuchenfest in Kuppingen!

ROMA – Missione Magliana II

Missione Magliana happened 20 years ago, in 2002, and initiated the story of myself-and-my-place-in-Rome which has known many phases, participants and protagonists over the years.
With Missione Magliana II this chapter of my life comes to a end in 2022.
My thoughts and gratitude go forever to those times, to the place I lived, owned, managed during these 20 years; and to the people who have crossed my life in and around the apartment in Rome, who have helped me in settling there and making that place and my life of those years warm, important, intensive, and more.

While in Rome those 4 days I had the chance to meet some of the places, food, and people that I miss. I stayed at Corrado & Silvia’s place, and spent very good time with them, evenings at home or walking through Piazza Navona, Piazza Farnese and Campo de Fiori… eating Pizza Bianca with Mortadella. I saw Gianfranco and Marco one evening in Trastevere, sitting in front of a wonderful Amatriciana. And I met my roman relatives, Melina, Luca, Maria, Antonella & co..