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10 December, 2004 Pro Global

How can someone not be pro globalization, after reading something like this?

"non ce la date a bere"

I am a pro global human being, proud of being, happy of laughing of "fair and solidal???" - "equo & solidale" market, satisfied of Burger King, released from stereotypes.
It's always funny watching those 'punkabbestia' critizing a global, unfainr, "baby-killer market!!!"...while smoking hash or marjiuana coming from a more dirty, corrupted, and evil World than the one they blame.
The reality is: ignorance kills for real...not globalization.

Viva Coca Cola!

9 December, 2004 No time at all

Again I had no time to update the site lately. Last time i did it was more than 1 month ago...which makes me sad thinking about how this site represented my life and your dreams, folks.
But i really had no tome at all, or i did not find it.
Kids, the job is sucking away a good part of my energy, and the other part i give it to my big love, Regine.
This morning Regine was amazing. And now i think about her all the time during the day.
Lately we approached a more German life, which means, learning German, drinking huge amounts of beer, and relaxing by the trees or by the Bracciano's Lake. As soon as i will learn German i'll seriously think about moving in her Country; it seems to me thry're more relaxed and easy going than us... We'll see.

Last weekend Ginafranco came to see us and took some pictures of our nice bodies. The results will be shown on this web site, and will decorate our house.
This, as the best i can do, represents a great thank you to Gianfranco for his love and friendship. Gianfranco, you should know that Regine also likes you very much.

Last week i was in Madrid with HP for an European Software Event, which gave me the opportunity to have a nice time with colleagues, customers, and by myself...visiting a bit of the town....which appeared good enough to be stepped into again...

This as a brief summary of what happened to me lately. There's much more, and i'll try to find the tie next weekend to tell properly.

A huge kiss,

'Hunted in Sicily' Days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Day 3. Left Siracusa, not before a breakfast and a nice walk in Ortigia. We drove 2 - 3 hours to findthe better place to camp. We stopped in Punta Secca at Agricampeggio by the sea. We had an huge place to stay and transformed it in our disordered house. We spent the night on the beach and made love under the stars. And that was beautiful.
Day 4. Relax. Swim, getting burned, having barbeque, dinkin', smokin', sleepin'.
Day 5. Since it was good we repeatd yesterday. At night we had something they call pizza in Marina di Ragusa.
Day 6. Went to visit Modica and before we went to swin in in Kamarina Beach.
Day 7. We tore down our self made home and took off for Agrigento. After finally finding the Camping good enough to spend night at, we enjoied the high waves and found a good restaurant that confirmed the good reputation of Sicilian kitchen.
Day 8. The obbligatory visit at Valle dei Templi. We saw them all...and then returned to the beach. Gianni is gettin g stronger in Chess, having a series of victories, but it shall not last too long.Exellent dinner: spaghetti with swordfish, shrimps and melanzane

1 October, 2004 Simona & Simona, you've been nominated...and then eliminated

Mostly I think we're completely and continuosly immersed in big 'Big Brother' show, where television pushes towards us violence of images and sounds, triyng to convince us where the good is. And so Simona & Simona were first nominated, then liberated...then welcomed to the big Big Brother crowd waiting outside the big reality show scene...

Simona & Simona now represent what we truly did not miss at all, after a testosterone filled images of truth and peace. Where people, million people hymning to the peace and liberation...ignorance and poorness of thoughts, where peace is such a simple thing...made of 'release them' and 'stop the bombs!'

Simona & Simona are back for good! With a big smile painted on their faces, with a big 'Thank you' to the ones who captured them. And treated them so good... that's so peaceful...yes!
And i wonder where the taxes i paied this year have gone. They've gone for paying a ransom of 2 irresponsible but peace coloured girls. How many Hospitals or schools could have been built with that money? maybe less than one...but i'm sure money could be better spent for peace than for paying a ransom.
And I heard they would come back!!! Ok, that's just what you deserve! Ok, but first give my money back, so that we really feed the poors...instead of making them playing a girotondo.
Some people need to be awaken, or to be waken up. Some people know what peace is, but they need (like me) to be taught about how peace is reached.

'Cause Peace is certainly love. But certainly not miscalculating.

22 September, 2004 Parents & Relatives

Last 2 weeks our parents came to visit us.
Regine's Mum&Dad stayed here for a week, and i think we had a good time. They, i hope, relaxed in Rome and in our home. The beginning was embarassing, but the rest was good and emotioning: we also went out for dinner a couple of times and our relationship seemed to grow better all the time. I think that when they look back to those days...they smile as i do.
Some weeks before Almi and Sebastian stayed here for a while, just before we left for Sicily. Almi and Regine look good together, and very different too...
Also my parents came to visit us then for my birthday bringing Giusy and an huge present: the gigantic Spiderman poster from the cinema in San Giorgio.

And from the guests' room, I think they all had the same beautiful view: two souls completely in love with eachother.

'Hunted in Sicily' Days 1, 2, 3

Day 1. Day 1 was the 14th of August 2004. We leave from Naples at 9 pm on a TTT lines Ferry to Catania. Took a place at the open air, the best place to choose in our opinions...a bit cold, just one sleeping bag, we slept a few...but beneath the stars.
Day 2. Arrive in Catania at 7.30 am. Walk around the city, tired. Visited the Dome, the main streets, tasted our first granita and cannolo. Strange encounter: imagine a desert space with very old buildings and 2 men in surfer shorts, one is cleaning the floor!, the other one washing his 30 years old car while listenig to 'Perdono, perdono, perdonoooo'. They talked to us, trying to show us the things around....'foro romano!'. Then we moved to Siracusa searching 4 a beach, we arrive to the big Corrado's house...the Huge house, with the one kilometer corridor! Go to swim to Fontane bianche beach. At night a dinner out in Ortigia.
Day 3. Visit to Cava Grande without knowing what was expecting us... We climbed almost the Hymalaya up and down just to swim in a lake! But a wonderful one. The evening was spent in Noto, where we tasted our firsts arancini among the baroque buildings.

September 15, 2004 I was born long ago


September 10, 2004 Lou Reed for present

I'll be 30 in few days. A date i'm not exactly looking forward to step into...
Can you tell a better thing than meeting your idol for your birthday?
The present of Regine was Lou Reed live in Fiuggi. And we were really so close to him (even if by the pictures you can't tell) that i think he noticed us doing a ''Modern Dance'!
Because it's this what me and Regine do: a Modern Dance.

'Hunted in Sicily'

Unforgettable experiences are made by forgettable little steps. You can remember the mood, the ensemble, and forget those little things which made it great and magic.
So i want to tell you and sculpture here the days of the 'Hunted in Sicily' to come

September 5, 2004 Hunted in Sicily

We drove around Sicily for 20 days, talking a strange language, wearing sunglasses, running from the masses...

July 31, 2004 "…And moon rose over the Coliseum"

On Saturday night we, me, Guni, Dario, Manuela, Corrado, took part to a memorable event.
Simon and Garfunkel live at Fori Imperiali.
It was the best concert I've ever seen, one of the most emotioning event I took part to.
One of those happenings you can tell "I was there" about.

"…And moon rose over the Coliseum"

Why do they always blame America?
The feeling I felt that night was sung by them before and after…
’let us be lovers we’ll marry our fortunes together’
’I’ve got some real estate here in my bag’
So we bought a pack of cigarettes and mrs. wagner pies
And we walked off to look for america
’kathy,’ I said as we boarded a greyhound in pittsburgh
’michigan seems like a dream to me now’
It took me four days to hitchhike from saginaw
I’ve gone to look for america

I’ve gone to look for america'

July 13, 2004 The Kingdom of the Regine : the unforgettable Maulbronn

An unforgettable weekend has just gone.
An unforgettable moment is sculptured in my mind from now on.
You know?
"Life is a game". The most beautiful game mama and papa could ever have given to me as a present...
And The Game was preserving for me the ultimate surprise...

The Kingdom of the Regine: the unforgettable Maulbronn.
I've seen Maulbronn, i've seen the field in which Regine bloomed.
And I met the friends, the places, the streets, the mood she lived. And we both realized how different are the Worlds we come from...
I was supposed to play soccer, but i plaied a drama: I'm sorry Regine...I wish i was better! I walked through the monastery and the halls af their amazing school , i passed through those quiet places, i tasted the "doner" (which is kebab!) and i agree it's great, i met new people, new ways of being together. And Marie Luise and Almi came to meet us also...and I had a pizza with them in the heart of Maulbronn!!!

2 days. We camped outside the monastery, me and Guni and Utz and Alf and Jogi and Samuel and Peter and Frieder and all the ones who belonged to that place.
And all the ones who since now on belong to peace, to beer, to barbeque, to soccer, too cold!!!, to cigarettes, to what i couldn't know.
To Regine.
And to me.
Unforgettable Maulbronn.

July 7, 2004 "Sacccherr!!!"

When I thought of Vienna I thought about Sacher Torte.
What else should I think about Austria and Austrian people?
Oooooh how ignorant I am!

Now Vienna means Domenico, for he's there since months ago…and at least it gained a sense…Vienna makes sense now politically and geographically since I can identify where Domenico stands…
Domenico, this floor in hp misses your steps and the corridors miss your smile and my ears miss that noise you used to call music!
Domenico, do you miss us?
We miss you (with we I mean me and all the hundreds of daily fans of very much...

This picture makes me wanna scream: "Sacchett!"…which is different from "Sacher!", much different, but sounds similar… ... " Sacccherr!""

June 29, 2004 This Summer

We plan to visit Sicily, by car. In August.
We feel so much exited about this...

This days Dario and Lello are here in Rome for a professional training. It's always a pleasure to have them near...

June 15, 2004 Be aware...

You probably noticed…
I did not update the site for a long time. I apologize.
The job at hp is really taking away my free time, and the few left is completely dedicated to Regine.
But be aware I'm ok, be aware I'm in love (so much!), be aware I'm so happy of this living that I cannot belive it is real, I cannot understand when the dream is over and the reality starts.
My life is spent among coffee, cars, offices, home, bars, planes, motorways, restaurants sometimes, the streets of Rome, the arms of Regine.
We dreamt about marriing. We dreamt about being together all life long and after. We dreamt about our children. We dreamt about friends, families, kisses, dressing up, learning german, palying and watching soccer.
We dreamt about us.
And we decided not to wake up.

May 20, 2004 Kill Bill

"Dying in our sleep is a luxury our kind is rarely afforded..."

May 5, 2004 Six months of Kingdom

6 months ago I melted myself with a Regine.
And I became a King.
The King of the most amazing Kingdom.

April 20, 2004 You mean so much to me

You mean so much to me.
You mean the fantasy, you mean the leadership, you mean the friendship. You mean the sense of fighting alone. You mean what means to be misunderstood. You mean what bigotry hates, you mean what ignorance talks about, you mean what envy loves. You mean the strenght inspiring me.
You mean the things that should be done.
You mean so much to me.
Please, be still.

April 9, 2004 Happy Easter (Buona Pasqua)

March 31, 2004 Dogville

Yesterday night, about 2 hours and 30 minutes...were worth a masterpiece.

March 18, 2004 Imagine

I've been so busy these days that I could not update the site for a couple of weeks.
I moved to Nice for a couple of days with HP and I'm working very hard to find a way in this new job. I love the new job; it's so exiting to me and keeps me very alive.

And Regine keeps me more and more happy all the time, and the way she moves, talks, smiles, breathes, love…is just amazing.
Maybe I'm in love? Of course I'm in love…and this word seems to me not enough anymore, like kisses seem not to be the right way to give and take anymore, like embracing seems not to be a complete way of releasing my feelings.
Everyday I wake up with Regine.
Everyday I watch Regine waking up.
Everyday I embrace Regine.
Everyday I kiss Regine.
Everyday I love Regine.
Everyday I eat with Regine.
Everyday I smoke with Regine.
Everyday I drink with Regine.
Everyday I go to bed with Regine.
Everyday I touch Regine.
Everyday I dream Regine.
Everyday I hear Regine.
Everyday I smell Regine.

Can you imagine a better day?
Can you imagine a better today?
Can you imagine a better tomorrow?

Can you imagine how do I feel?

March 4, 2004 Between Heidelberg and CalwI was in Germany last weekend, and spent a couple of days among Regine's friends and relatives.
It was nice to meet her parents together with Peter and Almi. Good people, and we should have been in together for longer. But it's ok by now, or at least I think her family is now sure she's not with a bad guy.
??? I hope so anyway...
Between Heidelberg and Calw it has been a great time. Good to meet Peter and spend with him a nite out...he was supposed to get drunk…but he didn't: I think a make a good effect to people (or a bad one?) since they stop drinking or smoking while by my side…
Guni's mother has got very very deep blue eyes and an intensive look.
I wish to meet them again as soon.

March 1, 2004 The Toilets

A new artistical project's just started:

February 23, 2004 Some updates

Dario came to visit us and we spent 2 days doing nothing at all and completely relaxing.
I love Dario very much, and it moves me when he comes and see me also on his own…just to see me; I'm not going to Naples that often anymore since I need the weekend to rest and stay with Regine full time, so meeting Dario and my Parents also in Rome is always a reason of great happiness.

The new job is really exiting, and I suppose it's exactly the one thing I was wishing to do. We'll see if I'm good in this, as I hope.

Next weekend will be spent in Germany, Stuttgart, where I'm gonna meet Regine's friends and relatives. She seems to be happy about that, and so am I.
I'll tell you about this trip, as I always do: i'm very curious and a bit exited...

Aaaaahhh! I've been in Amsterdam again last week! I joined an HP conference with a customer, and the experience was fine and fun at the same time. I believe Amsterdam is great, a great place to live…I imagine.
I can only imagine, unfortunately!

February 02, 2004 One year of Missione Magliana

One year has gone since Missione Magliana was delivered to my new World.
I've lived an incredible year since then, full of emotions and brand new things.
The house has grown, thanks to all the persons around me, and also thanks to my sudden devotion to this kind of 'home-caring' things.
I moved into a real new dimension, that completely changed my life and modified my way of being and watching at the future and at the present.

This has been one of the most important and deep period of my life, one of that periods which are able to significantly rebuild or fortify your personality.
Like the Mr Bloom era, like the LiberaAzione experience, like the London's Queen Mary College, and like the discovery of Lucio Dalla and Lou Reed...Missione Magliana is a deep wound in my soul, and raised to one of the greatest building blocks of myself.

Life always hides new frontiers, and surprises you every time with its incredible beauty.

Life is worth living.
January 28, 2004 I'm with you Regine

We spent the last weekend in Florence, and met Maiso, Sefana, Marina and some other guys.
Saturday was spent among beers, friends, dinner and a pizza with Regine and Maiso: i dunno why, but when me and Regine go out for dinner, we always step into very very strange waitresses...and the one of that night was so really out of mind....strange, too much gentle...ridiculous!
It was snowing on Sunday and so cold that we just moved from a bar to another....untill we finally decided to move back to Rome.

Regine started working this week for a Language school here in Rome: she teaches German and English! and soon will start studing at the University again. This is what we thought, and the program we planned seems to give her more serenity and peace.
Regine is working hard, even if it doesn't seem if looking from an untrained eye: but i feel and i know she does, and i feel she is fighting inside with all the thoughts a mind can have in a situation like the one she's tough sometimes...but so magic for both of us.
Ah...She and Frider would like to teach me how to drink like a real german (or young, they say) does...but i'm from the very south, and i guess i'll never learn...

I'm with you Regine, you know. And every problem you have, i have it too. Like every joy you have, is a joy of mine.
I'm with you Regine.

January 15, 2004 And this is what really counts

The new job is really going fine, at this first look.
Now everithing seems to be very exiting and challenging, and I guess this is exactly what I was lately looking for.
I'm moving the first steps in a very well organized group, the software one, which also looks harmonious and greatly coordinated and balanced. The new colleagues are all so very available and gentle, and so this first impact doesn't seem to be that much hard as it was supposed to.
My rhythms are changing, just like my clothes, and the level of physical stess is also growing the same way my happiness does.
I'm happy, actually. And this is what really counts.

Regine lives with me now, and tries to move her first steps in the new reality, which is not that easy for someone like her who decided a so very deep change.
But we're in love, actually. And this is what really counts.

January 05, 2004 The sign of Pureness

Pureness...It is hard, very hard to find.
I mostly think it is something unreal, that does not really exists in the real life.
It seems to me the beginning of something or everything...pureness.
And as a beginning, it doesn't last.
Everything that starts seems or is pure, then starts to be real.

And Regine is the purest thing I know.
The clearest and most exiting sign that pureness exists somewhere.
And the sign of pureness is so close to me now, everyday.
And I hold the sign of pureness. And I feel the sign of pureness.
So close.