Diary 2006

December What happened lately
November The Greatest Thing
October Immer zusammen! - Stressful period
September This summer in the Black Forest
August Music & webmaster
July In Berlin by the wall - I watched Italy vs Germany...into my father's eyes
June ...and then I met America again
May Chronicles and some updates - 5 years of
April Italians at the mirror
February Regine shines
January Job, friends and master


26 December, 2006 What happened lately

December 2006 has probably been one of the most stressful periods of my entire life.
One of the Sales departments of HP is offering to me a different position from the present one, which should give to me a wider view of the business and a higher level of responsibility; after few days of thinking... I declared myself available for this position. But, as it must be, I'm a simple employee of this Company and a good smooth way to support the transition must be found...And this causes to me, now, a great work overload...

I've recently been in Vienna, attending another HP Sofware event. That was the fist time for me in Vienna, and I hope I'll soon find the time and the energy to write something down about this trip.

Christmas eve has come, and I'm spending this days in Napoli with my family, while Regine has moved to Germany for 10 days. Regine never stops surprising me; she has built a sort of Advent chain all over the kitchen, from where lots of presents were hanging....and from where every day I could take one new...She 's so sweet. And I love her very much....And I dreamt of Regine: she was pregnant.
And among this Advent presents I found the new Jarvis Cocker Album...which has been finally released after a long waiting..... And a Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry portrait by Regine...

26 November, 2006 Clint

I consider him the most handsome man

and I consider "Unforgiven" one of the best movies I've ever seen...

5 November, 2006 The Greatest Thing

Me and the Regine of my Universe celebrate today the third anniversary of our deep love. Regine is the Present i received for my life...I would like to know someone to thank to for this beautiful thing that I don't deserve at all...

And today our families met eachothers for the first time. We spent a weekend in Naples, in 2 sunny and cold days which will forever remain in my memories...
Anna and Ugo have been fantastic to me, this weekend and the rest of the life behind. I don't have, I don't know the words that would say wat is in my mind...maybe because I don't really know what exactly is this greatest thing...and I can only hope that one day I'll have a son, to understand what is the love that makes them so...beautiful

I come from there...and there is where my guiding star is.

3 November, 2006 Youtube

I must say that I am very in love with this days, where I can find so many videos I wished I could see when I was young, when I did not have money to spend in buying videocassettes of my music idols, when I did not even know such things had happened.
Thanks to internet I feel more free, I feel like I have access to more things and informations...and to the things, music things, which are in the depth of my heart...

24 October, 2006 Immer zusammen!

I'm closing the fiscal year stressful period with a complete achievement of my forecastd deals for October; this gives me good satisfaction and serenity for the moment.
But we all learned to know that these period are soon disappearing and forgotten, and I assume a new tzunami will soon arise.
But I think I'll be ready.

Let's switch and talk about the important stuff.
The adorable Regine shines as always. We are the perfect couple, for this period I'm so happy about her and what she represents in my life. I think about Regine all day long, and I long to meet her in the evening, when we share our lives at the most intensive love.
We are renewing the bedrooms, making our house nice more then before, and at the same time we are plannig the Berlin? in Rome? in Italy? in Germany? Aber, immer zusammen!

Scarlatti Garage moved abroad, and played in Colleferro at Python Bar last saturday! I was moved by the new single " L'uomo nero".

8 October, 2006 Stressful period

When I miss from the web for such a long tome there's a reason, which is rarely positive.
I love updating this site, or making it different, and when I don't do that is because something stressful is taking away my spare time.
This is one of the reasons why this site is becoming more and more a personal blog, which was not supposed to be at the beginning of its life...

"I have made a big decision. I'm gonna try to modify my life"
I think I'm not made for the job I do now, a job which gives me good satisfactions but at the same time takes away a good part of my serenity. I'm realizing I'm made to be more easy, less business oriented than the world I'm now involved in would require from one in my position.
So, something I'll do, don't know what exactly but something I'll do.
We are talking about moving in Berlin and maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea. Some new fresh air is seriously needed, and the air there is really fresh, cold I'd say...

Scarlatti garage are doing well and they've been called for some dates in Rome, that represent a breakthrough for their path to fame.

15 September, 2006 Today is my...

...32nd birthday.

7 September, 2006 This summer in the Black Forest

The time has come, I guess, to spend some lines about this summer trip in the Black Forest, southern Germany.
In the middle of August I started this vacation with Regine and Dario. I had some others summertimes with my brother, but I this has been the one which kept us more togheter then the others.
I'm getting used to visit Regine's place in summer, for it really gives me serenity, relax, calm and beauty at the same time. It is the colour, green brown grey and blue; it is the sound, soft low calm and gentle; it is the time, slow unchained and silent to my senses; it is the whole so respectful of me.
I feel very safe there, and I guess it is also because of the love that Regine's family is able to transmit. If i was a writer i would have described to you better, this feelings so good and nice to me. And I wanted to tell this at least to Dario in the better way I could..and so I brought him there. And I'm sure that now he knows what I meant when i tried to tell...

We started from Rome and did one way directly to Calw, passing through that useless place called Switzerland. Well maybe not completely useless, if you need to hide away your dirty money and make them legally neutral, protected...and dirty. Not completely useless place if you feel like hiding yourself away from the World and keep your egoism in a land of neutral egoists. Not completely useless place if you need to buy chocolate.
After a couple of days in Calw we moved to Wurzburg to visit Cathy for a couple of days. So we enjoied her and her flatmates company and visited the town. And we cought the chance to see the Medieval market show in the old Castle.
Then we moved back to Calw where we found Almi, Peter, Ulle, Marie Luise and Christof. In those days me made a one day trip through the Black Forest, passing through the city of Freudenstadt with the greates market square af the whole Germany and visiting the little lake of Mummelsee. I also discovered some very nice and interesting surroundings of Calw with the ruins of an old monastry.
We plaied to table games at night, or went out to play pool and have a bier and relaxed two evenings at the Thermal Baths.

Regine remained there 2 days more, while me and Dario visited Salvio, Daniela and the new born Natan on the way back to Naples, which was our final destination.

Good, very good the holiday in this places
Places that I'm learning to love very much...

10 August, 2006 Music & webmaster

I'm proudly the webmaster of three websites,, and of course

All of them have a common baseline: music!

The Toilets, my multimedia artistical project, now exposes the Toilets new album: "Demos". And host other groups ideas, and modern poetry and photograpy.

Scarlatti Garage... You'll soon hear from them! Dario, Paolo and the other guys from San Giorgio a Cremano are arising to success but most of all they are composing great music, weird sounds and special lyrics. And I'm proud of being their webmaster. From their site you can listen to the music, read the lyrics and the byography, and fall in love with their cool pictures...

On this website I recently restructured the Music section. You can now have a more complete and better organized view of my various musical experiences of the past. And you can listen to the rough and precise sound of Mr Bloom, or you can relax...get moved...and then feel the childish noise of the Gianni on Trial sessions...

30 July, 2006 In Berlin by the wall

We finally visited Berlin, as the adorable Regine was so much looking forward to it. And we spent 5 days in the one which is probaly now considered Europe's Capital City. We stayed in an apartment in Kreuzberg. And mostly walked around the city, meeting sometimes Alessandro and Claudia who were there on vacation at the same time, and we met Caecilie and Jonas and Tine and some other nice Regine's friends.
I liked the city, very fascinating, and big and easy and pefectly organized.
The East and West stuff took the most of my attention. So incredible for me the differencies you can see standing there. And again so incredible what those Comunist motherfuckers and sons of bitches were able to do to mankind...
Then also other important things happened...

The Robbie Williams show in Milan
It was a very exciting night. The first time for me in San Siro, one of the most spectacular monuments I've ever seen. And the show was amazing, full of nice songs, and people completely crazy for this funny British talent. It was one of the best concerts I've seen; I can't easily remember I've been to a show during which I sang so many good and nice many. It could have been PULP, but they splitted before I could, it could have been Elton but I was too young and now he's too fat and old, it could have been Lou Reed...but Lou is not pop, Lou is not songs, Lou is not on this planet, Lou's just in my soul.

Jarvis is back
Jarvis Cocker, my idol is slowly coming back and soon we'll have his new solo album. He recently gave a preview with its first single published on the web at :


09 July, 2006 Italians. On the top of the World.

06 July, 2006 I watched Italy vs Germany...into my father's eyes

On the 4th of July I watched Italy vs Germany on TV, the World Cup semifinal. With me, Maiso, Marco, Mariangela...and my adorable Regine. The bravest German Regine agains we Italians.

Italy won 2-0, scoring its beautiful goals at the end of the extra times...
I lived very strong emotions, since it was a beautiful match between two good teams and two amazing cultures.

And during this rushes of feelings, I thought of you Papa'.
You always talk about what happend in 1970 in Mexico, when our team prevailed 4-3 against Germany at the extra times. We, me and Dario, wathed that historical match directly from you eyes, several times.
And I though...that at least this time I've been able to feel something similar to what you have been feeling...such pure feelings which you always represent...and this means the top for me.
These days I've seen you in Palinuro, we watched the Italy-Ukraina match, I watched you live the soccer matches as you always did, since i can remember it when me and Dario were very young.
You played soccer Papa' and were my idol, you always supported Italy and Maradona with the passion of a teenager.
You are my favourite player Papa'. The best of all time. Your sons watched you playing, and we were so proud...and I also tried to play..but I never reached your levels, of course.

But I watched Italy vs Germany, 2006.
And we won at the extra time.
And I will forever remember it...because that night made me a little bit more like you are, with a piece of 'Azzurro' in my heart which I also will tell to my sons...even if never with the passion you do.
This is a piece of you in me Papa', with all the other memories and love you sculptured in to my heart.

I watched Italy vs Germany, 2006.
And we won at the extra time.
No matter what happens in the Final: I love you from the deep of my heart Papa'.

24 June, 2006 ...and then I met America again

In one mounth time quite a lot of thing happened into this life.
At the beginning of June I was in Munich (Germany) attending another training so called "Break into CIO office". It was good, i enjoyed the time spent with Massimo P. and Giovanni D.S.. It was good, very good indeed experience: i learned enough to keep, and at night i enjoied dinners in very nice places like the olimpic tower and a medieval castle around Munich. I also had the chance to get in touch with some foreign colleagues (UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany...). Very fashinating always it is to talk to different people and discover the differencies and other peculiarities. British they pretend to be not European...but at the end of the story they are, they are european like I am...and they are missing the chance to be a part of this idea which i like very very much and which is called Europe.

...and then I met America again. This time I've been in Miami Beach! Imagine, Miami Beach!!!
The HP Software forum again. I was there with two customers, Mario and Paolo. Paolo also had a speech at the conference regarding an important project HP made with their Company. This has been a reason for me to be proud of miself, my group, and the job I'm doing with this customer. As usulal Mario is very interested and enjoing the whole thing, and at the same time prepared and clever enough to catch the main and most important stuff from the conference acts.
Andrea came as always with his customers. We had a very good time I think, at the Palms South Beach Hotel. We had, i guess, the right balance of visiting around, attending the conference, and relaxing at the swiming pool and on the beach.
America demonstrates different, very different faces...
Miami is less fascinating then Colorado, as expected. It is very turistic and built up for fun, looks artificial and far away from the America I dreamt of when I was a child. Siliconed people, hotel dressed streets, hot and umidity and unreasonable air conditioning are the things I'll keep in mind. But this experience was not to be missed and i did not miss it; and I'll remember Miami Beach as onther funny and important page of my life.

Today is San Giovanni's day in Italy, and that means that today is my 'Onomastico'.

20 May, 2006 Chronicles and some updates

I have just opened a new section on this website, in occasion of its 5th anniversary: chronicles.
It tells about my story from the days that i can remember. Every time I come to remember something i update this: It has been very exciting from the beginning as I guessed how fast time flows and how easy I forget things and thier importance in my life. I think this one will become the most important page of the website, even if it is exclusively personal; but it is rich of memories and rich of myself. And it will help me to keep in mind all the people who contributed to this fantastic, but finite, game that is my life.

I've been to Barcelona 2 weeks ago for a training with HP. It was the first time in Barcelona for me, and I must admit I quite liked it. But not as much as I enjoied Madrid, which seemed to me more romantic and interesting.
Next week I'll go to Munich (Germany) with HP for another training, and then again I'll meet America: I'll be in Miami Beach (Florida) with colleagues and customers. And you can guess I'm really looking forward to it. And I promise I'm gonna tell you this...

Me and Regine have important plans for the future. Some close future belongs to our summer holidays: we'll stay one week in Berlin in July..."so that i can see how great it is and maybe we can think about moving there..." Some other plans...I'll write about it later on. By know just remember that I love her very much and that I'm everyday surprised by how lovely she can be and how lucky I was to meet her.

10 May, 2006 5 years of

This site appeared on the web as on the 10th of May 2001.
From 1999 to 2001 it was registered as

Today we celebrate the 5th official anniversary of my personal diary and website, known worldwide as





25 April, 2006 Italians at the mirror

As my mind helps, i try to summarize the latest stuff happened around me lately.

The left coalition has won the Italian political elections on the 9th of April, headed by Romano Prodi. Even if with a really little supremacy, this change gives me a bit of hope for the future and a feeling of liberation from that cancer called Silvio Berlusconi, whose only touchable act has been the one of representing a political justification for egoisms, unfairness and moral superficiality which were never missing among italians most commong feeling and way to behave.
Berlusconi, and the right coalition, got almost the 50% of votes. Votes which confirmed a common believing it the values Berlusconi represents.
But the destiny is in the people, of which politics is a part. And Italians deserve their government and politicians. Because, in democracy, Government is the mirror of people.
And if Berlusconi resists...Italians are Berlusconi.

Domenico came from Vienna and we met one night in a pub by the Colosseo.

We went to Naples to watch Dario and the Scarlatti Garage live, and that was a nice night with a good play and i was very shivering inside by watching Dario playing...

Napoli soccer won the third division league, Serie C. And raised to Serie step to the top.

8 April, 2006 Remembering Nottingham 1998

I graduated on the 27th of November 1997.
Very soon after, February 1998, I started working for Barilla in the R&D department in Foggia as a researcher on food technologies.
During the first period in Barilla, as the noephite program scheduled, I attended several training courses in Italy and Europe. This is when I went to Nottingham....
Extrusion Technology Training Course, that one was the reason. I attended a workshop held by the University of Nottingham in collaboration with Clextral.
I lived 3 days at the Sutton Bonington Campus. It was a very deep and emotional period... I was just 23, it was the first professional experience and I was supposed to be there as a professional...and Notthingam was just like i was expeting it to be. Cloudy, foggy, sad and very fascinating.

Division of Food Sciences, University of Nottingham
Sutton Bonington Campus, Loughborough Leics
LE12 5RD, UK

20 February, 2006 Caught between the twisted stars

Despite it still remains in my deepest dreams, New York is the place I've visited so many times.
And I'm pretty sure I've been to New York more often then many others who have phisically been there witount opening their eyes...
This Album (Lou Reed - "New York", 1989) always brings me there. Pure feelings flowing...
This is music to me. This is music for my life: the dream. Like it's always been.

"Caught between the twisted stars
the plotted lines the faulty map
that brought Columbus to New York"

12 February, 2006 Regine shines

My adorable Regine graduated in December 2005 at Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza".
After studying for about 3 years in Heidelberg, she moved to Rome and completed her studies in the best possible way. She's now a Doctor in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation, a Doctror graduated with the maximum marks (110 e lode), but mostly a girl who went through all the difficulties someone from Germany has to face when coming to a such burocratic and disorganized structure like the Italian University.
And She made it. She made a big thing. And my pride knows no limits at this time.

She did not stop...and found a job, I guess a good one: she will start as a sort of assistant in a legal firm located in the Rome Historycal center, a firm which mostly deals with Italian and Germans affairs.
She has been working hard for this, and searching a lot, and getting a bit depressed as well for it seemed too hard to do but...she made it. Again.

All my best wishes, and all the love I have, my Regine.

Yours forever,

News & Updates
This site appeared on the web as on the 10th of May 2001. Before it was registered as from 1999 to 2001.
Maiso is still living with us, but just for a little while more: he found a room in a good furnished apartment, in Torrino (Rome south west) which is pretty close to our place.
We are watching a lots of movies lately, and I guess this is because we are tired when we c ome back home in the evening. But we love it anyway. "Brokeback mountain" i liked, "Sympathy for Lady Vengance" i did not.
And the job...I do my best, my employer (HP) does not...

27 January, 2006 Job, friends and master

I'm so sorry I did not update this site since december, though many things happened in the last weeks.

I spent my Christmas holydays between Naples and Rome, with relatives and friends and the adorable Regine who came back from Germany before Silvester.
Cathy come with her and we all spent the new year's eve at Maurizio's house with Dario and all the others.
Then we spent a day in Perugia, and the other ones sleeping and relaxing.

Maiso came in Rome to live with us, while searching for his own apartment in the Urbe.

And i realized that i never write about my job on my own diary, which should mean something unconscious.
But my job takes so many hours in my everyday life, and something i own to it.
Recently i have had some good successes, and I must say I now feel ok with it and the things this profession is giving to me. I feel a regular progressive growth of my skills in this activity, which also contributes to a personal growing and ripening. And i could touch it, it is visible to me. Thanks to the environment, to friends, to relatives, to the adorable Regine, to colleagues, and to my friend and master Andrea.