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30 December, 2007 My Visited Countries World Map





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21 December, 2007 Berlusconi and Saccà

The website recently published a telephone conversation between Silvio Berlusconi and Agostino Saccà, a manager of RAI, the Italian public television.
Now, in every civil democratic country the contents of this conversation would have caused a scandal in the public opinion and a terrifying sense of morality and social state decline.
Here in Italy the only thing you can hear from the media about this shit is a constant discussion about the privacy rights of this two guys whose calls were intercepted!

You can download from here the text of the conversation in Italian, taken from the websire If you speak Italian, please read it and petrify! If you don't speak someone who does and ask for a translation. And petrify!

14 December, 2007 Maradona Heroes - Mexico '86 World Cup

I found on youtube the movie 'Maradona Heroes' the Mexico '86 World Cup official movie. The memories those images and that music bring back to me are impossible to write down. But they are some of the strongest emotions of my life. And I have them back, thanks to the internet.
I collected them in the youtube section.

3 December, 2007 Pet Shop Boys

This days I'm listening and playing their music very often, understanding once again how beautiful their songs are.
Moreover, their website is really cool with a jukebox you can listen to shuffling all their singles.
One line of 'I wouldn't normally do this kind of things' gives to me a precise image of one of the feelings one has when he falls in love:

"For right now, I think I'm running a race that I know I'm gonna win"

27 November, 2007 Exactly 10 years ago...


UniversitÓ degli Studi di Napoli 'Federico II', Department of Materials and Production Engineering
Degree Thesis in Materials Engineering: 'Corrosion and Protection of Aluminum Alloys'

Giovanni Lapelazzuli

On November 27th 1997 I graduated in Materials Engineering with full marks (110/110) at the University of Naples 'Federico II'.
That day I discussed my Degree Thesis: 'Corrosion and Protection of Aluminium Alloys'.
That day was the last day of one of the deepest a most important period of my life.
From September 1992 to November 1997...the University days!

I can't believe that 10 years have gone. Oh, It doesn't seem 10 years ago.
Ten years!
Ten years!

18 November, 2007 Another view of America. Los Angeles & Las Vegas.

'This is th next century, where the Universal's free. You can find it everywhere, yes the future has been sold'
I'm listening to this Blur' song, The Universal, while writing this lines: I guess they fit a bit the situation...
I'm lucky enough to have visited different places in the States, at this stage of my life: Denver, Miami, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas.
When I look back at my early days I remenber the picture of America in mind, the right place to be, the place of all the sitcoms inspiring me, the place of the running economy, the place of freedoms. I was very fashinated by a country which I had not yet visited, and this country I wished to visit for so long.
First I landed in Denver, I touched my promise land. Then in Miami, then in Boston. Then in New York, with my Regine, at the center of the World!

This time the 2007 HP Software sales kick off was the occasion to have another view of America: the West side in Los Angles and Las Vegas.
We were supposed to be in Vegas on the 13th for the Convention's opening, but we thought it was a good idea to take the chance to leave some days before and spend a weekend in the Los Angeles area.
Me, Fabio and Massimo left on the 9th to reach Santa Monica and meet there Francesco, Sandra, Franco and Alberto, colleagues form HP who had the same idea.
We stayed at the Bayside Hotel, there in Santa Monica. I enjoied Santa Monica and the wonderful Californian beach and appeal so close to the ones I had in mind. I took some walks along the seaside and relaxed on the bay. There at a few minutes by car (by the way we had a gigantic car rentd by Fabio!) Los Angeles was awaiting.... Do you remember Pulp Fiction and the atmospheres of a lost town where you dunno where you exactly are, where the center is, or where the people stands among those ugly and disorganized constructions? Do you remember the place where the shop of Zed stood...can you recall the atmosphere of that movie? I cannot imagine another way to better describe the feelings I had in Los Angeles, the city where Pulp Fictin was played. It feels exactly like that: it is not city, it looks like a messy urban agglomerate, with no people in the street or not as much as you could expect once approaching to this huge town. I will not bring with me good memory of Los Angeles in the sense of beauty and example of a great place (...the memory I have of NY, for example...) but I'll remember the unique mood of this immense and lost town, and the views of Hollywood, Beverly Hills (where we had lunch once) and Melrose Place...

...and while driving from LA through a piece of California and the desert of Nevada...Las Vegas suddenly appeared as a million of lights surrounded by the black empty desert! Fabio drove us through the Strip of Vegas before reaching the place where we resided: the Metro Goldwin Meyer MGM Grand Hotel (
The excess of the excess of the excess of the excess of the excess of the excess...
This is a place so full of people and stuff and so empty at the same time. Another place which was worth to see and worth to leave. Another side of this immense and weird reality. Another imagine of a Country that somtimes fashinates and sometimes sucks! Another picture of the American people, one time so great and one time so disgusting.
Another view of America.

...and now, while I write this lines I'm spending the last hours of this trip on a Delta flight surrounded by a Christian community of pilgrims ( to Rome where Vaticans awaits them with its notions about a better World....

5 November, 2007

Celebrating our 4th Anniversary...

1 November, 2007 FY07 has gone...and America awaits

Being a Sales Representative, my achievements are measured in a timeframe which reflects the fiscal year of the company I'm working for. HP's FY ends on October the 31st. Imagine, then, my last weeks/days and how stressful they've been. Lucky me, and good me, I exeeded my target on the first semester and almost reached it on the second one, resultng in a FY performance of approximately 110%.
The next 4 days will be quite relaxing I hope, thanks to the Halloween bank holiday! which will bring me back to the office next monday (5 november)...thanks to the adorable Regine standing close to me in our cozy apartment. Thank you Regine for always being so nice to me even in these days full of tension and stress.
I'll try to keep a bit updated this site in the next weeks of November, but I must advise that this will be quite difficult: I'll meet America again! I'll be in Las Vegas for a week (12-16 Nov.) for the Kick off of the HP Software Business Unit, and I'll take 3 more days to visit the surroundings in California. Then on the end of November I'll be with some customers in Barcelona for the HP SW Universe 2007.

My new scanner is my new toy! here some other picture taken from the reportage of Gianfranco Marino. (since 2009 just few picture are available on this website)

20 October, 2007 Me and my Regine

These are taken from a photo reportage of our love, by Gianfranco Marino.

18 October, 2007 Enriched Chronicles

The Chronicles section has recently been enriched with some vintage pictures describing the early stage of my life. I'm thinking about giving a new structure to this website...


Take a break and visit the new

About my work, here's something that very well describes my feeling (by Lou Reed):
A perfect day to get out of bedshower, dress, shave, kiss you on the head Then I hit the office and my head starts to swim. A perfect day to just walk around see a violent movie, check the sounds But even on the street when I hear a phone ring my heart starts to beat when I get home I don't want you to speak Don't talk to me about work please don't talk to me about work I'm up to my eyeballs in dirt with work, with work How many dollars, how many sales how many liars, how many tales How many insults must you take in this one life I'm in prison most of the day so please excuse me if I get this way But I have got obligations to keep so be very careful when you speak Don't talk to me about work please don't talk to me about work I'm up to my eyeballs in dirt with work, with work

12 October, 2007 PeaceTblog

Visit Domenico's blog:

4 October, 2007 Greatest influencers of my life.

Lou Reed, Lucio Dalla, Quentin Tarantino, Elton John, Diego Armando Maradona, Jack Kerouac, Jarvis Cocker

18 September, 2007 Summer '07: Pictures from The Isle of Ponza

15 September, 2007 33. Just like Jesus!

I am 33. Just like Jesus!
I've spent this beautiful week end with my Regine, Dario, Marco, Alessandro, Mariangela and Claudia.
Thank you very much my friends, these have been very nice days. For the indoor BBQ on friday, the walk through Rome and Villa Celimontana on Saturday, the dinner out of Saturday night and the lazy Sunday morning.
Thank you for the presents: the massage grant!, the bottle of Rum and the great surprise of the giant Flatiron canvas!
But most of all, thank you for being the friends I'm so proud of, the sweetest love that I don't deserve, the brother I couldn't do without.

31 August, 2007 Summer '07: The Isle of Ponza + Baden-Württemberg

Soon I'll tell you about...

Some daily facts about Catholic Church' morality....
Church ready to forgo tax breaks (The Guardian)
Italian Catholic Church May Renegotiate Its Tax Benefits (Religionclause)

21 July, 2007

I don't know why, but I created my account on myspace:
It looks like a very commercial stuff and way to interpreting the internet...but I did signed up!
But this one,, and only this one, will remain my original and complete way to communicate to the web community!

Maybe artists find in this a simpler way to shout out their music to the World, and my brother is an example:

20 July, 2007 Lou Reed's Berlin at the Auditorium

A fantastic night, the one of the 6th of July 2007, with Lou Reed at the Auditorium della Musica in Rome.
We watched the Berlin show, all about his masterpiece of 1973.
As you may remember, I also wrote an article about this album on : you can read it!

17 July, 2007 Elton John live at BBC Studios 1970

Thank you, Youtube!

4 July, 2007 Two heroes together

Maradona & Coca Cola (1982)

25 June, 2007 These 2 guys...

...changed and shaped my life, my being, my thoughts and sensibility. 
When I look back to my past, and inside myself, I see these 2 guys standing there keeping me safe and my life worthwile.

20 June, 2007 Still about Catholic Church and bigotry

...this one was suggested by Domenico.

15 June, 2007 Scoring like Pato Aguilera

I'm on Youtube!

1 June, 2007 God Bless Santoro!

Annozero and the Catholic Priests Pedophily. Yesterday I felt a bit more free watching this Italian journalist.

God Bless You Santoro!

29 May, 2007 I shout! (they try to suffocate us!)

"Now these old fucks can steal all they want, And they can go and pass laws saying you can't say what you want. And you can't look at this, And you can't look at that, And you can't smoke this, And you can't snort that"

Today you can watch the reportage "Sex crimes and the Vatican" directly from the BBC site (
Some other search from youtube:
Phil Saviano - 2003 CNN interview, Vatican Secrets -

21 May, 2007 shouts! (against Senators and Catholic Priests)

One mathematical and logical question about an illogical situation: If one has some social and legal rights, one takes benefit from those; but why should one be afraid if someone else is asking the same rights when this acquisition would not affect or limit one's actual legal or social situation?
The only answer I can find is because One is evil, One is driven by envy, One discriminates.
One is the Catholic Church. Free to express thought, but violently and unfairly spreading this thoughts through the Italian Public TV (Rai) and through what should be a free Government elected by all! And, therefore, One is our Government.

Against envy, bad, unjustice I feel free to shout and protest.

So watch something about them: Babies for Catholic Priests (the BBC reportage)

Or read something coming from a Lou Reed song (Motherfucker) which I think fits well with our political situation:
" I was getting so sick of this rightwing Republican shit, These ugly old men scared of young tit and dick, So I tried to think of something that made me sick. And there it was: Sex with your parents.
Now these old fucks can steal all they want, And they can go and pass laws saying you can't say what you want
And you can't look at this, And you can't look at that, And you can't smoke this, And you can't snort that
And me, baby, I got statistics, I got stats. These people have been to bed with their parents.
...In the name of family values we must ask whose family, In the name of family values we must ask Senator...
Senators, you polish a turd. Here in the big city we got a word For those who would bed their beloved big bird And make a mockery of our freedoms Ah, without even using a condom Without even saying, "No"
By God we have a name for people like that It's, hey, motherfucker"

11 May, 2007 "Caught between the twisted stars" in New York City (May 2007)

The Picture in my Mind - The Chronicles - The Soundtrack - The Picture Book

The Picture in my Mind
NY is a place that everyone should visit one time. And NY is a place where everyone has already been in some ways. The financial district of Wall Street in my M. J. Fox memories, the Coney Island of the Warriors, Hell's Kitchen, Midtown and the Flatirom Building from videogames, Times Square from my favourite webcam. I've seen the Brooklin Bridge...and our amazed looks to where Spiderman goes.
And most of all I was in the places of Lou Reed songs, I've criused
Christopher St., I've been shocked by the noise in Canal St., walked along the Hudson river, I've seen some Romeo Rodriguez and Juliette Bell and Joey Diaz, the Statue of Bigotry and what she says to the masses. And betwixt between the East and West...
I've been caught between the twisted stars the plotted lines the faulty map that brought Columbus to New York!

The Chronicles
We landed at JFK Airport on April 28th at 9pm local time and reached via Taxi the Sohotel in SoHo at around 11pm. The drive from JFK showed us a first glimpse of the Manhattan skyline and gave to us our first thrill. The return flight was on the evening of the 4th of May: before reaching JFK we had some shopping in SoHo and Chinatown. The days from the 29th of April and the 4th of May were fully spent on the island of Manhattan. The followings are the bare chronicles of those memorable days.

- Chinatown and Little Italy
- Breakfast at Starbucks in Canal St.
- Grand Central Station
- 42nd St., Chrysler Building
- Park Av., Waldorf Astoria
- St. Patrick Cathedral
- MoMA
- 53rd St. and 7th Av.
- Lunch at Delicatessen (Deli) at 7th Av. (huge Cheesburger an potatoes)
- Times Square- Broadway and 5th Av., Empire State Building
- Flatiron Building
- Buy a weekly metro pass, and go to sleep at 20!

Day 2
- Breakfast at Bruno'Backery at La Guardia Place in Greenwich Village
- Washigton Square Park
- Walk in Greenwich Village: Christopher St., Gay St., St. Luke's Place, Bleeker St.
- Lunch at Cornelia St. Cafe
- Walk on Hudson River side
- SoHo
- Dinner in Greenwich Village at "Riviera"
- Walk back to Sohotel via SoHo

Day 3
- Walk in Financial District Downtowm Manhattan: Federal Square, Sun Building, City Hall, Woolworth Building, S. Paul Chapel, Ground Zero, Wall Street
- Break on the East River side watchng Brooklin Bridge and Manhattan Bridge
- Battery Park
- Central Park
- Times Square (via Bus)
- Dinner on 9th Av. ("Mercury Bar") Hell's Kitchen
- Walk in the Theatre District of Broadway

Day 4
- Breakfast in Little Italy
- Times Square and Macys
- Lunch at "Spinelli's Pizza"
- Beer and Milan-Man.U. football match watching in a bar at Hell's Kitchen
- Walk to Madison Square Park to watch Flatiron Building
- "The Phantom of the Opera" at Majestic Theatre of Broadway
- Walk in Greenwich Village

Day 5
- Visit and breakfast at the East Village
- Visit at the Empire State Building
- Lunch/Dinner at "Joshua Tree" at Hell's Kitchen
- Times Square and Midtown
- Coffee at "Dante's" in Greenwich Village

The Soundtrack
This is an extract of the Soundtrack of those days. The sound that was with me and the Regine while in Manhattan...
"Caught between the twisted stars, the plotted lines, the faulty map that brought Columbus to New York"

Romeo had Juliette - Hooky Wooky - NYC Man - English Rose - Philadelphia Freedom

Staring at my Picture Book

17 April, 2007 Just few days...

...before landing in New York.
On April 28th I'll finally be there, where I wanted to be since so long.

And guess what I have in mind? The picture of New York that He sang to me all these years...

"Caught between the twisted stars the plotted lines the faulty map that brought Columbus to New York"

12 April, 2007 My kinda songs

This is truly a kind of song I'll always like.
Maybe in my past life I was a swing singer...

Beauty School Drop Out, by Frankie Avalon, from 'Grease' movie soundtrack

29 March, 2007 From Germany to Paris

I'm in Paris right now, exactly in EuroDisney, attending another professional training with HP.
I arrived yesterday afternoon and had a chance to take a short walk through the city... I got lots of memories left here, where I've been other 4 times before: (Still Alive! a"Trip" between Paris and Amsterdam), and it still moves me to dive into this spectacular enormous place so rich of beauty and intriguing charm.

And being in Paris is not an accident...
I'm facing a new Company reality which is moving a part of its 'European brain' from Germany to Britain and France.
'Times they are achanging', or so it seems.

Upcoming event
on April 5th
Dario will play at, in Rome. It's gonna be a solo acustic performance. Visit his band's website at

25 March, 2007 Me, the sport guy!

Enzo Di Napoli came in Rome and visited me, directly from the past. It was good to remember the time we spend in San Giorgio a Cremano when we were just 15...
I signed for a new swimming pool, a very friendly one, together with my friend Marco Capolupo...and the first lesson was something to remember...with me fainting for the excessive fatigue, and Marco hardly triing to learn swimming.
And yesterday I played squash with Regine, and today we went for jogging...
I must regain a bit of health again, so I started this new periond of "intensive" sport.... But this one's gonna be the last one, I swear!

13 March, 2007 Holy Politician against Civil Unions

They never blamed nazism, never really condamned wars....but they sell marriages, and so they find time and energy to fight a new competition called civil union....or simply uman rights.
In 2007 this should be a free Country, released from obscure beliefs and illogical rights prohibitions.
I don't care about omosexuals, but I fear the white psyco-nazism power called 'Roman Catholic Church'.

05 March, 2007 In a frozen Boston

@ places section

19 February, 2007 Little Gianni

14 February, 2007 Frozen Boston

Third time in the USA, 1 week ago. After Denver and Miami, I've been in Boston. This time the trip was expected to be less nervous and stressing of the others, since it was all about sales training with no customer to look after to. And so it was.
I enjoyed Boston and I was fashinated very much by its architectural style, made of a mix of modern skyscrapers and those typical red-brown bricks building from the beginning of the last century. Most of the time was spent underground or undercover: the freezing cold of outside (-5 °C, -10 °C) has not permitted long walks....but I spent about a day visiting the city and fighting the cold...and it was good enough to appreciate.
The time was enough to visit the University of Harvard and the MIT Massachusset Institute of Technology.
One experience that will remain impressed (and I must thank Andrea for having given the idea) is the night spent at Boston Garden to watch NBA match between Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.
Impressive America!

09 January, 2007 My Grandfather

Giovanni Lapelazzuli, my grandfather, died this evening.
He passed away at the age of 96.
I will, like hopefully all of his son and grandsons, always bring with me the good memory of a man who was always ready to joke everyone around, who always took a chance to sing his funny songs, who kept us together at Christmas time telling story about his past.

Thinking about these things helped me in remembering and understanding once more how this man has greatly influenced some part of my personal being: form the name I proudly bring, through the way I like joking my friends (and Salvio can remember it well), to my passion for singing.

He represents a fundamental part of my life and, being this, he's not really disappeared.

03 January, 2007 Regine

This one just passed has been the year of my Regine.

In December 2005 she graduated at Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza". After studying for about 3 years in Heidelberg, she moved to Rome and completed her studies in the best possible way...becoming Doctor in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation with the maximum marks (110 e lode). And this, I must remember, all this happened during one of her father's most complicated period of his life, being him seriously ill at that time and, thanks God, safe and healthy some weeks later.
After few weeks she started working as an assistant in a legal firm located in the Rome Historycal center, a firm which mostly deals with Italian and Germans affairs.

This lasted, I guess, untill few months later when Regine became an employee of an International executive head hunter Company, with the job role of Executive Assistant.
She's still making translations "off line", and working hard all the time. Giving to me an to the World that beautiful sense of lightness and easyness she's able to put in every thing she does. Like the way she finds and changes jobs, like the way she interacts with the others, like the way she keeps our relationship going and our love burning. Like the way she tells me to calm down and take it easy, like the way she embraces me and smiles at me when i look at her.

I feel blessed to be in love with and be loved by such a perfect girl. We've been separated during last Christmas time...but we met again yesterday. And I was blessed again.